Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 334

“Crazy Spider, Pathfinder, Angry Deer, Looking for Lillia, just these four for now.” Lu Shiqian lightly answered, thinking that it wasn’t enough.

However, someone cast over a surprised glance when she said this. When they saw that she was only a Rank 8 mage, the person snorted and thought she was just a greedy person that didn’t know the heights of the heavens. Someone more kind-hearted persuaded, “It’s your first time taking missions, right? It’s better to take team missions since these ones are too hard.”

Indeed, none of these missions could be completed with 50 people, but the rewards were rather good.

“Why persuade her? These kinds of greedy people should drown in the blackhole of money. She’ll regret it once she knows how difficult these missions are!” Some also cursed her.

The amicable man took a close look at these missions and his eyebrows jumped. Of these four missions, the ‘Crazy Spider’ mission was the hardest while ‘Looking for Lillia’ was the easiest, but they were all located on the Southwest Mountain Range of West City. Did she want to complete all the missions in one trip and even figured out a plan? The man revealed a thoughtful smile and stared at Lu Shiqian with interest.

Yan Fei frowned. He also took on the ‘Pathfinder’ mission which required 70 people. The missions details said that they had to clear out the giant gophers in the mountain range and collect 500 magic beast cores. This mission was considered medium-high difficulty amongst one star missions, and he felt that those who took this as their first mission were rather reckless. However, this woman even took the ‘Crazy Spider’ mission that needed 200 people, ‘Angry Deer’ mission that needed 40 people, and ‘Finding Lillia’ that needed 10 people. Just what was she thinking?

After receiving a team mission, you generally waited for everyone to gather before going together. If someone had superior abilities and completed the task first as well as collected the rewards, the mission would be cancelled. The people who assembled together also wouldn’t receive anything. Thus, time was of the essence. Having said that, people would generally wait for everyone to gather on missions that required more people. Rarely did anyone take a mission that required dozens of people on alone. Therefore, it usually took a few days to weeks to complete one such mission.

The missions Lu Shiqian took were just released today, so not many accepted them yet.

However, she already decided to complete them with Meng Long and Xiaoyue—oh, and of course Mr. Octopus.

A single person completing a team mission would naturally receive more rewards since there was no need to divide it with others.

‘Looking for Lillia’ had a reward of 50 magic jade while ‘Angry Deer’ was 240 magic jade and ‘Pathfinder’ 700 magic jade. As for ‘Crazy Spider’, the reward reached 1,500 magic jade due to its difficulty. Other than Lu Shiqian, not a single first rank Thorn member took it up.

An hour had passed by the time Lu Shiqian walked out. Hopefully, she’d be able to complete these missions by 6 pm tonight.

“Where are you going? You’re not going to wait for the others?” Yan Fei had just asked when he cursed himself for caring so much. Hmph, it must be because of Xiao Hui, otherwise, why would he care about her life or death? He was just afraid Xiao Hui would be worried.

“Oh, I’m going to finish the missions.” Lu Shiqian casually said as she walked, as if she were discussing the weather or what to eat for lunch.

However, this was completely different in the ears of others. They thought that she was a newborn calf that wasn’t afraid of a tiger (ignorant), and some mocked her for her arrogance despite not having strength. Others were just waiting for a good show. Lu Shiqian turned a deaf ear. Let them do whatever they like, after all, the path you choose must be walked on your own, right? How could others’ mockery or gossip affect her anyways?

She could accept constructive criticism humbly, but for this jeering, sorry, she had no time.

She said nothing.

“Be careful on the way. I’m waiting for the good news.” The amicable man seemed quite confident in Lu Shiqian.

Lu Shiqian walked towards the southwest without looking back. As she left, the assassin leaning against the wall with arms folded silently followed.

“Wait! I’ll go with you!” Yan Fei ran up. Facing her curious glance, he only coldly answered, “I can collect your body in case you die.”

What a twisted guy!

The three people and two magic beasts was thus formally established. Destination: Southwest Mountain Range!

The Southwest Mountain Range was the largest mountain range in West City. It stretched for millions of miles, and there were tens of millions of flora and beasts, full of danger! For thousands of years, the people of West City struggled with the dangerous plants and animals in order to expand their territory. There were all kinds of missions centered around the Southwest Mountain Range, from one star missions to six star missions. Of the four missions Lu Shiqian selected, other than the ‘Crazy Spider’ mission that was deeper inside, the other three were all on the periphery.

“Just like how I dominated the swamp and was hailed king, there’s usually a ferocious beast in every area, perhaps even more than one in the more dangerous places. My swamp was nothing compared to the top ten ferocious areas: Misty Forest, Windy Forest, Ash Grasslands, Illusionary City, Forbidden Land of Death, Heavenly Tomb, Submerged Sea, City in the Sky, Dark Labyrinth, and the Vestiges of the Gods. Those places are all guarded by ferocious beasts stronger than me. Even the Beast King wouldn’t dare trespass easily.” Mr. Octopus suckered on to Lu Shiqian’s waist as it spoke. It hadn’t lived these years for nothing, “There should be a ferocious beast in this area.”

“I understand. Don’t worry, I won’t go disturb the ferocious beast.” Lu Shiqian nodded.

“AGHHHHHHHH!!!” The octopus flailed in disappointment, “That’s not what I meant! I was saying that if we meet a ferocious beast, we should hide as far as possible! The farther the better!”

Lu Shiqian smothered the octopus’ mouth, “Shh… Pipe down, lest we frighten our target.”

Contracting was the fastest way to rank up, so wasn’t contracting a high-level magic beast the best way? She made plans in her heart.

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