Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 333

Before she could finish, Lu Shiqian shut the door.

“I don’t care what grudges you have, but I find her blabbering annoying. I don’t want to make my ears suffer.” Facing Yan Fei’s surprised look, Lu Shiqian calmly said.

The octopus flailed its tentacles, “Exactly! Her mouth is too cheap!”

Yan Hui rushed into Lu Shiqian’s arms, “I’m sorry, Sister! It’s all my fault! It’s my fault for falling sick…”

“Xiao Hui, stop!” Yan Fei’s tern was stern yet helpless. Though he tried his best to not owe others, strived to raise his little brother and make money to live, that 10,000 magic jade was like a huge mountain pressing upon him. At that time… his parents had just passed away and Xiao Hui was still young. With their parent’s death, he often had panic attacks, high fevers that wouldn’t go away, and vomited a lot… One night, his illness became life-threatening. He sold everything he could in the house and all of their saved money because he was truly scared. He went to beg his neighbors and parent’s friends, but none of them were willing to lend even a single magic jade. He went to his father’s sworn brother and continuously kowtowed, begging for help… What he received was a single bottle of medicine and told that it costed 10,000 magic jade. 10,000 magic jade! He knew what this meant for him—it was practically the same as selling himself. However, if he had to do it over, no matter how much magic jade it cost or the price he paid, he wouldn’t hesitate.

Bang, bang, bang! The door slammed loudly, “Yan Fei, who do you think you are?! You’re just a dog under my father! If my father didn’t see a bit of talent in you, he wouldn’t have turned an eye!”

Yan Fei’s eyes were chilling as he clenched his fists. Yes, that bastard only cared about his talent. What bullsh*t sworn brother? What uncle? His parents helped him so much when they were alive, yet he didn’t even bat an eye after they died. Even worse, he had to thank him for saving his little brother’s life.

“I’ll pay the money back, definitely!” He seemed to be speaking to Yu Die who was standing outside the door, and also to himself.

Lu Shiqian pressed several times on the door and the noise disappeared. The door was modified into an anti-theft, explosion-proof, fire-proof, and water-proof door. It was so sturdy that it wouldn’t budge even if you broke a hand knocking on it. Sound, smoke, dust, and poison insulation were also installed, so the inside was quiet.

“Phew, it’s finally quiet!” The Moonlight Fox’s ears stood up and it walked into Lu Shiqian’s room, waving its five beautiful tails, lying on the sofa and sleeping.

“There’s no such thing as a debt that can’t be paid.” Lu Shiqian walked upstairs as she said, “I will pay rent for the room.”

Yan Fei gritted his teeth, “I haven’t stooped that low yet! Besides, who wants you to pay rent?!”

However, Lu Shiqian already entered her room, and it was unknown if she heard or not.

The next day, the two walked into the mercenary guild to take up tasks. She didn’t know if it was her illusion, but she felt that Yan Fei’s gaze seemed a bit fierce. She shrugged and ignored it.

Many were coming and going at eight in the morning, the first and second rank Thorn members in a hurry. There weren’t many third rank members around while most of the fourth rank members operated in teams, their tasks separately issued by the guild. Thus, the busiest members would be first to third rank members.

There were thousands of different tasks issued per day, graded according to difficulty. For example, first rank missions could need from a single person to thousands of people in order to complete it. The higher the difficulty, the better the rewards, but it also needed more organization and time. Some could be completed with a few people, but they had fewer rewards, though they were generally safer.

Lu Shiqian of course screened the tasks carefully before choosing one. It couldn’t be too simple, but it also couldn’t be too difficult. A complete map of West City was posted in the task hall, and she studied carefully against the map.

“It’s best to choose collecting coyote skins for the first task. It only takes five people and the coyotes are only 30 Stars. You only need to collect 100 skins to complete the task and exchange for 10 magic jade.” A gentle voice came from beside her.

Lu Shiqian looked back and saw a young man in his twenties with blood-red hair in a blue-green robe. His hands were buried inside the robe while his eyes were squinting; he had a gentle face and was smiling harmlessly at her.

When did he get here?

He didn’t have a Thorn badge, and he also didn’t look like a staff member. So, how did he get in? As everyone knows, the guild didn’t accept idlers so everyone inside was either a worker, a Thorn member, or a task issuer. Did he come to post a request?

He didn’t seem like it.

This person seemed to be buried deeply and it was difficult to see his strength. Forget it, let’s keep our distance.

She took a few steps aside without a change in expression.

The amicable-looking man’s lips curled up. This woman was truly different.

“You can also take that missing person task. As long as you have a magic beast with a keen sense of smell, it should be relatively easy. I think your fox can do that,” the man spoke in a gentle voice.

Xiaoyue twitched its mouth and lay beside Lu Shiqian. It was currently disguising as a 50 Star magic beast, and 50 Star magic beasts couldn’t speak.

Lu Shiqian was noncommittal.

The amicable came closer again. Just when he was about to speak–

“Hey, hey, aren’t you annoying? Did you see my master’s beauty and want a piece?” The Thousand Year King made a ‘contemptuous’ gaze at him.

The octopus’ voice wasn’t small, and many eyes turned as soon as he spoke.

Mr. Octopus was very carefree, but when others saw that his power was only around 10 Stars, they just thought he was a special species that could speak although weak. Although the fox was stronger, it was only around 50 Stars. It wasn’t surprising for any random middle god to have one. After a glance, people stopped paying attention.

The strange thing was that Yan Fei walked over after hearing Mr. Octopus’ voice. He recognized the man that talked to him yesterday and walked straight over, standing between Lu Shiqian and the man.

“What… task did you… take?” It wasn’t his style to initiate a conversation, so it was rather unnatural.

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