Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 328

Lu Shiqian smiled slightly and walked into the mercenary guild. The little guy was a persistent person and would never accept money if he said he wouldn’t. Forget it, she could secretly compensate him after she made some money.

It was 5 o’clock, and the sun was still hovering in the sky, illuminating the plane, but there were fewer coming and going from the guild. When the sun sank at 8, the guild would stop the testing and leave only a few accepted adventurers to give out missions.

There were three main halls: the task hall, testing hall, and a honor hall. Each hall was seven floors high.

The task hall was where they accepted missions which was sorted according to difficulty. Missions were divided into seven star levels, and mercenary strength was also divided into seven star ranks. General missions were one star, and you could become a second rank Thorn member after completing 500 one star missions. 1,000 two star missions would promote you to third rank; 3,000 three star missions to fourth rank… Thus, the higher you rose, the more missions you would have to complete.

There were many first rank and second rank Thorn members around, while third and fourth rank Thorn members were lesser. A small squad would usually have a fifth rank Thorn member while a sixth rank was considered legendary. As for a seventh rank, there were only ten of them and extremely rare to see. A sixth rank Thorn member was said to have the strength of a God King, while a seventh rank had the strength of a God Overlord!

There was no doubt that the high-ranking members were of high strength, but not all people with high strength were high ranking members. All of the high-ranking Thorn members grew through countless battles! On Dayu, being a high-ranking member of Thorn was a type of honor, a symbol of strength, and would be respected wherever they went!

Of course, there were faster ways to rise in rank—crossing rank missions! For example, if you were only a first rank Thorn member but had the strength of a God King, you could take five star or six star missions and quickly become a second rank or third rank. However, this was a more niche method. Even though Dayu was big, there weren’t many God Kings around. Even if there were, they wouldn’t want to be part of Thorn. Thus, not many used this method. A simple mission usually took five to six days to complete, a more difficult one a year or even a few decades! It took a lot of time this way.

However, many still wanted to be part of Thorn. There were many benefits starting from a second rank Thorn member, and there were also dividends and other good rewards. The higher the rank, the more dividends and rewards. Even if you were only a first rank, the rewards for completing missions were still good, though the guild would take 20% of the profits.

One of Thorn’s rules were to take missions that were your rank, and if you wanted to cross ranks, then you had to submit an application and sign a life or death waiver.

The testing hall naturally assessed the applicants’ qualifications. Those that passed would receive a badge that would record various information, missions completed, etc. It was a proof of identity. Those that failed would be eliminated. The testing hall was also responsible rank promotion. The badge colors for the different ranks were, respectively: iron, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and a seven-colored badge.

The honor hall was where you handed in missions. Every time you completed a mission, you would come here to exchange for points. Points were mainly used to advance your thorn rank, but they could also be used to exchange for equipment, materials, magic beasts, etc. Whenever someone completes a four star mission or above, there would be a broadcast and additional points and rewards would be given according to the completion of the mission.

Lu Shiqian walked into the testing hall.

She walked to the registration office and paid 10 magic jade according to the rules.

The registrant and other nine applicants didn’t make a fuss upon seeing that Lu Shiqian was only Rank 8, only glancing in surprise. The people who worked here were quite good. Even if the other looked very weak, they wouldn’t laugh and point at them. Anyways, the results would be clear after the various tests were conducted.

After signing up, a burly man led Lu Shiqian and the other nine into the examination room. Meng Long wanted to follow but was stopped. Only the applicant and their magic beasts may enter. Meng Long didn’t make a fuss and just waited with a staunch face.

The assessment tested the candidate’s speed, strength, endurance, and practical fighting. There were four levels and four rooms, and their scores would be recorded for each.

In the speed testing room, there were around another 20 candidates, making a total of thirty. Lu Shiqian clicked her tongue. It was already the afternoon, but there were still 30 candidates, so wouldn’t there be even more in the morning and noon? There were already dozens of sub-branches in the city, so how many were there in Motian, in Dayu? Even if only 10 members were accepted a day, how many did that make in a month, a year, ten years? …Terrifying. No wonder why the mercenary guild was such a large power in Dayu. They were truly a behemoth.

Of the thirty candidates, only four were women.

For the speed test, five candidates would go together and catch balls that were shot at them within their area. The more they caught, the better, and the passing number was 100 with no upper limit. A full score was 10 points.

Lu Shiqian calculated the frequency of the shooting machine and decided to only use half her strength.

At this time, waves of applause sounded in the room. Lu Shiqian looked around and saw a 16 or 17 youth that extremely flexibly jumped, rolled, and quickly caught the balls. There was only an afterimage left in the air. The other four candidates all stopped and stared at the figure.

The staff member was very excited. His pen may be recording the beginning of a genius today!

“1,150 balls! Ten points!”

There was thunderous applause, but the youth calmly walked down as if he didn’t hear anything.

The next four groups seemed shocked by the youth’s performance and couldn’t display their full strength, and only two or three caught 100 balls.

It was Lu Shiqian’s turn. She casually stepped into the circle and melded with the surroundings.

A ball came.

Lu Shiqian caught one ball after another in the most energy-conserving and efficient manner. She was like a flying phoenix, a dragon through the water. In the small circle, she displayed her ability!

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