Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 341

Yu Qing was covered in sweat. The higher rank you were, the more clearly you could how horrible the energy emanating off her body was… It was like standing in front of fierce beast! No! It was even scarier than that!

“You can’t kill me! I’m part of the Fan Army! You’ll be severely punished!” Was there anything lowlier than this? A second stage middle god actually pleaded for mercy from a Rank 8 mage, was there anything more ridiculous than this? However, no matter who, anyone standing in front of her at this moment would feel an unprecedented sense of danger, especially when her aura locked onto you!

He wouldn’t hesitate to kneel down and bow if it would save his life!

At this time, not a single person dared rush into the basement and face that terrifying coercion, the baptism of death! Thus, no matter how Yu Die called, no one came down. In fact, those who were already downstairs had long ran away!

Yu Qing and Yu Die were frightened and kowtowed for forgiveness! However, would the wrongs a person committed be gone with just some pleading and begging? If there was no Lu Shiqian, no healing medicine, or those black butterflies, that little life would have faded away just like that. Was that only meant to be? Even if he was healed, Yan Fei would have to be a slave and the little guy would be a cripple. Was that also meant to be?

Lu Shiqian was not a savior nor a good person. She was just… a simple sister that loved her siblings and… an infuriated woman!

“Heh, desperate?” Lu Shiqian walked towards the two as air began to twist. Every step would make the terrifying pressure in space grow larger, and there seemed to be something horrifying behind: “I was never a good person, but why do I feel like it’s too easy to let you off with a single blow?” The crack grew bigger and bigger like the mouth of a behemoth!

T-That was… a space crack!

Xiaoyue and the Thousand Year King were flabbergasted. They lived for so long, of course they knew what a space crack was! However, Dayu was extremely stable, and even creating a space warp was hard, much less a crack! They only hoped that their eyes were going blind and they were seeing illusions. You have to know that the space tunnels to Dayu was made by the God of Creation, and normal creatures wouldn’t be able to replicate!

They were crazy! Going blind!

They saw nothing! Saw nothing!

But Yu Qing and Yu Die were even more frightened. They couldn’t die easily? Then how tragic would their death be?

It was too terrifying! They regretted everything!

“Don’t be afraid.” Lu Shiqian spoke, “You will be in pain, pain so deep it goes straight to the bones. A thousand times, a million times… Don’t be afraid oh~!”

How could they not be afraid?! How were they so unlucky that they met such a terrifying evil star?!

The space crack split open and a black door slowly opened. A Second Rank Death God stood by, “My Lord, your orders?”

“Oh, these two bad guys want to have a taste of hell.” Lu Shiqian lightly said.

The Second Rank Death God stared eerily at the two and happily received his orders, “Yes, My Lord!” He was the most sadistic Death God in the World of Death that loved tormenting people the most. He created 37 million punishments during his time alive and entering the World of Death seemed to stimulate his creative juices as he created another 50 million punishments!

How to put it? Even though all the villains from various planes were gathered together, they were all particularly brittle. The only demigod that fell into his hands was reduced to ashes and scattered with just a few lashes. The two this time seemed so fragile, how long could they last? Why not go for the shortest time record?

That was quite interesting!

Yu Die’s soul almost flew out from fear. The black-clothed man looked at them as if they were mice or… simply a handful of gray ash!

Sure enough, people that executed too many would have evil written on their faces.

The Second Rank Death God waved his hand and vines climbed out through the door, dragging the two back in. From the moment they entered, they were determined to be dead! In the future, they wouldn’t be able to die again!

“Oh, yes, My Lord!” The Second Rank Death God suddenly bowed to Lu Shiqian, “Master told me to tell you, cough cough, that he really, really misses you.” He uncomfortably finished and escaped into the World of Death. Heavens, he had never said such sickening words!

The space crack and butterflies disappeared. Lu Shiqian also returned to normal.

However, everything that transpired was firmly ingrained in the minds of the two beasts and people! They decided at the same time that even if they died, what happened today must not come out! Lu Shiqian’s body crumpled from overconsumption and Meng Long hurriedly caught her. The space crack was opened with the help of the Death God, and it consumed the seemingly endless energy in her magic seas. Thankfully, it could automatically replenish itself.

Death God, Death God, you…

“Let’s go home,” Lu Shiqian said.

Lu Shiqian smiled in relief as she looked at the sleeping little guy and fell asleep in Meng Long’s arms.

Meng Long and Yan Fei glanced at each other before walking out with the slumbering people.

Everyone in the estate long ran away so no one blocked their way.

The next day, news spread like wildfire in West City: a small leader of the Fan Army was killed, and they couldn’t find the body!

It wasn’t big news for the body to disappear in a conflict between powerhouses. People weren’t concerned with how he died, where he died, or who killed him, what they were worried about was how the Sunrong family would react!

It had been a long time since such a thing happened. What kind of big waves would a pebble thrown into a still lake set off?

There were worried citizens, scared citizens, happy speculators, and…

Sunrong Yingjian coldly listened to the subordinates kneeling on the ground and reporting the story to him.

“You said you didn’t go down?” His eyes narrowed dangerously.

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