Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 340

Lu Shiqian’s expression didn’t change and merely stared at Yan Hui, her eyes like a deep pool. No one could tell what she was thinking. She seemed to be wrapped in a thin layer of black mist, but if you looked closely, there wasn’t anything. Black butterfly wings spread out behind her, but there also seemed to be nothing.

“What an astonishing pressure! What a dark aura and terrible feeling!” Xiaoyue was naturally sensitive to auras and keenly felt something deeply terrifying in Lu Shiqian—death!

Do you still remember? The Death God once etched part of his soul under Lu Shiqian’s collarbone, that black butterfly. Do you still remember that the Death God made a two lives one life vow? This was not only a ritual, but also a way of sharing and commanding power. Lu Shiqian was the master of the Death God, thereby also the master of the World of Death. However, she loved the Death God and never used this power!

Just because she didn’t use it didn’t mean it didn’t exist!

She didn’t use it because that power was too shockingly strong, and because she loved him!

“Master, you’re finally willing to accept me completely?” The Death God was extremely happy that Master was going to use his power soon. The feeling of being needed made him overjoyed and… impulsive! “You can use the power of darkness in my name, and all the rights and honors I possess!” Oh, so blissful, so happy that it shocked throughout his body!

Ah, what, a black butterfly?

How could there be black butterflies underground?

So… beautiful.

Beautiful, weird, and eerie butterflies.

Fluttering lightly, revolving around Lu Shiqian, as if she was the king of flowers… The butterflies glowed a faint black.

“Where did these butterflies come from?” Yu Qing was puzzled.

That stunning face and strange butterflies were too demonically beautiful!

“Father, this woman is so arrogant! She actually dares to bring out some stupid butterflies to show off!” Yu Die brashly accused.

Yu Qing thought carefully and agreed. After all, provoking him meant provoking the Fan Army! The young master never allowed a speck of sand to stain his sight, so how could he allow others to insult the Fan Army? He threw away his inexplicable fear and began coercing Yan Fei again, “Nephew, look, your brother won’t live long. If you agree to marry Die’er, I’ll give him the best medicine to heal him! You consider it.”

“Father!” Yu Die stomped her feet, “Do I have no one else to marry? I don’t want to marry him! I want him to be my slave!”

Yan Fei’s nails almost pierced his skin. He was dolorous—was it going to be a repeat of last time? Did he have to beg them? Even though he vowed to never again… AGH! He wanted to kill them! But even if he could beat them, would his brother survive?

The poor little guy was almost delusional from pain, and every time he cried out, Yan Fei’s heart cried in anguish ten times more.

“Kneel down, lick my shoes, and swear to be a slave of my Yu family! Then, I might consider letting your bastard brother go!” Yu Die evilly stated, feeling Yan Fei’s face. It sure was good skin, much better than those boy toys. When she thought that this normally proud man would bow down to her soon, she couldn’t help but be so happy flowers were going to bloom! Sure enough, he was just a lowlife. If she asked her father for help earlier, would they have needed all this?

Yu Qing smiled happily. His daughter was even more poisonous than him.

Yan Fei was very hateful, and he hated himself especially. If he was stronger, or if he had joined Thorn earlier, his little brother wouldn’t have to work as a guide and… Abhorrent! He also hated this father and daughter pair. Why didn’t they have any conscience? The person inside was just a child!

He took in a deep breath. If… kneeling down would save his little brother’s life, if it would give him medicine, if being a slave would let his brother live… Then he… he didn’t need anything!


Kacha. The piercing sound of steel cracking seemed so discordant in this gloomy and sad atmosphere.

Yu Die and Yu Qing followed the sound and looked over, their eyes bulging!

Lu Shiqian cracked a steel pipe in half like it was foam, and the air around her seemed to be warped. The strangely twisted bars seemed to be melted by high temperature—disformed, congealed, and warped. It formed an extremely terrifying scene! Even though the prison bars weren’t made from the best materials, but an higher god still wouldn’t be able to make a mark on it, let alone crushing it! What kind of power was this?!

The person surrounded by butterflies didn’t care about what she did at all, walking towards Yan Hui and gently picking him up.

At this moment, the aura from her body restrained everyone!

Butterflies flapped their wings, their black powder falling onto the little guy. The scars that cut to the bone healed quickly, and even the broken muscles and veins reconnected! They were also twice as strong!

Little Yan Hui received a blessing in disguise. The body healed by the black butterflies was able to better absorb magic power and made him very strong. He would definitely be a peerless genius in the future by the foundation laid today!

The little guy suddenly felt much better and opened his eyes in a daze. The first thing he saw was Lu Shiqian, and he opened his mouth wide in surprise: “Big Sis, you also came to the garden of the God of Creation?!”

This kid really thought he was dead!

Lu Shiqian smiled and stroked him gently. He slowly fell asleep.

“What’s happening next isn’t suitable for children.”

She handed Xiao Hui to the still-stunned Yan Fei, revealing an eerie smile to the Yu father and daughter.

That smile made the Thousand Year King break in cold sweat. Fortunately, that smile wasn’t made towards him. Otherwise… Pei! He definitely won’t admit he shook!

“Y-You! What do you want?!” Yu Die took a step back in terror, but she soon recalled that this was her house, her basement! “Someone come! Come! Catch this woman for me!”

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