Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 346

The sturdy man shuddered internally and cried out! Why didn’t he think that some powerhouses in this world liked to act all weak and pitiful? Maybe this woman was a super strong powerhouse and was just selling medicine here for fun! However, whether he was shocked or not, the kick had already arrived, and he pulled out his sword to resist.

Of course, the kick was so fierce it sent both the person and sword flying.

Everyone was stupefied!

The sturdy man vomited out a mouthful of blood, stood up staggeringly, and cupped his hands: “Thank you for the mercy.” Otherwise, he wouldn’t only be suffering minor injuries!

Everyone stared at Lu Shiqian and their minds cleared. Ohh, so she was actually a hidden powerhouse, so strong that they couldn’t tell what her true level was. Then, seeing Lu Shiqian’s lofty expression, they were even more sure that she was hiding her strength. How could they dare show any more disrespect?

Lu Shiqian threw a potion over and coldly stated, “Drink it!”

The sturdy man lurched, wondering if he already annoyed the other party to the point she wanted him to drink poison? He made a wry smile. Whatever, since he already agreed, even if it was poison, he would have to drink it down. Thus, he generously gulped down the entire bottle. Powerhouses all had their quirks, who knew what this potion would do to him? Maybe it would turn him into a frog or make him painlessly watch his skin fall off…

“Huh?” Everyone made a noise of surprise.

The sturdy man thought it was over. Sure enough, it was painless, even slightly warm, but his appearance must’ve already turned frightening…

“Now everyone sees, right? Sister’s medicine is great! Special deal right now! Three magic jade per bottle!” A child’s crisp voice came from beside him.

“Give me a blood-replenishing potion!”

“I want two bottles!”

“What else is there? Oh, a mental power potion?”

“Three bottles of the mental power recovering potion!”


Everyone rushed to buy the goods.

The sturdy man stared blankly at his hand. It was fine, no abnormalities. He checked his body… it was better than ever! The injured area was also… Wait! Could the medicine have…?

The sturdy man squeezed in. Though he was somewhat embarrassed to face Lu Shiqian, his voice excitedly called, “I want all remaining potions!”

Compared to face or whatever, having life-saving potions was more important!

Someone was dissatisfied, “You want it all? Ptooey! You just called this esteemed one’s medicines fakes! Four magic jade, I’ll take them all!”

“Hey, hey, what am I supposed to buy then? I’ll take them all for five magic jade!” someone else called.

All of a sudden, it turned into a bidding contest.

Yan Hui carefully glanced at Lu Shiqian. There were around 50 to 60 people, but only less than 200 bottles were left. Also, they all wanted to buy out the stock. The situation was rather tricky.

Lu Shiqian took over the conversation, “Each person is limited to four bottles, each bottle three magic jade. No price increases!”

Everyone had no choice but to obediently take it. Though the potions made them greedy, they all saw her strength earlier. A light kick was able to send a middle god flying. They were better off just being honest. Stealing was impossible, buying out was also impossible!

A short while later, everything was sold, netting a profit of 1,200 magic jade. The people who came later were frustrated and some secretly asked Lu Shiqian if there were more. She glanced at the crowd and figured that those 400,000 potions were going to be of use!

“Don’t worry, I will be here tomorrow.” Lu Shiqian slowly announced.

Everyone was immediately happy. Buying life-saving goods for only three magic jade was too much of a bargain!

Lu Shiqian was just about to go home when the Fan Army arrived. Everyone was surprised but didn’t know what they were here for.

She also didn’t want to make any trouble, so she pulled Yan Hui, Thousand Year King, and Xiaoyue into the crowd.

There were thousands of Fan soldiers, standing oppressively on both sides. The noisy underground market grew so quiet a pin drop could be heard.

The Fan Army was divided into two lines and cleared a path through the bustling market!

A man wearing spirit armor, black hair scattered, with a beautiful and effeminate face, slowly rode out upon a beast horse.

Trot, trot. Trot, trot. The horse clacks went straight towards Lu Shiqian’s direction.

Yan Hui gripped Lu Shiqian’s fingers. He was caught by Yu Qing and tortured viciously. The Fan Army left a shadow on him.

Lu Shiqian shielded Yan Hui.

The man on the man narrowed his eyes, looking condescendingly down at Lu Shiqian. Much to his damnation, he found that this woman had a noble aura that couldn’t be taken away!

He had to think about how to deal with her. How should he get rid of that damn aura?

His eyes turned and he came up with several schemes.

But first, should he remind this woman and let her panic a bit?

Cats loved to play with mice the most, cornering them and watching them flail in desperation before eating them, right?

He smiled darkly, “Still remember me?”

Lu Shiqian glanced at him, understanding she was standing on his turf. She lightly replied, “Yeah, you’re the one I defeated.” So what if this was his turf?

Sunrong Yingjian couldn’t help but recall the humiliation he suffered the other day and felt a wave of anger, but his tone was still languid, “I really liked the gift you gave me the other day.”

Lu Shiqian said, “You’re welcome! If you like it, I can give you a couple more!”

This woman! This woman!!!

No one that provoked him would be let off scot-free! No one!

“Then wouldn’t it be wrong of me to not return a gift in kind? Someone come, invite this young lady to my residence to have a chat!” Sunrong Yingjian ordered. He knew what this woman was capable of and knew of her impudence even more so. Thus, when he received news that she was in the underground market selling goods, he prepared everything.

The moment Sunrong Yingjian sent down the order, five higher gods immediately surrounded Lu Shiqian. These five were all agile powerhouses!

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