Chapter 351

The amiable man also smiled, “Then thanks for taking care of my little team member, Major General Sunrong. I have never once thought that the Sunrong family were rogues that bully men and women. That seems to be true!”

Major General Sunrong’s mouth twitched, inwardly exclaiming: ‘Strong!’ Seeing his son coming over, he quickly retreated and vacated the main battlefield.

Yan Fei saw Lu Shiqian come out and carefully looked at her. She didn’t seem injured or bullied, so he slightly relaxed. Then, he was annoyed again. Why was he caring about her so much?! Ever since his younger brother told him she was caught, he didn’t even turn in his missions or eat and ran to the guild, asking the person in charge repeatedly before they set out to get back the person. Hmph, he was just afraid Xiao Hui would be sad, so why did his tense nerves relax after seeing her fine?

Sunrong Yingjian took in Yan Fei’s reaction and didn’t say anything.

“This is the missing girl from my guild. Thank you for taking care of her, everyone.” The amiable man politely spoke, “Next time she goes missing, I’ll have to bother everyone to find her once again.”

Sunrong Yingjian stared without expression at the man. This man, beneath his amiable appearance… The mercenary guild sure hid some talents!

He wasn’t a fool and could only blame himself for being careless. Now, he could only obediently hand the woman back to them, drats!

“How could I? Of course, I’ll try my best to assist you! No problem!” His eyes turned to Lu Shiqian, “Although I didn’t expect the guild to accept such ‘unqualified’ goods. I even though I was doing a good deed to accept a freeloader.”

Lu Shiqian was speechless. How did the topic end up turning back to her? Yes, she was a Rank 8 mage, and yes, Rank 8 was the bottom-most level in Dayu, but that wouldn’t disqualify her per se. This guy was really good at criticizing others!

“What a pity that my ‘unqualified’ good was taken a fancy to by Young Master Sunrong.” Lu Yun was unfettered as always, “Heroes admire beauties, heh…”

Sunrong Yingjian gave a fierce glare at old man Sunrong, who grinned but couldn’t speak. He was dead! Finding a random excuse ended up… Looks like he got older and couldn’t compete with the young people in front of him. He sighed with emotion.

The amiable man raised an eyebrow and said, “Young Master Sunrong considers her a bad seed, but in my eyes, she’s a priceless treasure.”

Sunrong Yingjian stared at the amiable man, his eyes almost pricking him.

The amiable young man returned a warm smile.

Knowing that he wasn’t the other’s opponent and that the Fan Army was a far cry from the guild army, Sunrong Yingjian wasn’t stupid enough to fight now.

“You can take her away!”

The amiable young man replied, “Young Master Sunrong is quite generous!”

“However,” Sunrong Yingjian wasn’t someone that obediently accepted a loss, “you have to do a mission for me for free!”

The amiable man raised an eyebrow, “Any mission below five stars is fine!”

Sunrong Yingjian agreed, “Deal!”

In the mercenary guild, rewards for one star missions ranged from a couple magic jade to thousands; two star missions from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of magic jade; three star missions from a couple million magic jade to tens of millions of magic jade. Four star missions would generally have sky-high rewards! The higher the star rank, the greater the mission cost. This price not only included magic jade but also included manpower! It was thus no wonder why four star missions would be broadcast aloud in the hall.

As for five star missions, they could even affect the development of a clan. Six star missions were even related to Dayu’s future, and only one had ever been completed. Seven star missions were legends, and no one had ever complete one before.

The only seventh rank Thorn was the head, but no one knew what he looked like or what he was like. He was a seventh rank, but he had only completed a single six star mission… Integrating the mercenary guild and making it a major force and information hub in Dayu!

(TL: The author actually said there were ten seventh rank Thorn members before but now she’s changing it. I changed the other to match.)

As for six star Thorns, only nine have appeared in the past 150,000 years. It was said that these nine all had strength to match the top ten region masters!

Thus, one five star mission was a huge concession!

And what was the identity of the man who was capable of making such a decision? Fortunately, he no evil intentions!

Lanky’s throat was also dry. He had worked for a long time and naturally understood what this meant! Just the magic jade involved could drown him!

Lu Shiqian was silent. She knew that with this amiable young man’s cunningness, he absolutely did not have to agree with the demand. Agreeing was akin to doing Lu Shiqian a favor, what a big hand!

While she, Lu Shiqian, could owe money and things, she would not owe any favors!

She was the kind of person that would treat others ten times better than they treat her, and fortunately, she was sensible and rarely owed people. Those she owed greatly, Bai, the Death God, and Wei Mo, treated her with their whole being. They were far too tangled to extricate.

They walked out of the residence and the amiable man glanced at Lu Shiqian, “Why are you even more listless after I took you from your cage?”

Lu Shiqian replied, “Any person released but learned that they owed a huge debt wouldn’t be happy.”

The amiable young man stroked his chin and nodded, “Hmm, sounds about right. Haha!”

Lu Shiqian gave him a disdainful look.

Speaking of it, ever since she came to Dayu, she kept meeting misfortune. First, she was separated from Wei Mo and the others. Then, she couldn’t summon any magic beasts, and now, she was not only fed a stupid pill but also owed a huge debt! So pitiful!

The pill was still going to last for another one day and ten hours!

Prepare well and see just where her bottom line lay!

When they got home, Yan Hui hugged Lu Shiqian and burst with the waterworks before laughing and crying again. This sensitive boy!

Meng Long didn’t confront the Fan Army head on, but he also went to the residence for a showdown. He only stepped down after seeing that she was fine.

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