Chapter 345

Making up her mind, Lu Shiqian began preparations. Since the Moonlight Fox and Thousand Year King were her magic beasts, there was no need to hide anything from them.

Four kinds of super potions, 100,000 bottles of each, selling for 3 magic jade per bottle. As long as they could sell it, money would be rolling in.

She first took out 100 of each type.

Tomorrow, she would go try selling this before taking tasks.

The night passed quickly. After the sun rose the next day, Lu Shiqian took 400 bottles and Yan Hui with her out. Meng Long followed wordlessly while Yan Fei headed to the guild.

Yan Hui must be very familiar with the city if he could work as a guide. He knew exactly where there were a lot of people and where the underground market was!

Dayu had many species of plants and animals, and there were all kinds of medicine. However, the consumption was large. The most expensive potions recovered mental power, magic power, physical strength, and vitality. There were also some antidotes. Thus, in Dayu, pharmaceutics formed an extremely well-known discipline, but it was hard to learn. Most recipes were passed down through the family and there was no chance for outsiders to learn. For example, the largest pharmacy in West City had particularly good vitality-recovering potions, similar to gold medicine, but just not as magical. Even so, a bottle could still be sold for 5 magic jade and supply was forever short!

In addition to pharmacies, the underground market also sold crude potions at a much cheaper price. For example, 20 bottles for one magic jade.

Lu Shiqian had 100 bottles of vitality-recovering potions on her, but it was several times better than what was being sold at pharmacies. Though it wasn’t as good as gold medicine, it could definitely help one recover from an injury quickly.

The potions she made that recovered mental power, magic power, and physical power were also highly unique!

“Sister, let’s go here. There’s a lot of foreigners here, so it’s normal to fight and kill. Sister’s medicine would definitely sell here!” Yan Hui cutely waved his hand, making a cheering motion.

Lu Shiqian chuckled.

She spread out the medicine box prepared beforehand and marked the price of the various potions. They waited in a corner of the black market for customers to come.

Each bottle was being sold for 3 magic jade!

Sure enough, many people were interested. Buying the right medicine for those that had risky occupations meant saving their life at critical moments. Thus, they were quite particular with it. People saw that Lu Shiqian was young and didn’t seem too reliable, so there were naturally more spectators and… zero buyers!

Lu Shiqian wasn’t in a hurry. She was confident in the potions she concocted and as long as one person used it, there would be a domino effect. She just had to wait for an opportunity.

Xiaoyue laid beside her while the Thousand Year King casually plopped itself around the fox’s neck. It was the same blue, five-tentacled octopus as before, barking away and extremely cute. Its strength was also maintained at 10 Stars!

Once the beasties recognized Lu Shiqian as their master, they would all develop the same bad habit… pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger!

Only Little Yan Hui kept enthusiastically calling people over to buy, but no matter how cute and bright his smile was, the people didn’t take the bait. No one even tried a sample, let alone buy!

“Sis, is it because your asking price is too high?” It was three magic jade!

“Trust me, you will see. Selling it for three magic jade is too cheap!” Lu Shiqian smiled slightly.

“Out of the way! Out of the way! Who’s selling fake medicine? This grand ancestor is going to beat her!” A thick and sturdy man squeezed through the crowd.

Lu Shiqian spit out the grass she was chewing on. The opportunity was here!

“Nonsense, Sister’s medicine is real!” Yan Hui angrily retorted.

At this time, the Thousand Year King and Moonlight Fox began to communicate. Xiaoyue said, “Oya, here comes a stall crasher!”

The Thousand Year King stretched out its tentacles, “Ai, our master much be happy! But what is Master going to do?”

Xiaoyue swiped its paws, “Just wait and see!”

Although the sturdy man was big, he was gentle to kids: “Little guy, let me go. I’m going to smash that fake medicine stall!”

Yan Hui guarded Lu Shiqian steadfastly, “No! Sister’s medicine is real!”

The sturdy man pulled his beard, “Child, why are you so disobedient? Quickly get out of the way!”

At this time, quite a few people had gathered. Lu Shiqian saw that there were enough and pushed Yan Hui over to the Moonlight Fox. She opened her mouth, “Whether it’s real or fake, I want to make a bet with this big brother over here. If I lose, you can smash all the medicine here and I will never set half a foot into this market again. If I win by chance, or accidently hurt big brother here, then you’ll have to test my product for free. How about it?”

These few sentences were a ploy.

The sturdy man willingly stepped in, “Alright, I agree!”

The sturdy man was a rough but intricate person. Although he suspected Lu Shiqian for playing tricks, seeing how unfettered she was, he felt at ease. Then, he looked again and frowned. At first, he thought the other party was selling fake medicine and didn’t look at Lu Shiqian’s rank, but now he noticed that she was only Rank 8. His interest abruptly dissipated.

“I’m not going to fight, just take your stuff and go. I won’t embarrass you any further!” The sturdy man was a first stage middle god, so how could he demean himself to fight a Rank 8 mage? He gave Lu Shiqian a way out.

Unexpectedly, Lu Shiqian shook her head, “I may not necessarily lose!”

The crowd was first stunned before laughing loudly. Some laughed that Lu Shiqian didn’t know what was good for her while others mocked her for her brashness.

The sturdy man also grew angry. This woman didn’t know what was good for her and even provoked him! Then, don’t blame him for being hard-handed!

“In that case, don’t blame me!” The sturdy man struck a pose, “I’ll allow you ten moves!”

Lu Shiqian didn’t shy away, “Please!” She flipped and kicked!

That kick was neither light nor heavy, slow nor fast, but it made people unable to dodge. That kick seemed soft and erratic yet carried tremendous power!

That definitely wasn’t something a Rank 8 mage could do!

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