Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 327

“I also only need one magic jade, choose me! I’m more familiar with this city!” The yellow-teeth man came up again.

When the boy heard this, he lowered his head first before firmly staring at Lu Shiqian, pleading with his eyes. He really needed magic jade!

Lu Shiqian walked over and pulled the boy up, “Can you show me the way to the mercenary guild? I’ll pay you two magic jade!” She chose him because of his determination.

The boy was stunned as it was the first time he was treated so kindly by a customer. It took some time for him to react, “T-Two… magic jade? No, no, no, it’s too much. Just one is enough.” He seemed to think of something and happily said, “Sister, are you applying to the mercenary guild? That’s great! My house is near the guild.” The boy’s dark face was shining brightly.

The Thousand Year King couldn’t stand looking at the boy’s dirty face, “Too ugly, dirty, and smelly.”

The boy seemed to discover a new world, “Sister, is this your magic beast?” After taking a few looks, he found that it was only around 10 Stars, which was much lower than the average 40 to 50 Star magic beasts. He immediately comforted, “Even though it’s star rank isn’t high, it will definitely grow very strong!”

Lu Shiqian smiled lightly. This kind child…

The Thousand Year King was furious and indignant! It was despised by the guards earlier, and now it was even disdained by this hairless boy! It was a 5,000 Star renowned magic beast! A renowned magic beast! “You’re looking down on me?”

The boy immediately waved his hands, “No, no, I’m not disparaging you, even though you… You’ll definitely be very great.” He uncertainly looked at the octopus, “Yes.”

The Thousand Year King almost vomited blood!

The youth then looked at the Moonlight Fox, his eyes full of awe, “Woah, so amazing! Sister, is this magic beast also yours? It’s amazing at first sight!”

Lu Shiqian was about to say no when the Moonlight Fox spoke, “My name is Xiaoyue, Master’s beast. Ain’t I much better than that weird five-legged monster?”

“Weird… Five-legged… Monster?” The Thousand Year King opened its two blue eyes wide, desperately displaying a fierce look, “You called this great one a weird five-legged monster?”

However, no matter how desperately it tried to channel its murderous aura, with its current appearance, it still appeared harmless. It only saw Xiaoyue narrow its eyes, its paws covering its giggling snout.

Lu Shiqian was speechless. Looks like high-level magic beasts could manipulate their body to make difficult actions like sneering at someone. As for it saying that it was her magic beast, she’ll let it do whatever it wants and didn’t expose it.

The boy was soft-hearted and was afraid Mr. Octopus would be sad and thus comforted, “Although you’re not strong now, you’ll definitely be very strong in the future! En, for sure!” The little guy even pumped his fists to show his sincerity.

The Thousand Year King turned its head to sulk in a corner by itself… This great one was 5,000 Stars! This great one was despised by humans… This great one was 5,000 Stars! This great one was despised by humans… He was truly hit hard!

“This uncle is so cold. Is he a killer?” The boy tilted his head as he looked at Meng Long, “Uncle looks really lonely!”

Lu Shiqian’s expression remained the same but her heart shook. This boy’s perception was really good!

Meng Long kept his expressionless face and glanced at the boy, “Call me Brother.” He didn’t know why, but he felt a little upset at being called an ‘uncle’ while Lu Shiqian was called a ‘sister’. On the other hand, he didn’t care that his career was exposed.

The boy obediently replied, “Brother!” He then asked, “Is Brother and Sister a pair?”

Lu Shiqian staggered, almost falling to the ground. This guy was really a retort king! She touched the little guy’s head, “He and I are just friends.”

Meng Long paused, his face changing for the first time due to the term.

Perhaps because the boy saw that Lu Shiqian was gentle and easygoing, and also because he was going to make money, he was very talkative along the way. His name was Yan Hui, 700 years old, and he had an older brother Yan Fei, 900 years, who just broke through Saint Rank and was now a first stage lower god. They had a house in West City that their parents left behind. Their parents were tragically involved in a powerhouse’s battle and became a casualty. Now, only the brothers were left.

“Brother is super strong, entering God Rank when he’s just 900 years old! The neighboring aunties and uncles all say that he’s a genius!” His brother was his pride and idol!

Seeing the boy in front of her, Lu Shiqian couldn’t help but recall Lu Xianghui. This guy also had the ‘Hui’ character in his name and Lu Shiqian felt even more connected to him. Did her little brother also worship her like this young boy worshipped his brother?

There were mercenary guilds were built in almost every city. In large and medium scale cities, they would form subgroups to facilitate task and resource sharing. One of the subgroups happened to be next to Yan Hui’s house. However, it still took Lu Shiqian 5 hours to walk here from the city gate.

She took out 20 magic jade and gave it to Yan Hui, “Here, this is your reward.” She was also quite poor at the moment, or else she wouldn’t have given so little.

However, the little guy put his hands behind his back and firmly refused, “Sister, I won’t accept your magic jade.”

Lu Shiqian was confused, “Why not?”

The little guy’s eyes shone brightly, “Sister is very gentle and kind. Xiao Hui likes Sister and wont’ accept Sister’s money!”

Gentle? She never heard anyone evaluate her as such. Kind? But she was merciless when she decided to be cruel, and her fate didn’t allow her to be soft-hearted. Fortunately, everything she did didn’t hurt her conscience.

“Thank you.” Lu Shiqian kissed the boy’s dark face.

The little guy jumped away in shock, a little embarrassed, “S-Sister, my face is very dirty. If you want to kiss, I can come back after washing up…” He twisted his fingers in embarrassment, “Sister, go in quickly. You won’t be able to take the test later.”

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