Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 331

“This… really forgot about that.”

The little guy immediately held her hand and said, “Then come stay at my house. Although it’s a bit messy, there’s a lot of space.” Without waiting for a response, he pulled her away.

At this time, Yan Fei walked out and also hurried home.

Yan Hui’s hands were small, soft, and full of warmth. He himself was also lively and kind, always reminding Lu Shiqian of her little brother. Her little brother was clever, patient, and talented, but she only hoped for him to live happily and peacefully. She unconsciously began treating Yan Hui like her little brother. The gears of destiny were turning, and no one would expect Lu Xianghui and Yan Hui to become sworn brothers several hundred years later.

Meng Long followed Lu Shiqian with an expressionless face. You really can’t blame him for this because he truly didn’t know what smiling was. Other than indifference there was only indifference. He carried sword bag with two swords inside, one for normal use and the other in special cases. He used the second one so rarely that he didn’t even use it against the Thousand Year King or in extreme danger. As an assassin, he gave others a vague impression, but if you looked closely, he was quite handsome. Sharp eyebrows, high nose, skin so pale it was almost transparent, hair a faint blue, scattered freely over his shoulder. He dressed in plain clothes, his figure tall and slender. At first glance, this assassin appeared to be a peerless swordsman! However, perhaps he was too good at reducing his existence, because few ever took a good look at him.

He was the ace of the Assassin League—the one who was chosen after countless trials and training, a natural killing machine and future leader. He was not a person, a creature… when he drew his second sword! However, no one was willing to turn themselves into a machine. Even if memories of being human were gone, the heart would still long to be made of flesh and blood. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have provoked the Hundred Ghosts Clan for a single child.

He didn’t understand why he followed Lu Shiqian when he usually accepted another mission right after completing one. This time, he just wanted to stay by her side. There seemed to be an indescribable warmth surrounding her, making him unable to leave…

If he followed… maybe he would learn that the world wasn’t entirely cold…

The little guy’s house was a three-story building that was pure white, looking small and cute amongst the different constructs of the city. There was a small garden in front that was a public space. No one wanted to take care of it, but a certain little guy carefully planted some flowers so there was a good scent as the wind blew by. The balcony on the second and third floor was also filled with flowers and greenery, creating a beautiful scene.

“Mother was very beautiful and always smiled gently. Father loved Mother very much and built this house for her. Mother said that this was our love nest.” The little guy placed his hand on the door. There was a handprint recognition system and the door automatically opened, “We don’t have much at home. My brother and I sold most of it to live…” His voice gradually faded.

This strong kid had met too many misfortunes. It could be said that life was cruel to him!

Lu Shiqian thought that the guy was going to cry when he abruptly lifted his head, a bright smile on his face: “Sister, Mother and Father must still be loving each other in the God of Creation’s garden, aren’t they?”

Her heart pounded. The God of… what? If this little guy found out that she was that God of Creation, would he be sad? The God of Creation once said that they were all his children…

“Yes, they must be living happily in the God of Creation’s garden.” Lu Shiqian earnestly lied, the first lie she felt guilty about.

However, Yan Hui’s eyes sparkled with happiness.

This lie was shameful but worth it.

The little guy pulled Lu Shiqian onto the second floor and pushed open a room full of floral fragrance, but the room was practically empty without a single piece of furniture.

“Sister, I’ll give my bed to you and squeeze in with my brother.” The little guy seemed slightly embarrassed, “As for the furniture… Uh, I’ll work hard to make money!”

“It’s okay…” Lu Shiqian paused, “I can make things like that.”

With her Fire of Creation, there was nothing that couldn’t be created, let alone things like beds and furniture…

“Sister, then you’ve promised to stay!” Yan Hui cleverly grasped the slight flaw in Lu Shiqian’s words and said expectantly.

“Staying.” Lu Shiqian nodded. She couldn’t bear to let down the little guy’s kindness. Besides, she really did need a place to stay.

Lu Shiqian had just said this when a cold voice interrupted, “I don’t allow it!”

The person who spoke was a cold youth around 16 or 17 years old, a rank one lower god. He had black hair and black eyes, a slender and tall figure, with the slight immaturity of a teenager and rather handsome. Lu Shiqian had seen him before. It was indeed the youth with the highest score in the assessment and the magic beast Puleida.

“Big Bro!” Yan Hui ran over and tightly hugged him.

The cold youth frowned, “Why are you so dirty again? Did you go work as a guide again?”

Yan Hui quickly admitted his mistakes, “Look, Brother, I brought a sister back.” He slyly looked up at Yan Fei, “Let them stay here, okay?”

“No, I don’t agree!” Yan Fei glared at Lu Shiqian coldly. Though he could accept that he was defeated, he couldn’t accept living under the same roof with the one who defeated him!

Yan Hui wrinkled his nose, his bright eyes filling with tears. He looked at his brother with dependently, as if he would cry if he didn’t agree.

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