Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 337

It was a complete victory. They collected 5,000 spider cores and 20 bottles of spider venom.

What was the venom for? 15 bottles were sold to medicine stores while 5 were saved for Shui Se, who loved to study poisons…

The Thousand Year King and Moonlight Fox looked at each other, both sides seeing eagerness in the other’s eyes.

They walked out of the cave and the two suns in the sky were still blazing fervently. It was currently 3 in the afternoon, three hours faster than Lu Shiqian’s estimated completion time.

The wind blew slightly, blowing away the stench on the three.

Completing missions sure was exciting!

Lu Shiqian and Yan Fei went back to the guild to turn in their missions while Meng Long waited by the wall outside.

In the Honor Hall, the staff member checking Lu Shiqian paused slightly before stepping down. Another person soon came up—the staff member presiding over the examination the other day.

“Haha, I’m responsible for handling you two from now on.” The staff member enthusiastically greeted. Since he’ll be appearing more in the future, for his slender body, let’s just call him Lanky.

Lu Shiqian looked at Lanky without saying anything; Yan Fei was also cold, causing the other’s hospitality to fall short.

Lanky rubbed his nose, but his inner character was good, “What missions are you handing in?” He wasn’t deterred by the two’s coldness in the slightest. Ever since he accepted from Master Xiu the special task of recording the completion and duration of these two’s missions, he was very motivated. Think about it, he might be witnessing the birth of two new superstars! When he’s older, he could even brag about how he saw these two grow up to his grandchildren! This kind of glory was unparalleled!

“Looking for Lillia.” As Lu Shiqian answered, she took out the long-haired dog from her interspatial bag.

Lanky was slightly disappointed. He didn’t expect her to take such an ordinary task, but it was just the first mission! He took over the dog and handed over 50 magic jade, also adding in 50 points onto the Thorn badge. He even comforted, “It’s really rare to complete a first mission so quickly.”

“Angry Deer.” Lu Shiqian poured out a pile of antlers.

Lanky was a little startled, getting excited. You have to know that this was a mission for 40 people! He tentatively asked, “You finished it by yourself?”

Lu Shiqian glanced at Yan Fei, “No. Three people, but the other two didn’t take the mission.”

But it was still amazing!

Lanky was so happy he was going to cry. Sure enough, Master Xiu’s vision was right! This was definitely the birth of two new superstars!

He paid Lu Shiqian 240 magic jade and input 240 points.

“Pathfinder.” Lu Shiqian poured out another 500 gopher cores.

This time, Lanky’s eyes widened, his hands shook, and his voice went hoarse with excitement: “Completed by one person?”

“Three people. Yan Fei also accepted the mission,” Lu Shiqian calmly answered.

Lanky almost shouted out loud! This was a 70 person mission! A 70 person mission!! Also, this was also handed out today! What kind of concept was this?!

He paid Lu Shiqian and Yan Fei 350 magic jade each and input 350 points each into their Thorn badges. For the first time, Lanky found that this dull and repetitive job was so cute!

Seeing that Lu Shiqian hadn’t left yet, he carefully inquired: “Still… more?”

“Mm,” Lu Shiqian wasn’t afraid of scaring people, “Crazy Spider…”

Bam! Lanky jumped up, and his chair fell back. He stared deeply at Lu Shiqian, “Y-You said Crazy Spider?! T-Two hundred people with one… three people??!” Honestly speaking, Crazy Spider was a super high-difficulty mission amongst one star missions and could almost be classified as a two star mission. They originally thought this mission would be delayed for half a year, but unexpectedly, it was completed!

“Three people, but the other two didn’t accept the mission.” Lu Shiqian poured out 600 spider cores.

Lanky wiped his face, not knowing what to say. He looked at Lu Shiqian like she was a monster and handed her 1,500 magic jade and input 1,500 points before leaving like he was sleepwalking. The stimulation she gave him was too much for him to digest!

Soon after, discussion erupted in the task hall about four missions being completed simultaneously. However, no one would imagine that the two that did it were Lu Shiqian and Yan Fei—two newbies! Those that chose the mission had to select a different one, thinking that the person who did them must’ve been a psycho.

This incident was just a small ripple. There were new missions every day and most didn’t have the time to care about others. Four star missions would be broadcast when completed, and other than that, one star missions couldn’t attract others’ attention.

In a certain part of the guild, Master Xiu’s slender fingers held a report, seemingly pondering for a long time before ordering Lanky: “Continue to observe!”

Today, they received 2,140 magic jade. Added to the 458 magic jade from before, they had a total of 2,598 magic jade. They could be considered slightly rich now.

This much magic jade was enough for teleportation, but Lu Shiqian wasn’t in a hurry to meet up with Wei Mo and Shang. West City was a good spot to train, and preferably, she would reach Rank 9 before joining them. She couldn’t summon the beasties, but she could communicate with them and knew that they were all working hard. An unknown feeling surged up in her heart and she decided to work even harder! After all, her beasties were working hard, so why should their master be lazy? Reach Rank 9! Reach Rank 9 before meeting up!

As for Wei Mo, Li Jing, Qin Xingluo, and Yao Hong, they had communication devices made by her and kept in touch. Wei Mo was sincere towards her, and both personalities were infatuated with her. The black-haired Wei Mo was gentle while the silver-haired Wei Mo was arrogant, but both were loving. After Qin Xingluo came to this plane, he experienced a lot more and became much more stable. He missed her greatly but didn’t express it. Yao Hong usually didn’t speak while Li Jing—forget him. Disturbing her in the middle of the night really didn’t leave any good impressions.

It felt like Bai was always by her side. He was her lifelong friend, father, mentor, and also the person she loved the most. He was the one that conquered mountains and oceans, domineering and peerless, enchanting and seductive; the person that loved her to his bones, the one that knew and loved her the most.

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