Chapter 344

Lu Shiqian was a little taken aback, “Uhh…?”

The two beasts thought she was unwilling and anxiously cried, “Take us please!!! We can endure hardships and hard work, proficient at fighting and relieving boredom! It would be a pity to not contract us!!”

“Why?” Yes, why would the two suddenly want to be her contracted beasts?

The two beasts once again exchanged a look. Wasn’t that obvious? The power she showed yesterday was too shocking! If they didn’t snatch up a position quickly, they would be a fool!

Xiaoyue saw that Lu Shiqian was still thinking about it and unleashed its special move, “If you contract me, I’ll tell you a heaven-shaking secret!”

The Thousand Year King was afraid of being left behind and jumped, “Me too! Me too!”

“I used to command over 3 million magic beasts at Houshi, do you know why I came to Motian?” Xiaoyue squinted at Lu Shiqian.

The Thousand Year King urged, “Stop being so pretentious!”

Xiaoyue shook his paws and stared deeply at Lu Shiqian, “It’s a big matter. You have to contract with me before I can tell you.”

The Thousand Year King yelled at the side, “You’re too sly! I want to contract too! Me too!!”

Lu Shiqian wasn’t afraid of them playing tricks. After all, contracting with them was good for her too. Without further ado, she pressed her left hand on the Thousand Year King and right hand on the Moonlight Fox. The purple array flashed and the contract… concluded!

Though she couldn’t summon magic beasts, contracting was still possible. The seal couldn’t seal her contracting ability, but just added a barrier that would disappear upon reaching Rank 9.

The contract was indeed powerful. Xiaoyue’s star rank soared until it broke through 800 Stars, reaching all the way to 820 Stars! Its number of tails also became six!

But the Thousand Year King’s reaction was a bit strange. Before, its power was sealed and suppressed from 5,000 Stars to 5 Stars. Now that it was stimulated by the contract, devastating force broke through the seal. Even though the seal was composed of human power, magic beast power, and natural force, it was still no match for the contract’s power. Its small body shifted larger and smaller, and then a purple light flashed before its body grew larger. Its hundred eyes and thousands of tentacles reappeared! A large amount of energy was sucked in by the formation that day, and though Lu Shiqian absorbed most of it, some of it also went to the Thousand Year King. Thus, along with the power of the contract, that energy was released and boosted him by another 500 Stars, making him reach 6,500 Stars! At this time, a strong coercion covered the entirety of West City, and all magic beasts, humanoids, and powerhouses bowed their heads!

“Q-Quickly retract your aura!” Xiaoyue already contracted with Lu Shiqian so he wasn’t affected by the terrifying pressure.

The Thousand Year King reacted and retracted its pressure, turning back into a little octopus. The strong coercion disappeared, leaving the denizens confused. There were many hypotheses, and some guessed that a powerful magic beast was playing a joke on them! Meanwhile, the Moonlight Fox and Thousand Year King were still standing dazedly in Lu Shiqian’s room. They couldn’t wrap their minds around the fact they just instantly advanced several hundred and several thousand stars!

When they finally reacted, their expressions were extremely interesting!

Don’t doubt it. The muscles of a high-level magic beast made them capable of fully expressing themselves!

“H-Heavens! Master! Why didn’t you tell us there would be such big benefits from contracting earlier?!” Xiaoyue’s eyes widened. Heavens, if those guys knew about this, they would all rush to contract! Directly leaping 120 Stars!

The Thousand Year King once again glued himself to Lu Shiqian’s waist, his blue head rubbing against her, “Master, you’re really my lucky star! Big lucky star!” With its 1,500 Star advancement, it could officially compete with the top ten ferocious beasts! It was like a small soldier ascending in one step to become a major general!

It originally thought it would spend the rest of its life as a 5 Star trash, but unexpectedly, it not only recovered its strength but also grew even more powerful than before! Was Master the savior? (This guy completely forgot who was trying to kill Lu Shiqian before.)

No one was able to resist such temptations! The feeling of advancing was addicting!

However, the two excited beasts soon realized exactly how many their master’s contracted beasts were. They were also inexplicably shaken by the blood-red and dark black magic beast spaces, not even daring to look at it. Only then did they realize just how abnormal their master was! Of course, they also figured out her current situation and proudly accepted the mission of helping Master reach Rank 9!

Lu Shiqian only gained a little power from contracting two beasts—a lot more was needed!

“Master, I suddenly feel that this secret of mine was specially prepared for you!” What was safer than the mental platform in this world? The fox began telling its secrets, “I came from Houshi to Motian in order to get the portent.”

“Portent? What’s that?” the Thousand Year King asked. His assured narcissism came back along with his strength.

“No one knows what it is. It might be a person, a beast, or pure power, but one thing is for sure: it has the power to change the world!” the Moonlight Fox’s voice grew serious.

The Thousand Year King thought that it might just all be nonsense, “Then have you found it yet?”

Xiaoyue nodded, “I did!”

Yes, he found it, he really did, but he couldn’t get in, much less obtain it. He couldn’t even touch it! Also, he also happened upon Sunrong Yingjian at the time and never thought he would be so cunning and sly, ordering 100,000 people to hunt him down… Later on, he was seriously injured and ran to Yunfang Village.

“Every one million years, that cave will open. I checked it once in month 9 and 10 according to Dayu’s 38-month calendar, and the cave opened once. The next opening should be next month on the 16th.” Xiaoyue continued, “Master, only you can get the portent!”

It sounded interesting, worth taking the risk!

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