Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 332

Yan Fei couldn’t bear his little brother’s ploy. He held his forehead and threatened Lu Shiqian, “You better be honest.” Walking out of the room without a word was his tacit approval.

After a few steps, he turned around again, “I made it into Thorn.”

The little guy was stunned for a while before leaping onto his brother, bawling and laughing, his tears washing away the grime on his face like a little tabby cat.

“Brother, I knew you would pass! Wuwuwu.”

Yan Fei rubbed his little brother’s head and fell silent.

The warmth of the brothers filled the room.

Lu Shiqian quietly retreated. Since the little guy invited her so sincerely, she wouldn’t shrink back or say a bunch of nonsense. To her, the other person’s intentions are very important, and accepting these heartfelt concerns was the right thing to do. As for the other person… His skills weren’t high enough, and she didn’t place too much concern on his threats. She made some furniture in the meantime. After all, this house was really empty.

When the two brothers came downstairs, Lu Shiqian already made a lot of things: a full set of kitchen utensils, a carpet for both defense and offense, closets, alarm bells, bed mattresses, thermostat… The little guy was dazed.

Fortunately, these were all made inside her interspatial bag, so she could pretend that she brought it from the Devil Dance Continent. Otherwise, if the little guy asked, it would really be difficult to answer…

Only Yan Fei stared coldly at her, “What a weird person.”

Lu Shiqian smiled faintly.

However, with these pieces of furniture, this house really looked like a home.

Yan Hui happily took a bath with the shower Lu Shiqian made and came out squeaky clean. Sure enough, he was a handsome cutie with big, bright eyes. He twirled around Lu Shiqian, asking her how to use this high-tech furniture.

Yan Fei looked discretely at his little brother that was so attached to a woman he just met, feeling slightly uncomfortable. But after thinking about it, this woman was probably a good person since she was accepted so quickly. Xiao Hui was a talented person and could naturally see through a person’s mind. Thus, she should probably be a good person… However, would an ordinary woman have so much battle experience? A genius that could defeat a God at Rank 8? Forget it, as long as Xiao Hui likes it.

At 7, Lu Shiqian made a table of Chinese dishes with the new kitchen utensils: Yuxiang shredded pork, boiled fish, fish dumplings, braised pork, mapo tofu, etc. They were all delicious, even if the fish was over 100 meters long and from the Deceiving Sea, and the meat from the evil beasts of the Forest of Death (they were gathered by the beasties to curry favor).

“Sister, you’re so amazing!” Yan Hui exclaimed. He hadn’t eaten such a delicious meal in a long time; he was almost going to bite his tongue off in his haste.

“Hmph!” Yan Fei snorted coldly, but his eating speed wasn’t slow.

Meng Long was a little out of sorts. It was probably his first time eating with others at a table.

The Thousand Year King was the most exaggerated. His small body was like a black hole, and half of the dishes were devoured by him. He thought while hogging the rice pot, ‘These types of days aren’t bad… If there were delicious things to eat every day, exchanging his 5,000 Stars worth of power was worth it.’ Even if he couldn’t recover his strength, he wouldn’t be willing to leave Lu Shiqian.

The Moonlight Fox also came to the table, swiping its paws quickly and tasting the fish. Ai, magic beasts’ actions grew more and more meticulous the higher rank they were. You have to know that some could even use chopsticks smoothly! That couldn’t be done without hard work!

The power of food was truly great! If you don’t believe it, please look at the people and beasts at the table!

At the end of the meal, the door was suddenly knocked open and a young girl about 16 years old was standing outside. She had an oval face and a pointy chin, a little beauty, but her eyes were somewhat weird.

“Brother Yan, come to my house for dinner… Who is she?” The girl pointed to Lu Shiqian, asking sternly, as if she caught her husband cheating with someone else.

Lu Shiqian calmly ate her last bit of rice and calmly cleaned the dishes with Yan Hui, turning a blind eye to the girl. She didn’t understand why she kept getting caught in these dog-blood dramas. Since she couldn’t figure it out, she simply wouldn’t dwell over it.

“Sister Yu, go back. Brother didn’t go eat at your house before and won’t in the future.” Yan Hui, who smiled all the time, coldly spoke. It was quite unexpected that this bright little guy had his harsh times. However, to Lu Shiqian, he once again put on a cheerful smile: “I already have a big sister. She’ll make food for us.”

This… Why did it sound like she was their mother? Or nanny?

She knocked on the little guy’s head. How could she not understand the little guy’s tricks? She was probably being used as cannon fodder, but she couldn’t get mad at him, just like how a good sister would be lenient to their siblings.

Who would’ve thought that these words would enrage the young girl, “What kind of thing is she?! You can even call some Rank 8 trash as sister?!” She scanned the room, “Hoh, you’ve changed your furniture? So rich! Hmph, don’t forget who begged my father to save his little brother’s little life! Now that you’ve made it into Thorn, you think you’re so amazing, huh?”

With this, Yan Fei shuddered and clenched his fists before loosening them. Finally, he stated in a cold yet flat voice, “Yu Die, I will pay Uncle his money. Also, you can insult me, but don’t insult the others in my family. Go back first.”

Yan Hui was already crying. He knew that that matter was his brother’s pain and what they used to threaten him. He hated himself. If he hadn’t gotten sick at that time, his brother wouldn’t be in this predicament.

The thing Yu Die hated the most was this cold treatment. He was obviously just some commoner. Even if he was a little bit handsome, so what? However, every time she lowered herself to see him, he wouldn’t give her any face. Based on what? Now, she saw another stunning beauty in his room—a beauty that could steal people’s souls in the blink of an eye—giving her a sense of crisis. Although that woman was only a Rank 8 mage! She decided to pressure Yan Fei, “Repay the money? Do you have the ability? It took 10,000 magic jade to save your brother’s lowly life, but you still don’t know to be grateful…”

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