Chapter 354

Why were humans able to stand at the top of the food chain even though they don’t have sharp claws, fangs, the fierceness of wolves, the strength of lions, the agility of leopards? Because humans had what beasts didn’t: the ability to create and use tools!

This principle also applied to Dayu!

Humans didn’t have the natural physique and ability to gather magic power like magic beasts, or the number of skills available to other species, but…

Lift your head up high! Look there! Transformers!

Optimus Prime from the movie! Bumblebee and Jazz, as well as the villains Megatron and Starscream. Were they finally going to stand together?

The teacher of benevolence Optimus Prime, excellent scout Bumblebee, the cool and handsome Jazz, the ambitious Megatron that could transform into tanks and planes, and the cool and cunning Starscream. They actually matched up against the Nine-Headed Luan and Pixiu! Woah, this world was too crazy!

Alright, it actually wasn’t that fantastical!

These five transformers were Lu Shiqian’s new creation. An outer shell comparable to a god artifact and its 500 attributes were enough to astound anyone. Of course, what was even more amazing were their skills… Otherwise, were all those 100 Star magic beast cores inside them fake? Also, the most important thing was that these guys were invincible! The revised version of the Transformers with metal was as hard as a god artifact and skills as plentiful as the stars had a sky-high defense that could render anyone speechless! They could also transform and act as a mode! On Dayu, they were equivalent to a high-level sports car, a must-have for a long journey and to flaunt!

In terms of strength alone, they may not be able to beat the Nine-Headed Luan and Devouring Pixiu, but don’t forget, Autobots and Decepticons warred from the universe to Earth, fighting in countless battles. Thus, their combat experience was rich. They made use of their thick skin to survive the fierce blows of the Nine-Headed Luan and Devouring Pixiu and came out unscathed!

These transformers were different from Wang Cai. They didn’t have life or consciousness, so they were easy to use. At the same time, their skin was thick enough! Lu Shiqian completely transformed vitality into defense, so these five big guys’ defense was terrifying!

Combined with Lu Shiqian’s extremely wretched tactics, these transformers turned into unbeatable metal monsters, pushing forward slowly, driving the Nine-Headed Luan and Pixiu mad!

“Too much, too despicable!” the Thousand Year King exclaimed, “If I was beaten by such a group of strange monsters, I would definitely want to jump off a cliff!”

“So, I’m very thankful for contracting!” Xiaoyue sighed.

“This is indeed a disaster!” the Thousand Year King was very moved.

Lu Shiqian came over and humbly replied, “No, no, I still have many shortcomings. If they could still have life after increasing their defense, although it would also be nice if they could have more skills… Oh, yes, dual-core drivers as a preset… Hmm, yes, yes, an army… Yes, yes, did transformers really come to be like this?” Someone already sank into her own thoughts.

The Thousand Year King and Xiaoyue exchanged a glance and sweated, “God of Creation, hurry up and bring this abnormality away!”

As for the battle, the general tide went you attack, I retreat; you retreat, I attack. They were caught in an endless stalemate, and the Nine-Headed Luan’s patience finally wore off.

“Raging Flames!” The Nine-Headed Luan folded its heads and curled into a round ball. On top of the sphere was an incandescent ball of light, condensed with great magic power. Lu Shiqian could feel the heat even though she was standing far away!

“F*ck, he’s even using a skill!” The Thousand Year King moved towards Lu Shiqian and the Moonlight Fox, protecting the two!

Even though the Thousand Year King and Moonlight Fox frequently quarreled, at critical times, their friendship would stand tall!

The Nine-Headed Luan’s attack was extremely powerful, and ordinary beasts didn’t dare resists. After using up most of its magic power to unleash the attack, the mountains and plants all turned to powder, the wind blowing it away!

The five transformers seemed to sense how powerful it was and combined together to make a gigantic shield to resist!

But was the Nine-Headed Luan’s life-saving attack so easy to crack?

The metal shell of the transformers turned into liquid, dripping down drop by drop.

The temperature was at least tens of millions of degrees Celsius head-on, and the instant of eruption was almost ten times the temperature of the sun! How could it not be hot? It was super hot!

With the Nine-Headed Luan as the center, no vegetation, rocks, or stones remained in a 5,000-meter radius. The stream also evaporated into steam, and the entire area was devastated!

After using this skill, the Nine-Headed Luan was weakened but still happily cried, “Finally got rid of them!” It stared at Lu Shiqian fiercely, “Your death date has arrived, and you have to pay the price!”

The Thousand Year King sighed, “It’s over! I’m going to die here!”

Lu Shiqian lightly said, “What a pity!” She pointed a finger at the melted transformers, “I considered that they might be cut by knives, scorched, and frozen, so I used a special material. What can I say? Even though the move just now was strong, it wasn’t enough to beat them!”

While speaking, those transformers began to gather and restore to their original shape.

The Nine-Headed Luan was stunned, “No… Immortal?”

Lu Shiqian thought, ‘Science. This is science.’ However, her mouth said, “You can say that.”

The Nine-Headed Luan was dumbfounded… It had never thought it would meet an immortal opponent in its life!

It already surrendered wholeheartedly!

And entrusted all its hope to the Devouring Pixiu Lan Yingyan.

As the number 18 beast, Lan Yingyan was not only extremely powerful but also calmer and more objective!

Towards these unknown existences, his attitude was cautious and logical, emotions in a calm state, neither excited nor frustrated! Just this point made him much stronger than the Nine-Headed Luan!

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