Chapter 352

After returning, Lu Shiqian first practiced the Heavenly Swinging Sword and then took out a large number of high-level materials and magic beast cores, revealing a strange smile. Since life was so difficult, the world oh so sinister, and fate so fickle, she has no choice but to fight it! Hehehehe, technology was forever a primary driving force… Oops, went off topic!

The two beasts guarding the door saw their master baptized in the lightning, frost, and flames, and once again had newfound respect for her!

“Ai, what do you think Master’s doing?” The Thousand Year King asked.

“Don’t know, it appears to be quite strange!” Xiaoyue very honestly answered.

“Why do I feel my hair standing on end?” At his star rank, dangerous things could be told from a glance.

“Tch, do you have hair?” Xiaoyue snorted.

“Don’t look down on me!” the Thousand Year King raged.

It could be seen that all foxes had the ability to tilt, whether it was the six-tailed Xiaoyue or three-tailed Hong Jin.

Time slipped by and another night passed while Lu Shiqian had a rare sleep in. The sun set quickly and rose quickly in Dayu, and in the blink of an eye, the sun was already three poles high in the sky. The streets were infused with vitality with people hawking their goods and doing their jobs.

When mental and physical strength was exhausted, lying in bed was the best!

Knock, knock, knock. No need to guess, it must be Yan Hui. Only he would knock three times so energetically. His elder brother definitely wouldn’t come up, and even if he did, he would probably just kick the door down while Meng Long, an ace assassin, would most likely not do things ordinarily.

Xiaoyue opened the door and Yan Hui ran in like a lively little bird.

“Sister, Sister, are you better now?” He learned from his big brother that this fairy-like sister was fed medicine that made her weak and extremely fragile.

Lu Shiqian smiled, “Whenever I see Little Yan Hui, I feel much better.”

The little guy squirmed and blushed before squeezing his fists, “Sister, it’s okay! It’s only for a month! When I was sick, I was sick for years!”

Lu Shiqian chuckled. Was this guy trying to comfort her?

Seeing that Lu Shiqian was lazy, he ran downstairs and back up in a short while, holding a basket full of delicious food.

He then looked at Lu Shiqian with a blush before running down.

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched. What was happening?

Xiaoyue’s expression was unpredictable, “Master, I believe he’s shy. Whenever humans see the bodies of the opposite sex, they would all blush, panic, be impulsive, and act out either an emotional show or physical show.”

Lu Shiqian looked at her neckline and stilled again. She was a little careless last night and showed a little of her collarbone, but this wasn’t much, right? You have to know that in the summer on Earth, people would be much flashier than this! Alright, this was Dayu, not Earth…

Lu Shiqian helplessly said, “Go lift that kid up for me!”

Xiaoyue followed the order and “lifted” Yan Hui back up.

“Sister…” The little guy didn’t dare look straight at her.

Lu Shiqian gave the little guy a surprise. She took out an interspatial bag with 4,000 potions: “I’m giving you a mission. Take this to the mercenary guild and sell it for either two or three magic jade per bottle. The key is to go show your face. Also, tell me what happened in West City.” Selling in front of the guild would be safer, and with his brother and the amiable man protecting him, Yan Hui probably wouldn’t be robbed or meet any trouble. The price was also acceptable for those heroes always dancing on the edge of a blade.

“Sister, are you going too?” Yan Hui blinked.

Lu Shiqian made a painful gesture, “I… I’ll just stay at home and rest. With my body like this, it’s dangerous to go anywhere. Can you do this for me?”

The little guy immediately punched his fist in the air, “Don’t worry, Sister! I’ll definitely do it well!”

He carried the bag and left, but not before reminding, “Sister, hurry and eat! The more you eat, the faster you’ll heal!”

Only after the little guy disappeared past the corner of the street did Lu Shiqian begin laughing out loud. To be honest, it was really fun to tease a younger brother!

The Moonlight Fox and Thousand Year King were both speechless. Their master was sometimes cold and ruthless, sometimes ardent and enthusiastic, and sometimes naughty and cute. She really was the epitome of a cold face hiding a passionate heart. It’s really easy to be tricked if you didn’t dig deep! However, no matter her persona, it was all based on a sincere heart, and that was also what truly attracted both people and beasts.

Lu Shiqian jumped up from the bed, “I should get moving too!”

Meng Long stepped up without a change in expression, “I’m coming along!”

They got on Xiaoyue’s back and reached the Southwest Mountain Range of West City after a few leaps.

The Southwest Mountain Range was millions of miles vertically and horizontally, covered in vegetation, creating a lively scene.

“Have you found the ferocious beast?” Lu Shiqian asked the Thousand Year King.

The Thousand Year King replied, “Yes, I’ve found it.” The aura of ferocious beasts was very unique, and you could tell whose territory it was through smell alone. Generally, ferocious beasts didn’t fight amongst themselves, and it was rare for people to make trouble with them unlike Master. However, he was quite excited!

After Lu Shiqian’s beasties learned that they could advance after contracting, they had an abnormal mindset to drag other magic beasts over to their master whenever possible!

“But it’s said that this ferocious beast is very powerful, its strength past 6,000 Stars.” Xiaoyue calmly said.

“So what? I’m 6,500 Stars!” the Thousand Year King boasted.

“But Master’s power is being restricted right now, so isn’t it a bit early for this?” The Moonlight Fox deserved to be a cautious and cunning beast, hitting the nail right on the head.

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