Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 326

Thus, Lu Shiqian’s casual manner without makeup didn’t attract much attention.

–Which was great!

The city guards had antlers on their heads. They were responsible for managing the safety of the city and collecting entrance fees.

They would respectfully let the strong pass and not even stop them. For the beautiful ones, they would charge half-price.

As for the ice beauty’s 20-man team, they not only respectfully invited them in, but also provided mounts for them! It was proper if you thought about it. The woman was a middle god while the two handsome men beside her were higher gods. Their clothes were all magnificent and beautiful, rich and expensive–definitely not ordinary people. This group of people all had lofty expressions, arrogance showing in their eyes, and they also spoke loudly.

“Sister Qiu, we don’t have to compromise, just directly drag that Sunrong old man off his high horse!” One of the handsome men said.

“Yeah, Sis Qiu, even if that old man wants to connect with Uncle Leng’s family, you don’t need to sacrifice yourself. It’s said that Sunrong Yingjian guy is ugly, tyrannical, and stupid beast.” Another handsome man didn’t care that he was on the Sunrong family’s grounds and trashed Sunrong Yingjian.

It turned out that the two brothers were both in love with the ice beauty, and now that they had a rival, they cooperated together. They were born in Dayu and were of higher status than ordinary people, so they were naturally proud.

The guards were angry when they heard them, but no one dared say anything since the city lord ordered them to treat them courteously.

“Brother Qing, Brother Jun, please don’t speak like this. Qiu’er has her own ideas,” the ice beauty slowly said. Her voice was cold and sweet, immediately making the two shut up.

The two dozen or so people kicked their horses and moved forward.

Lu Shiqian and Meng Long walked up, preparing to enter the city. At this time, she didn’t know that Sunrong Yingjian, who she kicked in the balls three times, was the young overlord of the city.

The city guards contemptuously glanced at Lu Shiqian before turning to the Thousand Year King on her waist even more scornfully. 10 Stars, simply too bad. With these preconceived notions, they disdainfully glanced at the Moonlight Fox before concluding, “Two people and two beasts, a total of 8 magic jade.”

The Thousand Year King had never been so disdained in its life, waving its tentacles in fury, “You charge money when entering? How come you didn’t charge them?!”

A guard sneered, “Plebian, you think you can enter the city as you wish? Can you compare to the lady in front? Stop talking nonsense and hand over the money!” They had seen more than enough talking magic beasts, even some humanoid ones, so they weren’t surprised at all.

Lu Shiqian didn’t want to argue with them over this and handed over the eight magic jade, entering the city.

She took on a government mission. That thing was like an identity card, and you wouldn’t have to pay the next time you entered the city. After entering West City, the first thing Lu Shiqian needed to do was go to the mercenary guild and apply to Thorn. That would also give them an identity card.

However, she soon tragically found that she was lost.

Finding the mercenary guild in such a huge city was like searching for a needle in a haystack. They had to find a local to help them.

She looked at the sky. The two suns were about to meet in the sky, so it was around noon; they needed to move fast.

While she was in a dilemma, a few people dressed in blue came up.

“Where does the young lady wish to go? Why don’t I lead the way? Guaranteed fair prices and I know this city like the back of my hand. I can definitely show you shortcuts to wherever you wish to go.” One of the people cracked apart his mouth, revealing his yellow teeth, and promoted himself.

The others weren’t going to be outdone. Some claimed that they were familiar with every tree and bush in the city, while others claimed they knew exactly how many weeds there were in the city.

There were 137 cities in Motian, each one extremely large. Thus, many would get lost in them. To reach their destination, there were several options. The first was to buy a crystal ball for 35 magic jade, and as long as they entered the address, it would map the way. The second was to take the city transportation mode, one magic jade per stop. It could cost anywhere from one magic jade to dozens of magic jade to reach a destination. The third method was to get a local “guide” and walk for a few days or tens of days to the destination. Magic jade was hard to make in Dayu, and the general annual salary for lower gods was 5 magic jade. There were more opportunities in the city and it was slightly faster to make money. For example, acting as a “guide” was a shortcut for lower gods and wasn’t very demanding. As long as they knew the city well, it wasn’t very dangerous (unless you met a mal-intentioned customer), so it was a major occupation. Dozens of other people including Lu Shiqian were surrounded by these guides, probably in the same plight as her.

“How is the cost calculated?” Lu Shiqian asked the man that spoke just now.

The man’s mind turned and wanted to exploit her seeing her young age: “It depends on the distance. One magic jade for two days, two magic jade for four days!” He wickedly thought that he could make a lot more money if he just took her in circles for a few extra days!

“He’s lying! You obviously only need one magic jade!” A sallow-faced teen called, “Hire me! No matter how many days, I only need one magic jade!”

Lu Shiqian looked at where the youth’s voice was coming from, but he was crowded out and couldn’t be seen. The other young man’s face fell when the youth ruined his business and kicked his small body a few meters away, “Bastard, it’s you again! Always ruining my business!”

Lu Shiqian frowned.

The youth lifted his dark face. He had a small body and appeared 11 or 12, and he didn’t care about the pain and continued calling: “Hire me, I only need one magic jade!”

Seeing his firm tone and stubbornness in his eyes, Lu Shiqian nodded, “Okay, then you lead the way.”

The others all glared at the youth and some resentful ones kicked him a few more times. The youth was even lower rank than Lu Shiqian and was only a Rank 7 practitioner. He naturally couldn’t beat the others and could only take the beating. He was already used to these beatings and scolding, but at least he could make a magic jade this time. You have to know that he wouldn’t get the job even if he was hit sometimes.

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