Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 335

Lillia was a 30 Star long-haired dog. After fighting with its owner, it ran away from home into the forest and didn’t return for three days, so its anxious owner posted a 50 magic jade commission for help. He provided some of the long-haired dog’s fur, so those that had special tracking skills or a magic beast with a keen sense of smell were most suitable for this mission.

Xiaoyue sniffed the air and accurately found the hiding place of the dog.

The little dog didn’t dare run deep into the forest and lingered around the periphery, so it was easy to find. The dog stayed for three days, too scared to search for food or run around, and was obediently captured under the Moonlight Fox’s coercion. Thus, the first mission was successfully completed just by using the fox’s sense of smell and pressure.

The ‘Angry Deer’ mission was to collect 100 antlers. It was called a ‘little’ deer, but the actual one was taller than a person. A majestic deer with sharp antlers was much different from the docile deer people imagined. These guys had sharp teeth and loved to snack on human flesh. They were a group of cruel and fierce beasts!

On Dayu, magic beasts over 50 Stars would get some recognition, and those over 70 Stars would get legal status and be treated respectfully. Magic beasts over 500 Stars could transform into humans and live better than the average powerhouse. Those over 1,000 Stars would gain a good position under the five beast masters and even get a fief. Of course, there were some magic beasts that retained their bloodthirsty and cruel nature even after reaching 70 Stars or 100 Stars, and these savage creatures would be hunted down by both humans and beasts. However, outside the cities in Dayu, there were no legal restrictions. Magic beasts wanted humans’ godheads while humans wanted magic beasts’ magic beast cores, the fight never ceasing. There was also a lot of infighting with human against human and beast against beast, the cycle never ending. Dayu had always been a paradise for adventurers—a place full of danger and excitement!

These deer were 40 Stars and belonged to a species with no intelligence, cruel and ravenous. Seeing Lu Shiqian coming over, they surrounded her with their knife-like antlers.

The large group appeared very unpleasant to the eyes.

It indeed was a 40-person mission. It was too easy to be instantly surrounded and massacred!

“Stand back, I’ll stop them!” The awkward young man whose words always differed from his actions blocked in front of Lu Shiqian.

Although he said he was here to collect her corpse, he would still protect her when danger came, though Lu Shiqian didn’t really need his protection.

“Come out, Puleida!” He called out his magic beast and soul merged. The young man’s hair turned snowy white, eyes silver, and body resembling lightning, his posture graceful and elegant.

After merging, he could deal with five stags at once, his combat effectiveness much higher than those of the same rank!

Lu Shiqian patted Xiaoyue’s head, “Ice Seals a Million Miles!”

Xiaoyue glanced at the woman beside him. Her face was calm and indifferent, but there was inexplicable force that made him submit. She was obviously just a Rank 8 mage, yet he was willing to submit to her. Why was he so willing to help her?

Before he could figure it out, his body obeyed the orders and a silvery-white world erupted, freezing the 100 stags.

700 Stars vs. 40 Stars! That was a complete massacre, no other possibility!

The second mission… completed!

Yan Fei was stunned. He stared at the ice sculptures all around him and suddenly realized how wide the gap between them was. Was this her true power? Then, if she used this magic beast yesterday during the test, would he be able to withstand a single attack? His heart grew lighter and he let go of the useless pride he had. His goal had never been so clear.

As for ‘Pathfinder’, the giant gophers were a group of 45 Star giant mice the size of boars. This creature was also addicted to eating raw meat, especially the meat of children and other magic beasts, a particularly hateful species.

This task required 70 people. The giant gophers could easily burrow through the ground and launch surprise attacks from underground. Their teeth were long and sharp, tearing off a piece of flesh in one attack. They were difficult to deal with.

It was a pity they met Lu Shiqian.

With fox whose nose was thousands of times more sensitive than that of a dog and the ace of the Assassin League, it was too easy to find these gophers. It was a golden combination, reaping lives wherever they passed.

Yan Fei’s eyes twitched. Too abnormal! Too abnormal! He sighed but also cut the gophers down continuously. Now, he only regretted he didn’t take more multi-people missions at the beginning!

There was no wind, and the cavern was even more silent. In addition, there was also a fishy smell. The further in they went, the stronger the smell got and darker it was. That’s right, this was the location of the fourth mission: the spider’s lair. Honestly, this foul, creepy place wasn’t where women should go. Look, corpses all over the ground. Look, those mummies wrapped up in spider silk, and those little spiders that just hatched from those human-faced mummies. There was also that vomit-inducing smell in the air, making this a scene straight from a nightmare. However, Lu Shiqian acted as if she were sauntering through her back garden. Yes, sauntering. There was only leisure on her face.

Yan Fei sighed with emotion. Sure enough, he couldn’t beat this woman. Such a gloomy scene and smell made even him uncomfortable, but she remained carefree. She sure was extraordinary. Originally, this mission was designed for 200 people and it was the hardest one amongst one star missions. With his original temperament, how could he have dared entered a spider lair with a mere Rank 8 mage? He never would’ve dreamed of it. The spider mission was called ‘crazy’ for a reason. These insects were pests in the Southwest Mountain Range and frequently attacked in groups, adept at sneak attacks and using poison. Whenever they succeeded, they would drag their prey back into their lair, making it too late to save them. If you get bitten by them, you have to immediately use the antidote prepared earlier. Otherwise, you would be poisoned to death in a minute.

Crazy! Really crazy! The crazier thing was that he really followed her in! He even firmly believed that this woman had a way to deal with the spiders! He really went crazy!

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