Chapter 347

The five each took a corner and threw a net. Five nets overlapped and went towards Lu Shiqian.

The net was very tough and wasn’t afraid of fire or knives. If you were caught, you could only obediently be trapped. The five agile powerhouses were also selected to match Lu Shiqian’s fast speed. Sunrong Yingjian guessed that Lu Shiqian wouldn’t use the terrifying wood spell she used the other day, so she could only choose to dodge. That was where the five came into play.

He guessed right. Here, Lu Shiqian certainly would not use her big spells, but there were many other options for her to choose from!

She threw Yan Hui to the Moonlight Fox, “Take him back first!”

Xiaoyue whizzed away!

She pulled out her spirit sword and sent a Wind Blows and Water Rises at the five.

The five had cooperated with each other for a long time and were also higher gods, how could they fall so easily? They pulled their nets back and scattered, then when the attack stopped, they reconverged and stuck to Lu Shiqian like shadows.

“Master, do you want me to kacha them?” the Thousand Year King asked through the mental platform.

“Not yet. I don’t want to expose you in front of these many eyes.” Lu Shiqian continued, “Besides, I don’t want to provoke the Fan Army, so I’ll give them the illusion that our strength is similar, not allowing them to touch my true bottom line.”

After a pause, the net flew up and landed on Lu Shiqian!

The Thousand Year King rushed into the net at the same time!

“Master, I really have to say: you’re really bad!” the Thousand Year King glued itself to her waist.

Lu Shiqian modestly replied, “Small case, small case. Can’t you see I was captured?”

Thousand Year King: “…” You did it on purpose, okay?!

Sunrong Yingjian stared at Lu Shiqian, his thoughts unknown.

Someone immediately came up to please him, “Young Master, should we pull or drag this lowly girl?”

Pulling or dragging was one of Sunrong Yingjian’s punishments. They would tie the person to a horse and drag them the whole way, making them lose all face and confidence!

Sunrong Yingjian expressionlessly looked at the subordinate, “Am I the young master or are you the young master?”

The subordinate knelt with a thump, hating himself for having a loud mouth. The Young Master was notorious for being moody and unpredictable. He must’ve lost his mind to “advise” him!

Fortunately, Sunrong Yingjian seemed in a good mood and merely glared at him before walking forward and throwing Lu Shiqian over a horse. He then flipped onto his horse and rode away.

The Fan Army stared at each other. This time’s captive sure received preferential treatment!

Hooves clattered against the ground and traveled away.

Of course, the feeling of being caught and hung over a horse couldn’t be too good, but there were some things that had to be let go of in order to reap benefits. If a one-time imprisonment exchanged for less trouble in the future, it was worth it.

Sunrong Yingjian’s dark eyes stared at the woman on the horse. She was very quiet and didn’t panic at all.

He suddenly felt upset!

This woman was Rank 8 no matter how he looked, by what right was she so calm?! This really bored him as the hunter!

Pulling her body up, he saw that her eyes were deep, lips and eyebrows like they were painted, a picture of a peerless beauty. However, this beauty was extremely calm! Calm to the point it pressured him!

He suddenly wanted to see what other expressions this woman could make!

He grabbed Lu Shiqian’s hand and kneaded it fiercely. He wanted to hurt her and have her beg for mercy!

However, Lu Shiqian’s pain tolerance was at an astonishing level. Thus, pain that would make other women scream and wail couldn’t move her at all!

“How do you think this young master should punish you?” Sunrong Yingjian’s eyes narrowed dangerously as he asked for Lu Shiqian’s opinion.

Asking a captive how to torture themselves was too cruel. It was like a cat asking a mouse, ‘How should I eat you?’

As an unqualified mouse, Lu Shiqian boldly answered: “Rpe first then kill or kill first then rpe!”

Sunrong Yingjian was taken aback, never thinking for a moment this would be her response. His force lessened and he lightly picked the idea, “Not a bad proposal, but how could this young master allow another to control my thoughts?” Then, he carried the net holding her into the residence.

Capturing a powerhouse and putting them on display for the city to see was an insult no powerhouse would want to receive, but Lu Shiqian accepted it calmly. Being carried around in a net was another thing a proud powerhouse couldn’t take, but Lu Shiqian accepted it with ease. The loftier the ideal, the more things you would have to put up with. She wasn’t so pretentious that she would go around screaming and shouting she couldn’t bear it anymore. Her expression was calm, but schemes were circulating through her brain.

Sunrong Yingjian was suspicious and eccentric, so she gave unbelievable answers to his previous question. With his nature, she knew these two things would never happen.

She was carried into a large hall under the scrutiny of many servants.

Major General Sunrong saw his son bring back a woman for the first time—though it was more like “captured” than “brought”—and looked carefully, praising in his heart. What a wise and beautiful woman!

Did his son’s heart move for her?

He looked again and saw that even though this woman was being humiliated, she still looked elegant and generous. She was obviously a prisoner but appeared more noble than anyone else present. Her eyes were deep and mysterious like they held the world within them. He sighed, Jian’er may not be worthy of her!

Jian’er was too tyrannical and bloodthirsty, so it was extremely difficult for him to receive such a pearl like her! However, if Jian’er was willing, how could he as a father not help with all his might?

“What a scandal! Quickly let this young lady go!” Major General Sunrong told off the Fan Army.

“Father, this prey is quite valuable. If you want me to let it go, you have to give me a certain medicine.” Sunrong Yingjian used his slender fingers to rub the rim of his cup.

Major General Sunrong was astonished, “A little Rank 8 mage needs that medicine?”

That medicine could restrain a higher god!

Sunrong Yingjian raised an eyebrow, “I naturally have my reasons, don’t be so long-winded!”

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