Chapter 360

With the support of their faith, how could they allow others to run wild on their territory?!

Soon, someone brought Lanky over.

“What happened?” Lanky imposingly questioned.

“Agent, those people want to buy information on the powerhouses in the city, but they also didn’t want to spend money, hence the dispute.” An informed Thorn member explained.

“I am the Young Master of the Kelin family. Should it not be free based on this point?” Kelin Liangda pompously said. The 500,000 magic jade his father gave him was all spent on wine and merrymaking, where was there money left to spend on this information? It just so happened that Yan Fei was serving him, which led to the row just now.

“Apologies, no matter who it is, anyone that comes to buy information must pay!” Lanky appeared extremely majestic. There was only one guild master, and all branch managers were addressed as agents.

“Good! That bastard went against our Young Master, either make him kowtow or cut off an arm in apology!” One member of the Kelin entourage suspected to be a God King spoke.

Lanky was almost choked by a surge of anger. He had always been meticulous and patient, but he was growing mad: “This isn’t his fault at all. Please don’t make unnecessary accusations!”

The old powerhouse was unforgiving, “Alright! If you won’t move, I’ll move!”

Between flashes of lightning, the old powerhouse rushed towards Yan Fei!

No one expected the Kelin family to be so overbearing! They were arrogant beyond hope and also wanted to hurt people!

The incident happened quickly, and others could only lament at the boy’s bad luck!

Lu Shiqian was anxious and the Thousand Year King’s anger was about to shoot through the roof!

At this time…

“What a big tone and temper!” an amicable voice resounded.

The old powerhouse wanted to strike Yan Fei’s hand, but was harshly stopped!

Master Xiu didn’t move, as if he was here long ago, but everyone knew that he had only just arrived! That speed was truly astonishing!

Master Xiu’s slender fingers tightly clamped the other’s wrist, rendering his opponent unable to move. This strength and courage were astounding!

The strong stood lofty!

The old powerhouse’s pupils shrank into a pinpoint!

“For me, the thing I don’t like the most is fussing about.” Master Xiu slowly enunciated, “I don’t like people bullying my people even more so, understand?”

The old powerhouse’s face shook like a sieve, but he deeply understood that he was not the other’s opponent.

“Also, you’re too young. You haven’t heard of my name, right?” Master Xiu gently continued.

Everyone stared at each other. A young and handsome man told off an old man for being too young? This… was sure weird.

However, what was Master Xiu’s moniker?

The old powerhouse stared at Master Xiu’s face when his mouth fell open in disbelief. He shook with anger before trembling in fear!

Lu Shiqian stroked her chin. Didn’t expect that amicable young man to be so terrifying.

“Apologize to Yan Fei, and never step into the guild again. I won’t pursue this matter if you do so. Otherwise, I may do something impulsive…” Master Xiu smiled amicably, but his words were a blatant threat!

“What? Apologize?! Are you daft?!” Kelin Liangda shouted.

The old man abruptly turned his head back, “Apologize!”

Kelin Liangda was dumbfounded. His uncle had never reprimanded him before, “No. For what reason should this young master apologize to a commoner?!”

Slap! The old powerhouse slapped him hard, repeating solemnly, “Apologize!”

Kelin Liangda was beaten silly and gaped at his black-faced uncle. He could only hatefully grit out to Yan Fei, “Sorry…” Bastard! He caused him to be insulted like this! Next time they met, he would definitely kill him!

“Your voice is too quiet, too insincere!” Lu Shiqian walked over and said, “Apologize again, loud enough for everyone to hear!” This family was rude and cruel. If Xiu didn’t arrive in time, wouldn’t they have torn off Yan Fei’s arm?

Kelin Liangda glared at Lu Shiqian, wondering who dared butt in. At first sight, his soul flew away and his mind became drunk.

Lu Shiqian wore a plain robe, but that only made her look cleaner. Hair black as ink fell like a waterfall, eyes radiant as stars reflected in a pool, and beauty like faraway mountains, drawing a graceful and lithe arc. Her nose was straight and lips like rose petals, tender and full. What a stunning beauty!

However, this excessively indulgent man kept his gaze on Lu Shiqian’s chest, extremely lowly!

Master Xiu and Yan Fei were both upset and moved to block Lu Shiqian.

“Apologize loudly!” Master Xiu amicably stated.

Kelin Liangda was still dazed by beauty, but after being sternly glared at by his uncle, he reluctantly yelled, “I’m sorry!” He seethed in anger from losing face in front of the beauty!

However, that woman was truly beautiful. She also seemed familiar with that bastard… Very good! He must have that woman!

The old powerhouse solemnly said after walking out of the guild, “Don’t make trouble.”

“Uncle, why? Why didn’t we attack just now? Does our Kelin family need to fear them?” Kelin Liangda loudly retorted.

“Don’t say these kinds of words next time. I’ll push away responsibility from your father on that side.” He glanced at his nephew again and somewhat hated iron for not becoming steel.

The Kelin family entourage was walking along the road when a slender figure ran over and slammed into Kelin Liangda.

Kelin Liangda was already angry, and now that he was hit like this, he exploded and picked the person up!

It was an extremely beautiful boy with misty eyes and a pitiful expression. He knew he was in the wrong for hitting another and quickly apologize, “I’m sorry, sorry.”

When the voice came out, Kelin Liangda who was led astray by beauty came back to his senses. He glanced at the boy’s flat chest and kicked him heartily a dozen feet away.

“Unlucky!” He spat and went on his way.

Lu Shiqian just happened to walk out and saw the scene, frowning. She didn’t want to meddle, but… she still walked towards the youth.

She took out three blood-replenishing potions in front of him and prepared to leave.

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