Chapter 353

“Before I met Master, I also didn’t think that I would be a Rank 8 mage’s magic beast.” the Thousand Year King said.

Master wasn’t incautious or careless, but she was surprisingly bold, though always leaving herself a way out. Thus, he only needed to enjoy the thrill of the adventure!

Xiaoyue remained silent.

After a few more leaps, Xiaoyue landed in a fragrant spot that could be called a paradise.

All the best things in the mountain range were gathered here: rare herbs, precious minerals, and rich magic power. It was paired with picturesque mountains and rivers, a clear stream bubbling through.

The most beautiful place!

At first sight, no one would think that this was where Motian’s famous ferocious beast resided!

Since they were looking for trouble, the Thousand Year King naturally wouldn’t be polite and immediately released his 6,500 Stars worth of pressure, suppressing the beasts and birds nearby.

Releasing coercion in someone else’s territory was like slapping the homeowner in their house, very rude and provocative behavior.

How could a proud ferocious beast accept this?

Soon, an orange-haired man with a devilish beauty flew over, frowning upon seeing Lu Shiqian and the others: “Who are you?”

The Thousand Year King was focused on finding trouble and fighting, “Of course we’re here to pick a fight!”

The man was immediately furious, “Seeking death!”

Lu Shiqian smiled, “Don’t get us wrong, we’re not just plainly seeking trouble. In truth, I want you to be my magic beast!”

The orange-haired young man was even more enraged. Wasn’t that even more humiliating than plain troublemaking? He’s a dignified ferocious beast and usually just protected his territory’s beasts, but today was different!

He also noticed the Thousand Year King’s 6,500 Stars and normally may just let it go, but today… Hmph, for what reason?!

With a loud roar, he turned into a huge Nine-Headed Luan, its seven-colored feathers shining brightly. His eyes were like rubies and claws like hooks, extremely beautiful! He was also really big with a full wingspan of 150 meters wide!

The Thousand Year King didn’t want to fall behind and returned to his original appearance—fifty meters tall and 120 meters wide. Because he contracted with Lu Shiqian, his strength greatly improved and now he was 60 meters tall and 150 meters wide! A behemoth!

Magic beasts that were over 1,000 Stars cannot be measured through conventional measures. Comparing sizes was a show of strength.

If two magic beasts were to fight and one side revealed their original body while the other didn’t, the other party was either super weak or super strong!

When they fought, both the sky and underground were affected. The other beasts couldn’t bear the two ferocious beasts’ coercion and ran far away.

At this time, if someone were to look down from above, they would see a shocking sight of falling trees and crumbling mountains! Furthermore, those humongous beasts were moving astonishingly fast, incredibly fast!

Lu Shiqian lay on the Moonlight Fox’s back, watching down below, “Hm, so weird. This Luan isn’t the Thousand Year King’s opponent at all, so why isn’t he succumbing yet?”

Just then, the Nine-Headed Luan shouted, “Lan Yingyan, if you still don’t make a move, I’m going to fall!”

With this one call, a bolt of thunder struck the ground, the effect only capable of being described by the word ‘surprise’. Right after, a black shadow darted towards the Thousand Year King and smacked him more than ten meters away!

What… kind of power was this?

“Huh?” Lu Shiqian let out a noise of surprise.

The Moonlight Fox was already trembling from the arrival’s coercion.

“Y-You’re actually the Devouring Pixiu… Lan Yingyan?!” The Thousand Year King also cried out in surprise, losing his will to fight, and returned to Lu Shiqian’s side.

(吞噬貔貅 – Devouring pixiu)

The Devouring Pixiu, a famous ferocious beast that ranked 18 on Dayu’s ferocious beast list! The 7,000 Star Lan Yingyan!

His misty-blue hair dragged all the way down to his feet. Wearing a loose long white robe, he looked like he stepped out of a dream. Real or fake, true or false, but his strength was by no means as illusional as he appeared. This was a terrifying opponent!

“Huh?” Lu Shiqian gasped again.

Did her bad luck strike again? She just wanted to get another magic beast when said magic beast called for a helper? You have to know that most ferocious beast operated alone!

The Nine-Headed Luan saw Lu Shiqian’s daze and laughed, “Do you guys still dare say you want to contract me now?”

Unexpectedly, Lu Shiqian smiled boldly, “Why not? Of course I want you! I not only want you, but also want him!” She pointed straight at Lan Yingyan!

These words not only caused her own magic beasts to tremble but also the other side’s!

Their side trembled because no matter how they looked at it, they were going to lose, much less contract them! The Thousand Year King shook his head. Master was too OP!

The other party was naturally shaking with anger… and laughter!

The Nine-Headed Luan laughed as he mocked, “With just you? A little Rank 8 mage?”

Lan Yingyan tilted his head in curiosity, “How are you going to fight?”

Lu Shiqian stood tall, “I’m not going to defeat you through power of flesh, but rather through my creation. I just want to ask you one thing: if you lose, are you willing to be my magic beast?”

The Nine-Headed Luan flicked his feathers, “If we lose, we shall be at your disposal!” Then, he asked evilly, “What if you lose?”

Lu Shiqian smiled slightly, “Then we shall be at your disposal!”

Lan Yingyan quietly answered, “Willing.”

The Nine-Headed Luan didn’t believe anything manmade could defeat them and sneered, “What did you create? A needle or a shoe sole?”

Lu Shiqian merely smiled and shook her interspatial bag. Come, let them see the power of the Fire of Creation! Let them see what she could accomplish without using magic power!

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