Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 329

Clack. The staff’s notebook fell. T-Two thousand already!

The crowd was stunned into silence. She’d already caught three thousand at this time!

Four thousand!

The speed of the ball shooting machine grew faster and faster, shooting several hundred at once. Yet, she shuttled through them like a phantom…

“T-Ten thousand!” The staff member was almost speechless!

Lu Shiqian glanced at the stunned crowd and inwardly chastised, ‘No good, revealed too much! Stop now!’

The machine issued a long beep as it shot at the fastest speed ever recorded!

“T-Ten points! No, 11 points! No, I want to request to give this candidate 20 points!” The staff member was going crazy.

Lu Shiqian was a little embarrassed. Originally, she only wanted to get five points and get an average result. Little did she expect to break the record!

The youth that scored perfectly earlier looked at Lu Shiqian in surprise, giving her an inquisitive stare.

The second test assessed power: mental and physical power.

Practitioners used magic power to change their flesh body while mages stored magic power to cast powerful spells. After becoming a God, they had more ways to manipulate magic power. For example, pracititioners could also cast some simple spells while mages could reinforce their bodies. Thus, both mental and physical power had to be tested.

The physical test was very simple: smashing a stone.

Dayu had a special type of stone that was extremely hard to destroy. A passing score was to create a crack in the stone while a perfect score was making a hole. A full score was 10 points.

Thirty people could be assessed together in this test.

Lu Shiqian held the stone feeling extremely tangled. Back when she was in Yunfang Village, who knew how many such stones she broke or melted? Now, they only needed to make a crack. Weren’t the requirements too low?

She really wanted to be more lowkey this time.

She stretched out a finger and poked while no one was looking.

Kacha. There was a crack, but it wasn’t too big! Good!

This time, she only got 6 points. Even though the examiner was very distressed, she couldn’t help him. It was about right, if her speed was fast and she also had strength, how were others supposed to live?

The cool youth didn’t disappoint and received another full score.

Mental power was easier to assess–they just needed to look into a crystal ball. A blue light would mean a pass while a red light would mean full score. They could be assessed together.

Lu Shiqian looked around at the hardworking examinees and sighed. Forget it, she’ll concentrate a little.

Crack… There was a colorful light before the crystal ball shattered.

Lu Shiqian: 囧.

Because Lu Shiqian did well in the first exam, the staff member immediately took out a new crystal ball and smiled, “Don’t worry, that crystal ball might’ve been faulty.”

There would always be one or two defects. Lu Shiqian accepted the explanation.

She took over the new ball and gathered her consciousness.

Crack. Another crystal ball shattered.

Lu Shiqian innocently looked at the staff member.

The staff member immediately gave a new one, but these crystal balls seemed to be at odds with Lu Shiqian because they shattered one after another, and after 101 were scrapped, the staff member reluctantly told her that they couldn’t calculate her mental power and could only give her a zero.

The cool youth once again passed with full marks.

The four tests added up to a total of 50 points, and a passing score of 30 would grant them a badge, making them a first rank Thorn member. The staff member requested to give Lu Shiqian 20 points in the first test, but if it didn’t pass, then she would only have 16 points. If she failed to score at least 14 points in the next two tests, she would have to temporarily say bye-bye to Thorn. She could only take the test again six months later, and all her plans would have to be pushed back…

She… must pass!

The reaction test was to pass through a 50 meter tunnel. There were scattered holes and all kinds of hidden weapons that would attack from various angles. Dodging all attacks would grant a full score. Getting hit less than 5 times would give 9 points; 5 to 10 times, 8 points. Those that were hit no more than 30 times would pass. A full score was 10.

For Lu Shiqian, this was extremely simple, but she strictly controlled her score to 7 points and deliberately got hit 25 times–no more, no less.

Being lowkey was the way to go. It was ancient wisdom.

The cool youth still had a great performance. He was only hit twice and got 9 points.

The last test was a live match. You would randomly match up with someone and you could also use your magic beasts. Points would be given according to performance, and a full score was 10 points.

After the start signal, the examinees quickly chose their opponents. They definitely didn’t want to be left behind and get matched with that cool youth since they wouldn’t be able to get high scores.

In the end, only Lu Shiqian and the cool youth weren’t matched with someone.

The two had to fight each other!

The Moonlight Fox lazily laid on a seat, not going up to fight. The Thousand Year King might’ve wanted to prove itself once again and rushed up.

Thus, Lu Shiqian held the Thousand Year King while standing across from the cool youth.

The staff member was paying a lot of attention to Lu Shiqian, but after these tests, this extremely dazzling girl only got several passing scores and was now facing a tricky opponent. Even he grew anxious, “You can change your magic beast!”

The cool youth complained when he saw the octopus that had no fighting power, “You should go change your magic beast!”

When the Thousand Year King heard this, it was infuriated. On what basis?! Was it really that weak? Or, would it never regain its former glory? It was obviously a 5,000 Star fierce beast, but now it wasn’t as good as a 10 Star magic beast! Was that going to be the case forever? It refused!

“I want to fight!” It looked at Lu Shiqian, “Don’t change me, I want to fight!”

If it couldn’t prove its usefulness, it would be defeated by its inner despair. Even if it regained its strength in the future, it would be afraid of its powerlessness. Thus, he had to fight!

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