Chapter 359

Quite a few were watching, and the current West City had no impermeable walls. Anything that happened could be expected to make its way around the city.

A weak and timid act was immediately put on, “Y-You, what do you want to do? If you dare mess around, I-I’ll scream!” Her eyes turned helplessly. Seeing that the two surveillants were still there, she inwardly laughed.

“Scream then, scream! Even if you scream your throat raw, no one will hear!” The six laughed lewdly and crowded over.

Lu Shiqian’s face cracked. This line was sure a catchphrase for perverts! She didn’t expect to hear this in Dayu too! Perhaps all perverts were spiritually connected? Regardless of ancient or modern times, or what plane it was? She made a flustered expression, “Y-You, don’t come over! I have a magic beast! My magic beast is very powerful!” Saying that, she raised Mr. Octopus to the front!

Mr. Octopus dripped a huge sweat drop!

“Hahahahaha!” The six couldn’t help but laugh, “Little Sister, this is your so-called ‘powerful’ magic beast? I can crush it to death with a finger! Is it even 10 Stars?”

“Y-Yeah! It’s 11 Stars, it’s very powerful! Just a flick can knock you all down!” Lu Shiqian said.

What she said was the truth. The Thousand Year King’s one tentacle could crush any number of lower gods. The problem was that no one would believe it at this moment!

“Come, little beauty. A spring night is worth a thousand jade, don’t waste time.” The six smiled lustfully and reached towards Lu Shiqian’s wrist, still arguing about who was going first.

Lu Shiqian screamed in fear, seemingly gaining a burst of adrenaline and breaking through the group.

However, she ran very slowly!

The six laughed and followed.

Lu Shiqian staggered and fell to the ground!

The six people surrounded her.

Lu Shiqian shouted in despair. Those eyes revealed decisive fear and she suddenly whipped out a dagger and stabbed towards her heart!


The dagger was knocked aside.

And then, two hidden weapons flew out and the two surveillants flew out, blood splattering the surroundings.

The other four just returned to their senses and fear overcame them at the deaths of their two comrades. The side that was just the predator suddenly turned into the prey, minced to death by the newcomers!

Where did they have the time to think of lewd things? Running away was their priority!

However, another bout of hidden weapons shot out and two more perished!

Four people have died!

Lu Shiqian seemed to be dazed and stood up only after a long time, running away in a panic!

The two exchanged glances and also retreated!

“Master, you sure can pretend!” the Thousand Year King applauded.

Lu Shiqian laughed, “To traverse carefreely in the pugilistic world, one must be able to act!”

The Thousand Year King: “…” True, if he didn’t understand his Master’s thoughts, he would’ve been tricked like that group of people!

The next few days, Lu Shiqian didn’t go to the Southwest Mountain Range anymore. Was she frightened? Who knew!

Now that she didn’t go to the mountain range, she found something new to do: selling medicine with Yan Hui.

Every day, 20,000 bottles were sold for 5 magic jade, a steady 100,000 per day. Think about it, now was a precarious time. Having an extra life-preserving item was always good. Furthermore, Lu Shiqian was no longer limiting the quantity bought so 10,000 could be bought at once sometimes!

The passerby gradually got used to this girl and little boy selling medicine. Rank 8 was definitely trash, but that medicine was really good!

After selling medicine, Lu Shiqian gossiped with Yan Hui about the various powerhouses, and even if those powerhouses in question heard them, they would ignore it since she was just Rank 8.

Then, she would wait for Yan Fei to finish his missions and return home together.

Lu Shiqian was also a first rank Thorn and naturally could enter the guild to check missions, rewards, etc. However, no one paid any attention to her.

“You bastard, this ancestor wants you to kneel!” An unpleasant insult sounded in the hall.

“Can’t!” It was actually Yan Fei’s cool voice!


Lu Shiqian walked over and saw a beautifully-dressed young man pointing at Yan Fei’s nose and shouting, “Do you know who this great young master is? Dare be so rude; you think this ancestor can be pushed around by you?!”

Yan Fei coldly replied, “No interest.”

That beautifully-dressed young man had a pair of downward eyes, his complexion clear, but his eyes were muddled and dark, evidently from excessive indulgence. He had thin lips and a pointed chin, as well as scales on his forehead. He was a different race.

However, there were many alien races in Dayu, so this person wasn’t very eye-catching. Oh, he was a first stage middle god.

Behind him were a group of third stage gods and probably a hidden God King in the back.

“This ancestor is the Young Master of the Kelin family! The Kelin family, you hear?!” the young man screeched.

When his words came out, a person exclaimed in surprise, “It’s actually the Kelin family!”

The young man was immediately smug at the other’s call.

The Kelin family could be considered an old family in Motian. They were rich in powerhouses, and their devious tricks were abundant, inspiring fear in other powerhouses.

Yan Fei remained cool, “Never heard of it!”

“You actually said you never heard of us?! You bastard, kneel!” the young man shouted again.

Lu Shiqian pouted. Idiot, if screaming and cursing in the guild wasn’t braindead, what was it? Were these people so arrogant that they couldn’t distinguish boundaries anymore? Or, did they think that Yan Fei was only a first stage lower god and a first rank Thorn so the guild wouldn’t place importance on him?

Sure enough, the Thorn that heard the commotion glared fiercely at the group. Where did they get the audacity to do as they liked in the guild? You have to know that the guild was spread throughout Dayu, and all Thorn members were proud to be a part!

Furthermore, there were ten sixth rank Thorn members whose strength was on par with that of the great region masters, and the great founder was a man who created miracles!

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