Chapter 356

Meng Long’s face was impassive as usual, staring at Lu Shiqian closely without a word.

They returned and began preparing food, Yan Hui and Yan Fei arriving shortly after.

Yan Fei smelled the delicious food was startled for a moment before returning to his cold look.

Yan Hui didn’t conceal his joy and jumped into Lu Shiqian’s arms, his eyes teary: “Sister, you’re so good!”

Lu Shiqian rubbed the little guy’s head, “Still crying? Your eyes are going to turn into faucets!”

Little Yan Hui wiped his tears, “I also don’t know why I’m crying. When I used to go home with Brother, no one would be home waiting for us, no one cooking for us. There wasn’t much to eat, and Brother… Brother went out alone to catch magic beasts and collect wild fruits. He would get injured every time, and still wouldn’t find any food sometimes. However, Brother always gave me something to eat. I’m so happy, Sister, so happy…”

Lu Shiqian paused before saying, “Don’t worry. Sister doesn’t have much else, but food isn’t lacking!”

Yan Fei took out a small interspatial bag and threw it on the table, “This is the money from what you asked Xiao Hui to sell. The total is 10,000 magic jade!”

Lu Shiqian smiled slightly, took out 5,000 magic jade and pushed the rest to Yan Fei.

Yan Fei’s face was cold, “What do you mean by this?”

“Thanking you for taking me in. This is the boarding fee for my friend, beasts, and me!” Lu Shiqian smoothly replied.

“You… Do you know how many houses you can buy with this?” Yan Fei angrily retorted. Darned! This wasn’t what he meant! He just didn’t want her money!

“Sister, we let you stay here not to take your money but because I like you!” Yan Hui also anxiously said.

Lu Shiqian’s didn’t budge. She knew that Yan Fei was lacking magic jade and wanted to send Yan Hui to the capital to study. She said, “Alright, forget the rent, just consider that I wouldn’t have made a penny if Yan Hui didn’t help me sell this!” She glanced at Yan Hui, “Furthermore, he’s already Rank 8 and can attend school!”

Yan Hui blushed, “That’s because Sister’s medicine is too good, nothing to do with me.”

Yan Fei also coolly said, “I’ll figure out Xiao Hui’s school fees myself!”

These two stubborn guys!

“Hmm, okay, just take it as me lending you money. I heard that school would start in Month 12 in the capital!” Lu Shiqian raised an eyebrow, “Consider it an investment. You have to return double in the future!”

Yan Fei looked at his dear brother and fell silent. Ever since his parents’ death, he and his younger brother could only depend on each other, and his greatest hope this life was that his younger brother would be better than him. Sending him to school was indispensable!

For his younger brother, he was willing to do anything!

Yan Hui clenched his fists, “I… I can go later, a year or two later… I can wait!”

Lu Shiqian’s face turned sad, “Am I so untrustworthy? I’m so sad, Xiao Hui actually rejects me this much…”

Yan Hui suddenly grew anxious and hurriedly shook his head and hands, “Sister, I don’t mean it that way!”

Yan Fei was also angry, “You! How could you think that way?!”

Lu Shiqian stuffed the magic jade into Yan Fei’s hands, “Then take it. I’ll only believe you accept me if you take it, otherwise, what is the meaning of living here?” Saying that, she sighed in sorrow again.

Yan Hui quickly hugged Lu Shiqian, “Sister! Great Sister, we’ll take it! We want it! Don’t leave!”

Yan Fei was speechless and could only accept it.

Lu Shiqian smiled brightly, “See? That’s more like it! Hurry, let’s eat! I’m starving to death!”

Yan Hui: “Sister… Y-You were pretending?”

Yan Fei: “…”

Xiaoyue and the Thousand Year King stared at each other, their minds thinking the same thing: cunning. But why did it feel so kind?

The dishes were home-cooked meals with the tender meat of beasts. It was extremely delicious.

Yan Fei, Yan Hui, Lu Shiqian, Meng Long, Xiaoyue, and the Thousand Year King feasted happily.

“Sister, a lot of people have been coming to West City recently. My brother also said that there were twice as many tasks today, most of them inquiring about Xuyu Mountain. Also, there was a large-scale fight in the east of the city today, many people died. There were also fights in other parts of the city…” Yan Hui relayed what he heard today to Lu Shiqian.

“That young master came to the guild today,” Yan Fei coldly stated.

Lu Shiqian’s bright eyes stared, “Really?”

At this moment, a powerful magic power fluctuation came from Xuyu Mountain, and a power pillar off light shot into the sky! It pierced through the clouds and dyed them red, and even the two suns in the sky dimmed in front of its light. The rumbling sound was deafening!

Xiaoyue’s pointy ears straightened and he jumped to the window and looked outside.

Everyone in the city was staring at the beam of light while many more people were rushing to the city outside!

“Master, that’s the direction of the portent! Something happened to the portent!” Xiaoyue spoke through the mental platform.

Lu Shiqian hummed calmly.

Ha, has the time finally arrived?

At this moment, in the city lord’s mansion, Sunrong Yingjian snorted coldly and began deploying troops.

In the guild, the gentle man smiled and said, “Didn’t think that this legend was actually true.”

In addition, in a dark room, a man wearing traditional Chinese garb murmured, “Why is the portent so excited? Is something attracting it?”

There were also many overt and covert forces, group and individual adventurers, whose hearts were moved. They all rushed towards Xuyu Mountain!


One of Dayu’s legends. It was said that at the creation of Dayu, the portent descended onto the plane, their fates linked closely together. It could even be said to control Dayu’s development, or a miniature version of Dayu. If you can obtain it, you could be said to control all of Dayu! However, a legend was a legend after all. For so many years, not even a shadow could be seen. The only clue is that every 1.5 million years in Month 9 and Month 10 on the 16th, one that desires the portent may receive great benefits, their strength greatly improving… The portent could move, and each location was different. Thus, few could determine its next location. But this time, for some reason, many powerhouses in the top ten seats inadvertently found out the location of the portent and felt the astonishing magic power fluctuations today. The strong gathered and awaited the arrival of the portent!

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