Chapter 343

Leng Qiu’er was the daughter of a small city lord Leng Dawei and extremely haughty. Song City was just a small town, but because it was situated in a good spot, Sunrong Yingjian proposed marriage to connect the two families. Leng Dawei happily sent over his daughter.

However, he didn’t know what that child was thinking, ignoring the daughter after she was sent over and throwing him to this old man to take care of. What was he supposed to do?

“Uncle, why is Yingjian so indifferent to me?” Even words of complaint sounded good when Leng Qiu’er spoke in her cold voice.

But he really didn’t know what his son was thinking. How could he know what that child was thinking?

“Young people, ah, don’t be so impatient. Learn more about each other and love will naturally come,” Major General Sunrong mediated.

Leng Qiu’er blushed, charming like a flower. She didn’t know what was wrong with herself. Originally, she thought she would never fall for him, but lost her heart at first sight. She was thankful to her father for arranging this marriage.

That person was cold, even colder than her; that person was crazy to his bones and also evil, she heard a lot about him.

However, that man ignored her at will, so much so she was left at a loss.

“Sister Qiu, what’s good about him?” Yi Jun couldn’t help his jealousy.

Major General Sunrong furrowed his brows. Even though he knew his son wasn’t a good person, hearing outsiders mock him was different.

“Exactly! Sister Qiu, that guy is so weird, both masculine and feminine, he must be a sneaky person!” Yi Qing also chirped up.

Yi Jun, Yi Qing, and Leng Qiu’er were childhood friends and both of them were set on her. This time, they came to protect her, and seeing that their goddess was being treated indifferently, anger rushed to their heads.

“You two, shut up!” Leng Qiu’er stomped her feet and glared at the two brothers. She glanced at Major General Sunrong and let out a sigh of relief seeing that he made no movements. “Uncle, this one will retire first.” If they didn’t go, her image would be completely lost by these two fools. Next time, she won’t bring them both.

Major General Sunrong was unhappy, but he was an expert at saving face. He smiled and nodded, “Go, go.”

After Leng Qiu’er left, he said in a low voice, “Still hiding? Come out!”

Sunrong Yingjian coldly walked out, looking at his father, “You think you deserve making me hide? I just don’t want to see that woman is all.”

Major General Sunrong let out a breath, but he also knew that he couldn’t beat this son of his. He softened his tone, “Since you don’t want to see her, then let her go back.”

Sunrong Yingjian snorted coldly.

“I want to mobilize 300,000 soldiers.” Sunrong Yingjian left a single sentence.

“For what?” Major General Sunrong asked, though he knew that asking was the same as not asking. This child wouldn’t tell him anyways.

“Rounding up the prey!” Sunrong Yingjian narrowed his eyes, bursting with light.

“What kind of prey takes 300,000 soldiers? Last time, you only took 100,000 to hunt down the Moonlight Fox… Where are you going?!” Major General Sunrong roared anxiously, but his son only left him the sight of his back.

Woman, you just insisted on not taking the path to heaven and instead walked down to hell! Just wait for this young master to settle the debts from last time!

A certain Lu person was currently holding her reward of 2,000 magic jade and happily knocking on the door of the small house.

Seeing her come in, Yan Hui gave her a big hug.

After yesterday’s incident, Yan Hui was forbidden from going outside to work as a guide, so he stayed at home to guard the house.

Since he had nothing to do anyways, he made a meal for them. This child was very sensible. He felt that his brother and Lu Shiqian were working hard to earn money every day, so he took care of all the housework.

After eating, it was still rather early so Lu Shiqian went upstairs to study the Heavenly Swinging Sword, “Million***”, and the Fire of Creation.

The Fire of Creation encompassed everything in the universe. As long as you could think of it, it could be made! As the God of Creation, being able to use the Fire of Creation was a must!

She made a lot of things according to the God of Creation’s legacy, combined them with various technology from the other world, and experimented with some new ideas. All the finished products were thrown into her interspatial bracelet.

Her mind flashed quick as lightning. What if she made similar metal lifeforms like Wang Cai? She grew excited about the idea.

Wang Cai was the God of Creation’s best creation, but Lu Shiqian had the help of the Fire of Creation, so the effect… It was similar to using the Fire of Creation to forge equipment. Ordinary materials would produce pinnacle goods, and ordinary forging methods could produce countless attributes!

From a certain perspective, possessing the Fire of Creation was the origin of perverseness!

The Fire of Creation definitely played a role in the God of Creation’s moniker!

Taking a closer look, the Fire of Creation had all seven colors of the rainbow, pulsing in the palm of her hand. It was such a small ball that it was hard to imagine how much energy was contained within it. It would transform like a nuclear explosion after magic power was added, and anything you could think of would pop out of it!

After a slight pause, several bottles of medicine popped out.

Lu Shiqian began mixing the medicine and water.

One bottle was worth 10,000 bottles of ordinary medicine. It was a super potion that could restore mental power, magic power, physical strength, and vitality! It was as effective as gold medicine!

This world was extremely dangerous, so anything that gave an extra layer of security could be sold at a high price. The pharmacy in Dayu was very popular!

Selling medicine was to quickest way to make a buck!

While mixing, she sensed the Moonlight Fox and quickly threw everything into her bag.

Kacha. The door was pushed open and Xiaoyue and the Thousand Year King came in.

The two beasts stared seriously at Lu Shiqian for a while. Seeing that she was still as unruffled as ever, the two beasts made up their minds at the same time and knelt, “We would like to contract with you!”

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