Chapter 348

He was going to remove this wild cat’s sharp claws and keep her in captivity by his side. That would be quite interesting.

Being commanded by his son in such an orderly tone wouldn’t please any father, but he could only submit. Who told this child to be so important? Forget it, he owed his mother too much, so just take it as repaying his death. He took out a pink pill and handed it over, “This medicine is too strong, you can only take one a month.”

Sunrong Yingjian pinched the pill and walked in front of Lu Shiqian, held her chin, and forced it down.

The medicine melted the moment it entered the mouth, and after a minute, even with the greatest skills, you could only wait to be slaughtered. The effects would last for 30 days and would disperse afterwards.

They removed the net and Lu Shiqian wobbly stood up. Other people thought that she looked weakened, but she was actually communicating with her magic beasts.

The Thousand Year King was furious, “I want to kill them a hundred times over!”

Lu Shiqian said, “Don’t be impulsive. We’re not at that point yet.”

Both Shui Se and Phoenix were good at curing poisons while the Thousand Year King was immune. Thus, the pill that was said to have a duration of 30 days was decreased to only 2 days by the beasties. Yan Hui should’ve returned home by this time, and as long as he tells the situation to Yan Fei, the guild should come to ask for her. Then, she would only have to wait for them to finish negotiating.

At this time, a jingle came from the hall and a cold-looking woman and two male escorts walked in.

The woman had a beautiful face with three points of coldness. She was obviously a blooming peony, yet she seemed untouchable. Her strength wasn’t bad, a first stage middle god, and the two men were also outstanding. They were both first stage higher gods with great figures.

These three were all leaders of the younger generation of Motian, reaching middle and higher gods at such a young age. As geniuses, they were naturally accustomed to adoring gazes and no one could enter their eyes as they walked through the hall.

These three were Leng Qiu’er, Yi Jun, and Yi Qing.

Leng Qiu’er saw Sunrong Yingjian and couldn’t shift her eyes away. She anxiously walked over and blushed when she saw him look over, “Big Brother Yingjian.” Sure enough, every action was that of a demure young lady. As the only daughter of a city lord, Leng Qiu’er was pampered since she was a child and no one ever gave her the cold shoulder, but after meeting Sunrong Yingjian, for some reason, she quickly fell for him. His indifference only made her feel that he was different from other men.

Yi Jun and Yi Qing heard Leng Qiu’er call him ‘Big Brother’ and overturned the vinegar jar (jealous). They didn’t dare vent on Sunrong Yingjian, so they turned their anger to Lu Shiqian.

They came because they heard Sunrong Yingjian brought a woman back, so they were here to watch the show and mock her.

When they saw her, the two were shocked and couldn’t help but be slightly dazed. They had to admit that Sunrong Yingjian had a good eye, finding such a peerless beauty. However, the beauty was pretty, but she was only a Rank 8 mage, more powerless than powerless. She could only be a house pet for someone. They hated Sunrong Yingjian even more and began despising Lu Shiqian.

“No wonder why Young Master Sunrong is reluctant to meet Sister Qiu. It turned out he had a hidden beauty,” Yi Jun’s mouth was sharp and bitter words rolled out.

“This beauty is sure pitiful. Young Master Sunrong forgetting about our Sister Qiu is only natural,” Yi Qing was similarly sarcastic. How could they miss such an opportunity?

Leng Qiu’er was still immersed in the joy of seeing the one she likes when she heard the two’s words, turning her limpid eyes to Lu Shiqian. She instantly believed 70% to 80% of what they were saying, “Brother Yingjian, who is she? How could there be other women by your side?”

Lu Shiqian speechlessly looked at the sky. Heavens, why did she keep encountering such things?!

Furthermore, those three stooges really stumped her. They definitely weren’t Sunrong Yingjian’s opponent.

She was curious how Sunrong Yingjian would respond.

Sunrong Yingjian also glanced at her. Seeing that she was still noble and indifferent, he was slightly angry and held Lu Shiqian, “Which man doesn’t have three wives and four concubines? If Qiu’er feels wronged, you can just ignore me.”

These words not only provoked the three but also dragged Lu Shiqian down the water. Too good!

Leng Qiu’er beautiful eyes thus glared at Lu Shiqian.

Lu Shiqian was almost certain this Leng Qiu’er was a pitiful person—a pitiful person taken for a ride by Sunrong Yingjian! Think about it, before Sunrong Yingjian made any promises, she had already jumped in. Her only outcome would be to be slaughtered.

What a pity, this foolish person!

She secretly ordered the Thousand Year King to stay away.

F*ck his three wives four concubines!

“Sister Qiu, do you see now? This kind of man isn’t worth your love! Sister Qiu, I devote myself wholly to you! I’m willing to do anything for you!” Yi Jun immediately professed his love.

“Sister Qiu, me too! I only love you! I’m willing to go through fire and water for you!” Yi Qing also didn’t lag behind.

Leng Qiu’er stared at Sunrong Yingjian with tears in her eyes, “Brother Yingjian, what should Qiu’er do?”

Sunrong Yingjian sneered, “I think they’re both pretty good. Why not take them both?”

Leng Qiu’er stomped her feet in anger, “Brother Yingjian, how can you say that? You obviously know that I’m willing to do anything for you!”

“It’s possible if you want me to like you. Just cut off the arms of those two brothers…” Sunrong Yingjian mocked, “If the two of them really like you, they would be willing to sacrifice!”

Leng Qiu’er was stunned!

Yi Jun already paled, “Sister Qiu, don’t listen to him! He’s a madman!”

Lu Shiqian was still holding a grudge against them, “If you love your Sister Qiu, then you would cut off your arms and present it to your Sister Qiu.”

Yi Qing also cried, “Sister Qiu, my heart for you is true! Don’t listen to their nonsense!”

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