Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 338

The Death God wouldn’t express his deep love in front of everyone and said in a separate platform, “Master, I miss you so much.” However, it was this childlike person that was deeply attached to her, loving her madly, making her heart move. He said that he missed her very, very much, looking for her everywhere. Due to their promise, he never forced her and was waiting for the moment her personally found her. At that time, he would hug her tightly…

What a group of people and beasts that were worth worrying about; what a cute group of people and beasts…

Thus, she had to reach Rank 9 quickly and meet up with them!

Yan Fei dazedly stood there holding 350 magic jade. This was the first time he received such a large sum of money! This was his first time making money!

From now on, he would never have to see his little brother suffer again!

350 magic jade was enough for them to live well for the next 50 years!

He looked at Lu Shiqian complicatedly. He should thank her for helping them gain so much in such a short time, right? Otherwise, he would’ve needed several weeks or months, and also needed to split the money and points with 70 other people.

“Uh…” He wanted to say his thanks but couldn’t voice it no matter what.


“Uh, you, you… you’re so ugly!” He coldly and uncomfortably said.

“…” Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched. He was waiting to say this?

The Thousand Year King sneered, “Stupid!”

Xiaoyue’s eyes bent into crescents, probably secretly snickering.

They returned to the house but Yan Hui wasn’t there. That little guy probably ran to secretly be a guide again.

Yan Fei was somewhat disappointed. After earning magic jade, he dearly wished to share in his joy with his little brother, but he also knew that his sensible brother wanted to share the hardships with him too. Even though Yan Fei wasn’t willing and stopped him many times, he still couldn’t stop him.

He always made him both distressed and happy.

Lu Shiqian was in a good mood after completing the missions and made a hearty meal, waiting for the little guy to return.

That guy would definitely smile and exclaim, “Smells so good!”

It was five in the afternoon, but the guy didn’t come back.

One hour later, he still wasn’t back.

At seven, he still hadn’t returned, and Yan Fei grew anxious. His little brother was very sensible and never did anything that worried him. Though he worked as a guide, he usually returned by six.

At eight, the two suns sank under the horizon and the three moons rose. The little guy still hadn’t returned.

Hadn’t returned, hadn’t returned, hadn’t returned… Did something happen?

Yan Fei fidgeted, worried beyond belief. Where did he have time to maintain his cool temperament? No, he had to search for his brother!

Just when he got up, someone knocked on the door—it was Yu Die.

Yu Die glanced at the table full of food and sneered, “Hoh, eating dinner? You can still stomach your food without your little brother?”

Yan Fei gripped her shoulder tightly: “Where is he?”

Yan Fei’s eyes surged with darkness, frighteningly cold. His face was very calm but hid a hurricane. Strong killing intent flashed across his face.

Yu Die was scared. She had never seen this cool and icy young man with such a terrifying expression. Sharp pain came from her shoulder and she felt that her bones were about to break, “What are you doing? Let go! I kindly came to tell you about that bastard…”

His hands flashed away, “Where is he?” He didn’t like the fact Yu Die called his brother a bastard, but he had more important concerns.

Seeing him calm down, Yu Die immediately proudly stated, “He’s with my father. My father wants you to come!” Finishing, she provocatively glanced at Lu Shiqian, “My father has something very important to discuss with you—something concerning a major lifetime event!”

Yan Fei ran like lightning towards Yu Die’s father before she could finish. He didn’t hear what she said at all.

Lu Shiqian pondered for a moment before rushing over too.

Meng Long didn’t think at all before following. Xiaoyue also naturally followed.

Only Yu Die was left in the house. She fiercely stomped her feet and cursed viciously, “B*tch, it’s impossible for you to get rid of me! From today on, I want you to kneel on the floor and beg me! You will definitely beg me!”

Yu Die’s father was called Yu Qing, a second stage middle god. He was a small, small leader under Captain Pan, who was under the Sunrong family. There were around a dozen people under him.

However, such a small, small leader was an unimaginable existence in the eyes of ordinary people!

No one dared provoke the Fan Army in West City; entering the Fan Army was akin to getting guaranteed protection. Thus, even though Yu Qing sometimes bullied others and stole their resources, as long as it wasn’t too overboard, no one would say anything. This person was also very cunning and loved to pose as a benevolent person, making a couple of righteous friends. Yan Fei’s father was one of them.

At the time, Yan Fei and Yan Hui were still young and the two families got along well. Yu Qing didn’t need to stand on courtesy when he needed help. Back then, Yan Fei’s father was a higher god and had a little fame, but it was a shame that the Yan couple died in a scuffle between other powerhouses. The Yan family immediately fell, and Yu Qing also revealed his true face, not offering the two children any support, even going as far as to not meet them.

It wasn’t until Yan Hui fell severely ill and Yan Fei went around begging for help that Yu Qing gave Yan Fei a glance. He saw his amazing potential and gave him a bottle of medicine, pulling Yan Hui back from the edge of death. During the next 200 years, he unrestrainedly made Yan Fei work for him for free with the intent of squeezing every drop of worth out of him. However, he didn’t expect Yan Fei to be sharpened under these experiences and reveal some talent. Seeing this, he furtively let his daughter approach him and planned on joining the two families together.

Nevertheless, his attitude towards the two brothers was still lofty and proud, never thinking about whether the other party was willing or not and merely squeezing them, squeezing them, squeezing… Yesterday, his daughter ran back crying, saying that Yan Fei was an ingrate and that there was a beautiful woman living in his home. He suddenly felt a sense of crisis. On patrol today, he saw the younger Yan brother amongst the guide crowd, found a reason, and brought him back… Looks like it was time to pay the harsh way!

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