Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 330

“Not changing. This is fine!” Lu Shiqian stared deeply at the Thousand Year King and firmly declared.

These words struck the Thousand Year King’s heart like a bolt of lightning.

“Alright, since you want to lose, I’ll help!” The youth coldly said, calling out his magic beast: “Come out, Puleida!”

Cold wind blew as a summoning array lit up. A snow-white unicorn sea lion that was 70 Stars stepped out. This magic beast named Puleida was 3 meters tall and 4.5 meters long—a big guy.

“There was such an unexpected good seedling today.” A gentle voice praised.

The staff member heard the voice and hurriedly bowed respectfully, “M-Master Xiu!” Heavens, what kind of wind was blowing today? To actually blow Master Xiu into this little branch! He was so excited!

The man wearing plain clothes waved his hand, “No need for courtesy.”

The staff member was stunned, “Yes.”

“However, isn’t the girl a little too weak? The energy fluctuation from that magic beast is too weak, she’ll probably lose. Who arranged this battle?” There was an inexplicable pressure in the man’s neither heavy nor presumptuous voice.

The staff member repeatedly wiped his cold sweat, “Master, no one was willing to fight that boy, so…”

“Forget it, what’s that boy’s name?” The man’s tone softened and the pressure faded.

The staff member felt that he couldn’t keep up with the master’s thoughts and honestly answered, “Master, his name is Yan Fei.” He somewhat enviously looked at the young man brimming with energy. His future would be bright since he got Master Xiu’s attention.

Lu Shiqian saved her strength. She wanted to win and restore the octopus’ collapsing confidence. She had to wait for a chance!

“Hm, they’re obviously low-level, but their speed is unexpectedly fast.” Master Xiu spoke to himself, turning his gaze to Lu Shiqian.

“Yes, Master. She broke the speed test record, catching 10,000 balls!” Remembering this, the staff member felt that he was in a dream, “However, her other results were mediocre.” He had to be fair as a judge.

“Ten… thousand? Then pay some attention to her for now.” That gentle voice had a depth the staff member couldn’t wrap his mind around.

The youth was either impatient for success or had too little battle experience, but the fight didn’t last long. She revealed a few flaws and let the young man succeed several times, deciding to close the net now.

The Thousand Year King lived for many years and its combat experience was rich. It immediately guessed Lu Shiqian’s thoughts and thought her insidious while also preparing for the final blow!

The chance came! The youth charged forward and let Puleida spit out ice to prevent Lu Shiqian from moving fast. Lu Shiqian also gave him the illusion that the move was effective, but this time, the youth went ahead of Puleida by half a meter.

Pu! The octopus decisively spit some water accurately into Puleida’s eyes and the ice went out of control, landing in front of the youth and causing one of his feet to be stuck.

Lu Shiqian flicked her leg and kicked him a few times, knocking him away.

Lu Shiqian won!

The octopus triumphantly twisted its body, creating an octopus edition of the hula dance, while the rest of the people were dumbfounded. Even the youth revealed an unbelieving expression.

Master Xiu narrowed his eyes.

Lu Shiqian scored 8 points and got a badge with a passing score of 31. The youth got his lowest score of 6 points, but he still got the highest score of 45. This score was high even amongst all the scores recorded.

After obtaining her thorn badge, it was already 6:50 in the evening. Lu Shiqian walked over and patted the Moonlight Fox’s head, planning to find a place to rest and pick up tomorrow.

The Moonlight Fox stretched and languidly followed.

Master Xiu glanced at Xiaoyue and felt his eyes being pierced. He could naturally see that it was 700 Stars! It had hidden its aura earlier and he actually didn’t notice! A Rank 8 mage and 700 Star magic beast—unbelievable!

Xiaoyue seemed to sense someone’s gaze and looked back at Master Xiu, its eyes narrowing.

The cool youth already stood up, but he hadn’t recovered from the blow just yet: “How come…”

“Accept the reality. There are many stronger than you in this world. Study your shortcomings and improve. You can learn something from every battle.” Master Xiu passed by Yan Fei’s side and pointed out.

Yes, he was too proud and forgot that there were many geniuses in this world. He should probably thank the woman, but next time they met, he wouldn’t underestimate her again.

His heart thus calmed.

Touching the thorn badge on his chest, he thought that he could finally protect his little brother from harm. He knew that his little brother worked as a guide behind his back and was beaten harshly yet never complained. Hi little brother said that he was his idol, so why couldn’t his little brother rely on him? Their life would get better. After he made some money, he would send his little brother to the main city to study. That brat’s talent was even higher than his, after all.

Their days would get better and better!

He hadn’t told his brother he’d come to take the test yet. Later, he’ll tell him and startle him, haha!

A certain youth raised his head and revealed a sincere smile.

At the same time, Lu Shiqian stepped out of the mercenary guild.

“Big Sis, did you pass?” Yan Hui lifted his face and expectantly asked.

Oh, was this guy waiting for her? Lu Shiqian was a little surprised but quickly smiled, pointing to the iron badge on her chest and blowing herself, “Sister is so great, she definitely passed!”

The little guy enviously stared at the thorn badge and loudly declared after a while, “My brother will also pass in the future!”

Lu Shiqian laughed.

“Oh yeah, Sister, do you have anywhere to live?” The little guy suddenly remembered why he stayed.

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