Chapter 349

Lu Shiqian stated, “It’s much easier to sever your arms than to cross fire and water.”

What she hated most was men using glamorous words to trick women. He obviously couldn’t do it yet kept acting all affectionate. It was obviously a dishonored check, but he kept signing and handing them out. This kind of man was even worse than the blatantly bad Sunrong Yingjian!

Hearing this, Yi Jun and Yi Qing directed their anger to Lu Shiqian.

“Sister Qiu, this woman is speaking nonsense! You must not believe her!”

Leng Qiu’er looked at the two brothers, then at Sunrong Yingjian, and then gazed at Lu Shiqian. She turned and ran out of the room with the two brothers running after her.

“Women should pretend to frail and demure, you’re really not cute!” Sunrong Yingjian glared at Lu Shiqian.

“Your Sister Qiu is very soft and weak, but I don’t see you fawning over her. Tsk, tsk.” Lu Shiqian wagged her finger.

“What? Jealous?” Sunrong Yingjian’s eyes shone dangerously.

“Ha!” Lu Shiqian smiled, “You’re quite confident.”

They were just passerby. Did they have to invest so many emotions into each other?

But Sunrong Yingjian obviously didn’t think the same. He grabbed Lu Shiqian’s face and stared at her, smiling deviously, “Don’t show that look like you don’t care. Even if you aren’t jealous yet, you will in the future! You will fall for me!” Yes, what was the punishment? To make her fall for him! To make this beautiful and lofty prey twist beneath his body, make her desperate for him, and then kick her aside! That feeling would definitely be good!

Lu Shiqian utilized the full power of her eye muscles and gave him a big eye roll.

This guy was way too confident!

She pulled away his hand and merely stated, “I don’t like you.”

Yes, didn’t like, very much so! She didn’t even like him, much less love! The most important places in her heart were occupied, so even if Sunrong Yingjian was a thousand times more handsome, the answer would still be: no!

As far as Bai was concerned, his pampering was deep to the bones and they had been together for many years. He was both a lover and mentor to her, and she could snuggle in his arms and act coquettish. As for the Death God, he loved her wholeheartedly. She was his one and only, his master. In front of him, she could bully him and then spoil him. Wei Mo was a slight accident, but the man gave without asking for anything back, how could her heart not ripple slightly? These three men were enough for her this lifetime!

It had nothing to do with strength and only love! Her heart was only so big.

Without long-term commitment, her heart was heart to pierce. Bai, the Death God, and Wei Mo all understood this.

Thus, when Sunrong Yingjian first said this, her first reaction was, ‘Impossible! You have no chance!’

Sunrong Yingjian stroked his hand, feeling the supple and warm skin.

His eyes darkened as he stroked his thumb along her collarbone.

Lu Shiqian endured her disgust and turned her head.

Sunrong Yingjian suddenly harshly pinched Lu Shiqian’s jaw and turned her to face him. He smiled cruelly, “I heard that women especially value their bodies. If I forced you here, would it be very painful?”

Lu Shiqian stared straight back at him, “No.”

Her eyes were like shiny mist. There was no surprise or fear, only confidence based on strength!

He threw Lu Shiqian to the ground and turned and left.

“Master, why don’t you let me kill him?” The Thousand Year King glared angrily at Sunrong Yingjian, “He dared treat Master like that!”

Lu Shiqian stood up and unstuck the Thousand Year King from her waist, “If you killed him, wouldn’t all my efforts today go to waste?” Seeing that it was still huffing in anger, she smiled: “Don’t be mad, your abilities are meant for the portent!”

The Thousand Year King had nothing to say and once again affirmed that choosing her was correct!

Month 10, Day 16. There would probably be a huge storm that day! Seeing his master squint her eyes, he gloated to himself about who was about to be unlucky. In any case, watching other people take a loss under master’s hands was extremely interesting!

She created this illusion of being weak in order to lead awry others from her true bottom line. At that time, she would charge in like a dark horse and steal away the portent, but she could only rely on the Moonlight Fox and Thousand Year King. She may need some more helpers…

Even rabbits have three burrows, much less humans…

A short time later, a few maids walked over and respectfully invited Lu Shiqian to her room. These maids were all disciplined by Sunrong Yingjian and didn’t dare do anything rude to this person that was neither guest nor prisoner.

The Sunrong residence was large, and Sunrong Yingjian’s residential area was as large as a small palace.

On Dayu, all things that were bought using magic jade weren’t ordinary, especially the large families, whose residences were extremely luxurious. Compared to others, Sunrong Yingjian’s residence was quite unexpectedly simple.

After Sunrong Yingjian was taken to her room, Lu Shiqian poured a cup of tea for herself and waited.

The medicine would expire after one more day and seventeen hours.

She would probably be able to go out tonight.

Before she could rest for a few minutes, someone came in uninvited.

There was a jingle of bells and a fragrant wind—she knew who the guest was without looking and sighed.

If Leng Qiu’er actually married Sunrong Yingjian, that would be a tragedy for her, but if she told her that, how could she believe Lu Shiqian? People in love were irrational, and sadly, even if she was willing to go through fire and water, the person she loved would probably only cross his arms and stare coldly at her.

Leng Qiu’er’s love was like a moth to a flame, destined to fail!

In this regard, Lu Shiqian was quite fortunate in matters of love.

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