Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 342

“Y-Young Master, it was too terrifying! We didn’t dare go down!!” The man kneeling on the floor trembled recalling yesterday. That fear actually made him forget what kind of person the young master was.

“You didn’t see anything?” Sunrong Yingjian asked.


“Good. Very good! Very, very good! YOU TRASH! WHAT’S THE POINT OF ME RAISING YOU?!” Sunrong Yingjian laughed in anger, “You can go die now!”

“Young Master, please spare me! Young Master!!!” The three yelled in panic, but no matter what, they wouldn’t be able to move their cold-blooded young master. They were inevitably pulled to be beheaded and have their hearts destroyed.

Surong Yingjian pinched the report about Yu Qing’s life, and then looked at another report about Yan Fei. He smiled coldly and crushed the two reports into pieces.

If you dare challenge the Sunrong family, then be prepared to receive his fury!

In the mercenary guild, an amicable man sat with a casual smile on his lips, “This little girl sure knows how to stir up trouble.”

“Master Xiu, what should we do?” Lanky asked.

“Do whatever needs to be done.” Master Xiu stretched his long legs, “Is my guild afraid of him?”

Lanky wiped his cold sweat, thinking, ‘Master, you sure know how to joke. The guild is spread out all over the plane while the Fan Army was only a local overlord. How could they be compared?’

“I understand.” Lanky immediately retreated and made preparations.

Master Xiu’s meaning was clear: protect Lu Shiqian and Yan Fei!

As for Troublemaker Lu, she was not in a hurry, taking missions and doing whatever needed to be done.

Seeing her so calm, Yan Fei couldn’t help but ask, “Aren’t you worried?”

Lu Shiqian smiled unscrupulously, “Since we weren’t chased out by the mercenary guild, isn’t that our answer? Don’t worry! There will be someone to hold up the sky when it collapses!”

Yan Fei: “…”

“Besides, even if something does go wrong, can’t I just run away? Hahaha!”


This woman!

Let’s go do some missions! Maybe taking five at once would earn them another thousand magic jade! Lu Shiqian was pumped up!

The three people and two beasts walked to the east of the city. The sun poured down, stretching their shadows on the ground.

“What a coincidence! We meet again!” Sunrong Yingjian narrowed his eyes.

“Who is she?” Leng Qiu’er questioned. She felt a sense of crisis.

“None of your business!” Sunrong Yingjian was much colder than her!

The Fan Army was under the jurisdiction of the government, and all forces in Motian had to submit to the government army. This was decided upon by the peak powers of Dayu—the top ten seats. However, in this city, the Fan Army had the right to govern the city and collect taxes. Basically, the city was governed by the Fan Army, while the Fan Army was governed by the government army. Though the government army was big, it couldn’t manage everything, so it was passed down to the Fan Army. However, whether it was the government army or the Fan Army, they only managed the average powerhouses. They couldn’t control the extremely powerful ones. In a world where strength was respected, everything gave way to strength!

The Fan Army just restricted the average powerhouse, and if they met an extremely powerful person or a madman, they could only listen to them.

Thus, in Dayu, killing and taking revenge was too common!

Strength was the proof of a powerhouse!

Ever since Major General Sunrong inherited West City from his father and developed it for 7,000 years, it became a big city in the southwest and its troops numbered over ten million. It was truly remarkable. He had 79 sons and 36 daughters, and the one that had the most leadership skills and deepest intentions was Sunrong Yingjian. This son was the 53rd child, borne from a concubine. It stands to reason that he would be a cannon fodder in the competition between his siblings, but he wasn’t willing. This child was cruel and devious, swallowing his siblings’ power and working his way up step by step. Now, over 20 of his siblings had died in his hands! However, he did have real talent and his commanding ability was outstanding, his ability to govern the city was also good. Now, West City was practically taken care of by him alone!

Major General Sunrong appreciated this son of his even if he killed 20 of his children. His methods were cruel and unfeeling, but it was a magical weapon of survival in this world! If there was no knife, there would be no sashimi! Furthermore, this son of his became a second stage higher god in a short time, surpassing him and making him proud!

However… this child was too bloodthirsty!

Cruel means could suppress people and make them fearful, but he didn’t want his child’s life to end with betrayal!

Only cold-blooded actions with a friendly appearance could make others surrender willingly. If he could control his desire to kill, he may even become the best city lord in all of history!

But the child hid himself deeply, and no one could tell what he was thinking.

A month ago, he sent a large amount of people to chase down a 700 Star Moonlight Fox. This truly shocked his father since magic beasts that were 700 Stars all had intelligence and were very powerful. When he asked his child why, Sunrong Yingjian actually told him he wanted to catch it and make it his contracted beast! However, he knew that was probably only one of the reasons. It was a big gamble with high stakes!

However, the capture failed, but the fox was heavily injured. You have to know that the Moonlight Fox was inherently cunning, much less a 700 Star one! However, that child actually… A few days ago, the child came back with a gloomy face and didn’t say a word. The accompanying soldiers also appeared similarly weird and didn’t say anything except that they failed.

For some reason, he breathed a sigh of relief. That child was arrogant and never suffered a setback before. It was good to have a taste of failure for once… He was instead relieved.

Leng Qiu’er requested an audience and he nodded.

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