Chapter 357

This was a great opportunity and a tragic massacre at the same time!

As the beam of light grew brighter, the sound that shook the world grew more and more thunderous. A message traveled into Lu Shiqian’s mind, “You have to come! You must come…!” The call sounded from far away.

It wasn’t until midnight that the beam of light and rumbling disappeared. The sky glowed golden and after a while, the gold receded, and night officially fell.

Lu Shiqian sat on the roof, staring at the sky in a daze.

The medicine in her body had long dissipated and she recovered from an ordinary person to a Rank 8 mage.

“Master, a lot of terrifying people arrived in the city! Six of them aren’t below me! One of them is even more unfathomable!” the Thousand Year King’s blue head turned as he spoke.

“My clan brothers are also hurrying over, and I heard that the subordinates of other beast kings are also rushing over.” Xiaoyue also reported.

Lu Shiqian smiled slightly, her eyes dazzling, “Very good. And here I was worrying that there were too few magic beasts to contract! Now, I can rest assured.”

Since it was a feast, it would be a shame to not enjoy it!

The two beasts were stunned and couldn’t help but sweat. That was Master for you alright! Her thoughts were sure wild, but… they felt strangely excited!

The next few days, the little West City was almost overturned, just the daily number of new people entering the city exceeded 500,000, not to mention the number of people stationed outside! The guards of the four main gates reached 100,000 at each gate. The newcomers were young and old, men and women, hidden and ostentatious, reticent and outspoken… There were groups of thousands; there were those that entered alone! The gates sometimes became a gathering place for contradictions. Who provoked who, who cursed at who, in any case, no one admitted defeat. In bad cases, it would end up in a fight. Or, enemies would happen to meet and another brawl would begin. However, since they all wanted to get the portent, the fights were small-scale. Some people would annoy mysterious powerhouses and get taught a lesson. In the city, scuffles and death continued every day, but overall, it could be considered calm. Most were secretly accumulating strength, so only fools that were only half-baked would come out to swagger. True masters would never reveal their strength at this time, revealing their best card from the start!

In this period, if powerhouses wanted to know who came to the city, they would ask the mercenary guild, adding many more missions for the members!

The guild had branches in large and small cities, even some villages, and was said to be the largest source of information. No one was unconvinced of this fact.

The guild had an extraordinary status, and since they published their powerhouse list, no one dared stand out and criticize or demean them.

The powerhouse list was changing every day, so the guild also pushed out a VIP plan, claiming to have exclusive information. Of course, it was easy to get—only 100 magic jade per request. There was also more detailed information about the powerhouses including their skills, each request 10,000 magic jade. Additionally, there was top-secret files about whether or not the powerhouse was married or had children, if their parents were alive or not, everything about them. Of course, it cost equally much—almost half a million magic jade!

When this VIP plan was released, many were attracted to make purchases. Know your friends and enemies better, to help you succeed in a hundred battles!

Most people just bought the most basic data, which was a list of powerhouses. Those with some status would purchase information that included their skills.

While the truly strong would buy the 500,000 magic jade information!

In any case, magic jade was hard to earn, and though some adventurers gritted their teeth and purchased the 100 magic jade information, many more couldn’t even afford it. These people gathered outside the guild to catch some leaked information or wandered around West City, starting fights and making trouble. Of course, many more awaited the arrival of the 16th.

Lu Shiqian carefully looked through a detailed powerhouse information sheet. Yes, this so-called ‘VIP’ plan was her suggestion to the amicable young man. After a lot of bargaining, the profit was split 50-50. Originally, information was dead, people were alive, and money, there could never be enough of money! The information in her hand at this time was the most detailed information about various powerhouses, and if a price was put on it, it would be worth at least 2 million magic jade!

The data showed that there were currently three major forces in West City, information that was not available to other people. Following after, there was info on the powerful factions, families, Fan Army, and individuals with great strength. Lu Shiqian could only sigh at the attraction of the portent.

Sunrong Yingjian was actually included in this list of powerhouses, and he had a God King level subordinate. Also, as the young master of West City, he had a territorial advantage. Furthermore, this person had a deep mind and scheming mind, unpredictable personality, and good at commanding. With all these strengths combined, he was actually ranked towards the top. He was indeed capable and was able to remain calm in this chaotic time, adapting to the situation. Fighting inside the city was very controlled and handled fairly, so this young master of West City naturally became favored. Even if he didn’t get any benefits from the portent, he already laid a good foundation for the future development of the city. This man, other than being sinister and evil, was an outstanding leader!

Of course, the more people that arrived at the city, the more changes the list of powerhouses would undergo.

However, those three mysterious forces remained firmly at the top!

Now, let’s talk about Lu Shiqian’s recent life.

During the day, she went to the Nine-Headed Luan and Devouring Pixiu’s place, contracting with the magic beasts they suppressed. In the evening, she would cook and study on things to create.

Life was pretty leisurely.

The only thing that she had to pay attention to was her disguise when heading out. Fortunately, most were paying attention to Xuyu Mountain, so no one was watching Southwest Mountain Range. Furthermore, no one would care about a Rank 8 mage.

Rank 8 was the lowest of the low within the city, not to mention in the eyes of those powerhouses. Those weak physiques and feeble strength couldn’t even catch a glance from those troublemakers!

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