Chapter 355

He believed that the opponent was strong, yet there were no life fluctuations. They could fight and judge, but most of their actions were based on orders. Thus, they should be puppets of that extremely weak woman!

It had to be said that his guess was extremely accurate!

Lan Yingyan’s misty-blue hair moved with the wind, fluttering gently.

While the five big guys surrounded him.

His human body was indeed much smaller than the giant metal bodies!

A certain villain laughed, “Speaking of it, I really admire the honor of ferocious beasts. If you really can’t beat them, you can run! There’s no reason to endure!”

The Thousand Year King and Moonlight Fox sweat-dropped. What was cunning and insidious? Their master was the best example! Wasn’t she plainly breaking off the other’s escape route by saying this? Even if they wanted to run now, they can’t!

Otherwise, where was the dignity of ferocious beasts?

Despise Master, despise her!

Lan Yingyan’s handsome face didn’t change, his clear voice sounding, “Alright, then take my strongest attack!”

When his words fell, a huge Pixiu shadow appeared behind him. A lion’s head, tiger’s body, snake’s tail, bird’s wings, and a huge mouth opened with a huge suction force, devouring everything!

The Devouring Pixiu came from being able to swallow all things. Its stomach was connected to a different space and being swallowed would make you drift there mindlessly. There would never be a shore or an end!


However, because of this, they could only use this ability once a day and it had no effect on beasts with higher star rank than them!

Those that were below their star rank were insta-killed!

The Thousand Year King inwardly screamed and quickly urged Xiaoyue to crawl into the ground!

Rocks and sand, trees and flowers were all inhaled, and even the magic beasts that long ran away were sucked away. Even the lofty Southwest Mountain Range peaks flew over Lu Shiqian’s head and got sucked into a different space!

So this was the power of a ferocious beast!

Fortunately, Lan Yingyan only targeted the five transformers, so Lu Shiqian and the beasties weren’t affected too much. With the Thousand Year King’s 6,500 Stars of strength, all it could do was hold onto Lu Shiqian and Xiaoyue’s tail!

When they stood up, gaping ravines were all that was left within a thousand miles.

Lu Shiqian broke out in cold sweat and secretly wondered if today’s move was too risky. If Lan Yingyan didn’t focus on those five transformers and instead aimed at her, would she be able to avoid it?

Can’t avoid it but running away is possible!

She then looked at Lan Yingyan. What figure of the Transformers? That place was a black hole!

Oh, Brother Pixiu, it was just a couple of Transformers, do you have to use so much power?

But the result was obvious. In the fight between the Transformers and Pixiu, the Pixiu came out victorious!

Lu Shiqian remained silent but secretly prepared to escape. Oh, there was a special escape technique in “Million***” that could instantly teleport you away! But wait!

“…” The result was unexpected. The Pixiu spat out four transformers, “I lost!”

What was happening? It turned out that when the Pixiu used his skill, Lu Shiqian ordered Bumblebee to drill into the ground as deep as possible!

When the Pixiu discovered this and gave chase, Bumblebee had already reached out of his range. He lost!

Bumblebee emerged from the ground, wiped the dirt of its body, and smiled proudly.

Lu Shiqian actually took advantage of many loopholes in this battle, especially the ferocious beasts’ pride and disdain for their enemies. If the two ignored everything and directly attacked her, or used their strongest skills right off the bat, she would’ve definitely lost!

Towards this point, the Thousand Year King disdained, “Master, you think everyone’s as shameless as you?” Who would unleash their strongest skill at the beginning?!

Anyways, Lu Shiqian defeated the Nine-Headed Luan and Devouring Pixiu with her absolute shamelessness.

Now, it was time to reap the rewards!

Ever since they came to Dayu, Lu Shiqian’s rank hadn’t increased, but her wretchedness sure did! So did her perverseness!

This was evident from the battle against the Nine-Headed Luan and Devouring Pixiu!

After contracting, the Nine-Headed Luan increased to 8,000 Stars while Pixiu Lan Yingyan reached 9,600 Stars!

However, compared to the simple Nine-Headed Luan’s excitement, Lan Yingyan had much more thoughts. Such an extraordinary increase was definitely accompanied by a huge secret! It had to be said that he deserved to be the number 18 ferocious beast; his thinking was much deeper. After voicing his doubts, he received Lu Shiqian’s praise and told Bai, who gave a chuckle. Bai told her that she could decide on what to do. Lu Shiqian also laughed. Even though they were separated by millions of miles, she always felt that he was right by her side, protecting her, loving her. This feeling was really great.

Next, Lu Shiqian learned in detail the ferocious beasts’ daily lives and territories they control. When listening, her eyes were curved into crescent moons, her thoughts unknown.

Time passed quickly, and it was soon four in the afternoon.

At this time, Yan Hui and Yan Fei should be heading home.

Lan Yingyan and the Nine-Headed Luan both weren’t willing to go to places with many people and were more willing to stay in the mountains and old forests, accepting the challenge of other beasts. This way of life was more suitable to them!

Lu Shiqian nodded. These two’s power indeed didn’t need to be exposed. They would be a sharp hidden weapon in the future.

Before returning home, the Nine-Headed Luan complained that after he finally found a calm paradise worthy of his status, it was destroyed just like this. His heart really hurt!

Lu Shiqian smiled slightly, and the Fire of Creation twirled in her hand. After infusing with magic power, green mountains soon appeared, grass growing vivaciously. The rumbling waterfall, lush trees, chirping sounds, and floral fragrance appeared once again!

What a moving miracle this was!

This new paradise was hundreds of times better than before!

The four beasts immediately knelt on the ground. If those transformers could be said to shock them, then this miracle was beyond their imaginations. It made them surrender willingly from the depths of their souls and serve wholeheartedly.

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