Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 339

A person reported while he was thinking, “Yan Fei requests an audience!”

He expected it, sipping his tea slowly before saying, “Let him come in.”

Yu Qing was slightly fat and had an obedient appearance, making it hard to see his dirty inside.

Just when he finished, Yan Fei rushed in. Though this young man was normally calm and steady, he couldn’t hide his anxiousness when it came to his little brother: “Uncle, where is Xiao Hui?”

Yu Qing smiled coldly inside. Sure enough, he was young and couldn’t control his temper. How could he deal with this old fox? Yu Qing smiled amiably on the outside, “Nephew, what are you worrying for? Your brother is… very well. He’s eating well, living well, and sleeping well.”

Yan Fei wasn’t assured, “I want to see him.” He needed to confirm Xiao Hui’s safety.

Yu Qing beckoned, and his subordinates immediately brought up a chair, “Here, have a seat first.”

Yan Fei insisted, “I want to see him first and bring him home. Uncle, please allow it!”

Yu Qing solemnly said, “You think that I’ll harm him? Your little brother committed a crime and I’m protecting him…”

Yan Fei exclaimed, “He committed a crime?! Impossible!” His little brother had always been obedient, how could he commit a crime? Yan Fei may be impulsive, but he wasn’t foolish. He calmed down and glanced at Yu Qing, taking a deep breath and sitting down. Keep calm, keep calm…

Yu Qing sighed in admiration, thinking him a diamond in the rough. The more he felt that the other was a piece of a dragon, the more reluctant he was to leave him for others.

“Nephew, Uncle has always been kind to you two brothers, right?” Yu Qing felt that it was time.

Yan Fei didn’t say a word, waiting for the other to continue.

“Isn’t it about time to pay back Uncle?” Yu Qing took a sip of tea and slowly said.

“Uncle, pray tell. Yan Fei will not refuse unless it violates life or morals, even if it means crossing through fire and blades!”

Yu Qing laughed out loud, “Good Nephew, Uncle promised your father to take good care of you two. How could I let you suffer? Uncle treats you two like sons. Look at my beautiful daughter, even though she can’t quite match up to noble young ladies, she’s still a precious jade, gentle and virtuous. Why don’t–” we connect our families?

“Uncle!” Yan Fei interrupted, “Let me take Xiao Hui back. He’s still ignorant so I will apologize on behalf of him!” How could he not know what the old fox was thinking? That Yu Die was pretentious and willful, narrow-minded and unable to tolerate others. How could he possibly like her? Also, how would his little brother be abused by them if they did marry?

Yu Qing was displeased at being interrupted, “Nephew, you… would rather take the punishment than the offering!” First the carrot then the stick, “Think about it. I’m a small leader in the Fan Army, and if we form a family, you could become a rising star! You would have a bright future!”

Yan Fei merely said one line, “Please take me to see Xiao Hui.”

Yu Qing was furious, “Little bastard, you really don’t want either hard or soft! Alright, you want to see? I’ll let you see!”

Yan Fei was even more anxious hearing his impatient tone. He had a bad feeling but absolutely could not show it, “Uncle, please.”

However, at this moment, a slightly low yet charming voice spoke: “Bring me along too.”

A peerlessly beautiful and graceful woman walked in from outside, wrapped in green clothes and hair tied up high. Who was it if not Lu Shiqian?

Yu Qing was slightly startled and then roared, “Who let her in?!”

A few subordinates who were beaten bruised and swollen fell to their knees, “R-Report! She… broke in herself!”

Yu Qing stilled before scrutinizing Lu Shiqian. A Rank 8 mage… A rank 8 mage could beat a God Rank guard? That’s simply… bullsh*t! He then looked at Meng Long, a third stage middle god, and was slightly surprised. He then showed an understanding expression and decided to punish those guards who dared lie later.

“Father, let her go! Let her know that some people can’t be provoked!” Yu Die came in, her flower-like face warped with a hideous expression. She wanted to completely defeat Lu Shiqian, wanted to see Yan Fei and Lu Shiqian kneel in front of them and beg!

Yu Qing grunted and walked towards the basement.

A small leader of the Fan Army had the right to detain small criminals, and the basement was for that.

In the gloomy underground, there were a few petty criminals, but in the innermost cell, a very thin and small kid was being held.

Looking carefully, he was only 11 or 12, a time of youthful innocence, but he was inexplicably jailed. Looking even closer, his face was pale and his brows were furrowed, his body curled up in severe pain. Could he be sick? Looking again, heavens, it wasn’t that at all! Throughout his body was bone-deep lashes, the muscles and veins in his hands and feet torn! What a heavy punishment! Heavens, this child was only Rank 7, and those heavy punishments were meant for God Rank powerhouses! Heavens, who was able to hurt such a child so heavily?

The child was already delusional and said in a daze, “Mommy, it’s so painful, it hurts… Brother, don’t come save me… Wuwuwu, Sister, it’s so cold…”

Blood rushed to Yan Fei’s brain. He couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t believe that the child inside was his little brother—his energetic and lively little brother. He couldn’t accept… the pain that he was about to leave him again.

Veins popped on his hand as he used his greatest strength and patience to control his breathing. Don’t let anger overtake you. “Open. The. Door. And. Let. Me. In!” He practically said it word by word, spitting it out with all his strength! His eyes were filled with anger and so dark it was terrifying!

“Hahahaha, does your heart hurt? Pain? You want to go in? Beg me! Kneel on the ground and beg me!” Even though Yu Die was frightened by his rage, she still arrogantly declared since her father was by her side. Hmph, didn’t he usually dismiss her? What was he?! However, he really was the most handsome person she ever met, “Or, you can hit that b*tch. Beat her hard until I’m pleased, then I’ll let you in!” She pointed at Lu Shiqian.

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