Chapter 358

Xiaoyue stayed at home since there were still some that could see through his strength. Magic beasts currently couldn’t go to the magic beast space, so a Rank 8 mage walking around with an 800 Star beast was too eye-catching. However, Mr. Octopus could be taken around. Anyone seeing a blue globule that was only 10 Stars clinging onto her would only disdain them!

Meng Long also stayed home. As the ace assassin of the Assassin League, it wasn’t appropriate for him to show up in crowded areas.

Of course, it wasn’t like nobody cared about her. For example, two were especially concerned.

The first: Sunrong Yingjian threw the data onto the table and asked in a deep voice, “You said that she ran off to the Southwest Mountain Range on her own?”

Facing the Young Master’s black face, the kneeling Fan Army soldier was miserable but still reported, “Yes. I believe she went to relax…” Saying this, he wished he could bite off his own tongue when he saw that Young Master’s face turned even blacker. He hurriedly added, “Young Master, she went to the forest to breathe some fresh air, sang a little, and raise her spirits…” Even though she couldn’t be tracked after entering the forest, she would come out again in half an hour and continue to be in his line of sight. However, how could he dare tell the Young Master that? He would kill him for being unable to follow a drugged Rank 8 mage!

“… Sing… Damn it, was I too harsh on her? That drug… Damn it! Still daring to run around!” His fingers tapped the table, “No. That’s not right. That woman is very clever, would she really do such a senseless thing?” He glanced at the kneeling Fan Army soldier, “Are you hiding something?”

The Fan Army soldier trembled, “Y-Young Master, I dare not…”

Sunrong Yingjian’s expression darkened as he waved at the trembling soldier, “Continue monitoring.”

The soldier given great amnesty quickly retreated.

Chimes jingled and a fragrance floated in. A beautiful woman with bright eyes carried a tray of nutritious food in, smiling, “Brother Yingjian, are you hungry?”

Sunrong Yingjian glared coldly at the intruder, “Who let you in?”

Leng Qiu’er was startled by that gaze. That gaze was like an icy knife, full of terrifying hostility. She could no longer hold onto the food and it fell to the ground with a thud, splattering all over the floor.

The impatience in Sunrong Yingjian’s eyes was obvious.

Leng Qiu’er started crying in a fluster under the other’s hostile gaze, “Brother, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…” Tears clung to her eyelashes in a pitiful manner.

“Get out!” Sunrong Yingjian coldly shouted, completely ignoring kindness to the fairer sex. He hated crying women the most! Inadvertently, he recalled that that woman had never cried in front of him before.


Leng Qiu’er didn’t dare stay longer and ran out. She was afraid that if she dawdled, that man would kill her! Even so, she loved him. These days, she fully realized his charm. He was intelligent, and everyone could only look up to him, and it was an honor to stand by his side!

But why, even if she changed for him, learning to be gentle and strip off her arrogance, did he still refuse to look at her?

Was it because of that woman? That woman that was as dazzling as the sun even when dressed plainly?

Damn it!

The second: Master Xiu gently asked, “She just went to sing a little?”

Lanky replied, “Yes, but after singing for a while, she went into the woods and I couldn’t track her down.”

Master Xiu smiled amicably, “She’s always so different. Oh, by the way, what was she singing?”

Lanky frowned, thinking carefully: “Xi shua shua, xi shua something. Give back what you took from me, spit out what you ate of mine, return what you owe to me… Its rhythm is lively, a little interesting.” The song was quite strange, but it made one feel energetic.

Master Xiu chortled, “That girl is sure interesting. She came out of the woods uninjured?”

Lanky exclaimed, “Unscathed!” This also made him feel strange, “Even I don’t dare easily intrude into those woods. Master Xiu…” Isn’t it strange?

“Hehe, this is her surprising points. Keep following her.”

“Yes, Master Xiu!”

If Lu Shiqian heard their conversations, she would definitely chuckle. Small case, she long knew they were following her!

But there will always be unexpected changes. Life ah, was just like this—expect the unexpected. However, it was precisely because life had all its ups and downs that it was fun, right?

As soon as Lu Shiqian came out of the woods, a group of six people stopped her, “Oho, a Rank 8 mage!”

The six were all second stage lower gods with ordinary appearances, but their clothes were quite catchy. At first glance, they looked like troublemakers. The six came from other cities, but they had no ability to snatch the portent and were just muddling by.

They came across Lu Shiqian by coincidence at the Southwest Mountain Range.

“Her strength’s nothing much, but her looks are alright!” one of them exclaimed.

Lu Shiqian frowned. Ever since she came to Dayu, not many talked about her appearance. Usually, they would see that she was only a Rank 8 mage and scorn her, few paying attention to what she looked like.

But even in Dayu, her beauty was still top-class. It may not be the best, but coupled with her temperament, no one could compare. The longer you stayed with her, the more you would feel that she had an invisible and powerful charm. This was her true weapon: the origins of her beauty. All the people and magic beasts around her were deeply attracted by this.

“Girly, what are you doing in the forest? Illicit meeting with a lover? What do you think of us brothers? Let’s go have some fun!” another said.

There was no need to reason with these scumbags. What they were looking for was joy of the flesh, and it just so happened that Lu Shiqian was beautiful.

Lu Shiqian hadn’t forgotten that she was currently playing a weak woman that had been drugged and couldn’t use magic power for a month. Besides, even if she had strength, was a Rank 8 mage normally able to beat lower gods?

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