Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 336

“Tch, what an unpleasant smell.” The Thousand Year King also expressed his disgust. Even though he was a fierce beast, he didn’t have the habit of eating dead bodies and paid attention to his tidiness. Though he liked to use all kinds of toxins and the swamp where he lived was shrouded in green mist year-round, that was to keep his mysteriousness, okay? How could he do such a terrible thing and make his lair so dirty and ugly?! Sure enough, there was a difference between clouds and mud!

Before Xiaoyue walked in, he created a layer of ice around his nose. Because his nose was too good, this place was like torture to him.

Spiders were good at sneak attacks, so they didn’t wantonly throw out attacks the moment they entered. Of course, they might’ve also just not cared about the intruders.

Lu Shiqian also wasn’t in a hurry. She wanted to find the nest and kill all of them in one fell swoop. Of course, it would be a bit more dangerous, but it was the most efficient and time-conserving method.

After a few more bends, the group came upon a huge nest the size of five basketball courts, spider sacs hanging up and down, left and right—appearing extremely eerie!

The mission required 600 spider magic beast cores, but there were thousands of spider sacs in this nest. The nest Lu Shiqian chose wasn’t small, and if it were anyone else, they would’ve long ran out of the cave, changing to a smaller nest. However, Lu Shiqian wouldn’t do something like that and would even seek out a larger nest!

She guessed that there wouldn’t be only one spider task and decided to collect more cores, so she could just hand them in when new missions came out.

Meng Long still had a coffin face; he had already seen too many such scenes. Back when he was training, which one of his experiences was not dangerous? Now, these scenes were just ordinary for him. He concealed his breath, seeming like a strange cloud.

“Tch, disgusting.” Mr. Octopus despised. The purer the bloodline, the harder it was to have offspring. Thus, they would treasure their offspring greatly. He was dissatisfied seeing the spiders having so many unintelligent children, and before, he could’ve eradicated them all with a single swipe, but now… It spat out a toxic blob of water onto a spider sac.

This was like pouring water on top of hot water… it exploded!

Hearing the rumbling sounds, black shadows moved, and spiders poured in like a tide.

Like shoveling into an ant pit, spiders crawled densely around, creating a hair-rising scene. Coupled with the stench on them, it was simply a disaster!

Moreover, each of these spiders were as strong as a bull, fuzzy, dark, had yellow patterns on their abdomen, eight long legs, a mouthful of poisonous fangs, and foul-smelling saliva. To them, Lu Shiqian and the others were food delivered to the door.

There were about 5,000 spiders, most of them around 50 Stars.

The Lu Shiqian now mainly targeted beast kings and fierce beasts. Otherwise, she would need to contract over 100 intelligent magic beasts. For these evil and disgusting beasts, there was only one word: kill. Although these creatures and planes were all her dear creations, that was “his” past life. Right now, she was living in the midst of peril, likely to croak at any time on the dangerous Dayu. She was no longer the lofty God of Creation—just a Rank 8 mage! Besides, even if she was the God of Creation, wasn’t she still beaten to a pulp? Thus, she had to be strong! Stronger than anyone else!

The current Lu Shiqian wasn’t anything at all, not the God of Creation or anything else. She was just Lu! Shi! Qian!

“Wind and Rain Intersecting!” The Heavenly Swinging Sword’s Fourth Move.

Black hair danced in the air, brilliant eyes as stars moving hearts. Her left hand swung a spirit sword while her right hand gripped the Thorn Army Staff, her actions like the wind and rain. The spiders had no way of resisting and exploded before being reduced to ashes. The staff flew and fire dragons filled the cave, lighting up waves of fire. The two men’s eyes followed the stunning figure closely amidst the rain of fire. In the ugly cave, her light was pure and dazzling, engraving her silhouette into their souls!

She… was becoming more and more mysterious!

However… he wanted to draw closer and closer and stay by her side!

Meng Long pulled out his sword and wandered between the spiders like a ghost. There was another type of beauty as he wielded his sword with his plain white clothes and nearly transparent skin. He moved swiftly, slashing one and turning to the other side, leaving the spider to disintegrate on its own. He was like a phantom, beheading everything but not getting stained by a speck!

Yan Fei didn’t want to fall behind. Even though he was the weakest of the trio, he was still a genius! He couldn’t face tens or hundreds at once, but he could still take care of one or two, three or four, right? Though he was a little clumsy at first and almost got bitten a few times, his movements grew more and more bold and fluent. He wasn’t abnormal like Lu Shiqian, killing thousands at once, nor did he have Meng Long’s finesse, not getting stained by blood. However, he had his advantages: calm movements, meticulous mind, cautious yet bold when attacking!

In this battle, the three formed a spiritual connection.

As for the Moonlight Fox, he was tasked with the boring and arduous task of freezing and shattering the spider sacs, occasionally glancing at Lu Shiqian in surprise. How to describe this woman’s aura? Even though it wasn’t very obvious yet, her aura was undoubtedly amazing, like the open sky and universe, or the cycle of reincarnation. It was hard to put into words but ever-present.

Our little Mr. Octopus stared and stared, as if trying to drill a hole through her in order to see just what she was composed of!

He suddenly thought that being her magic beast would be pretty go—PEI! He was a Thousand Year King, a fierce beast! How could he take the initiative to be someone else’s magic beast? Yes, yes, she should plead and beg him, and then he’ll reluctantly agree…

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