Chapter 361

“Heh, are you worrying about me?” The youth raised his head, blood at the corner of his lips.

Lu Shiqian’s heart jumped. It was because she couldn’t tell the youth’s strength at all. He seemed to have no power, yet also… It was an odd feeling.

“Don’t worry about me, I’m fine. I won’t be hurt.” The beautiful youth stood up, wiping off the blood: “But it really hurts! Should I take revenge?”

“…” Lu Shiqian said nothing.

Seeing that Lu Shiqian didn’t speak, the youth walked away. He didn’t touch the three tonics.

She took the three tonics and stuffed them into the youth’s hand. Lu Shiqian then turned and walked to Yan Fei and Yan Hui’s side, returning home.

The youth was startled, looked at the tonics in his hand, and sneered, throwing it away.

The next moment, he suddenly caught the tonics he threw away and put it in his pocket, “This is the first time I’ve received a gift.”

What a strange youth!

However, the speed he showed at that moment was amazing!

The following days, as the 16th approached, more and more came to buy medicine from Lu Shiqian.

The afternoon of the 15th, Lu Shiqian sold so much medicine that she only had eight bottles left. She made a profit of 1.8 million magic jade, which could be considered an overnight tycoon.

“This thing…” A pair of white hands picked up a bottle.

It was a man with gray hair and a pair of glazed eyes. Though his hair was gray, it was a vitality-infused gray. Those eyes were also radiant. He wore a cyan robe, appearing like an immortal.

He stood there, but also seemed to be infused with the air, leaving no traces.

“That’s a potion to replenish mental power,” Lu Shiqian said.

“En, it’s very special.” The young man held the bottle and spoke, “The ingredients are average, but… did you use a special production method?”

Lu Shiqian laughed, “It’s just bringing out the full potential of the ingredients.”

The man cast his eyes onto Lu Shiqian, slightly surprised, “You’re very special.”

Lu Shiqian smiled again, “Where I come from, that’s a sentence to express love to a girl.” This was blatant teasing. Lu Shiqian was probing him.

The man smiled slightly, like he stepped out of a dream. He put down the medicine and seemingly slowly yet quickly walked away.

In a corner out of sight, a group of people knelt respectfully, shouting: “Greetings, God Master!”

There was no expression in his glazed eyes, but his aura became colder, “Keep searching for the destined person! The attraction is growing stronger and stronger.”


Tomorrow was the day the portent opened. At that time, it would turn into a brutal carnage with killing and stealing.

Tonight was the calm before the storm.

However, there were a few undercurrents in this calm.

At the bottom of the mountain, 500 people were sneaking towards the entrance.

This group was composed of a few small forces, their strength generally around first or second stage middle god. The one with the highest strength was a God King!

After Xuyu Mountain erupted that day, the air was filled with dense magic power. However, that energy was very strange. It was extremely dense, yet when people neared, it would quickly disperse. Other than this, Xuyu Mountain was very quiet, perhaps a bit too quiet, like a still behemoth, waiting for its prey to enter its mouth.

The reason why this group came at night was just to try to gain some advantage. They were all spectators hoping to get some benefits or take advantage of a loophole when the portent comes.

They didn’t care about other’s warning. Ever since the beam of light, there would always be a fool that neared once in a while, but they would all disappear. However, since they were here, they naturally didn’t believe it.

However, it really was too quiet!

“Damn, not even an insect!” Someone finally couldn’t help cursing.

“F*ck, pipe down! Scared this great one!” Another spoke.

“Can you all freaking shut up?” Another said in a hushed voice.

“There’s nothing here other than us, not even a bug! Scared my arse!”

The five hundred crept towards the door one by one.

The weird mist swirled around them.

“Why do I feel like this fog has eyes? As if it’s staring at us,” someone shivered.

“Bullsht, your a* grew eyes!”

The entrance was growing closer, and there would only be the occasional whisper.

“Weird, why aren’t the people ahead speaking?” Someone found something wrong, but the fog was obscure and hard to see through.

Someone with sharp eyes saw something abnormal: “They… seem to be gone!”

“F*ck, don’t say nonsense! They’re obviously right by me… Huh, Zhang San, where did you go?”

“Ah, what is that?!”

“Ahh…” A scream!

Immediately afterwards, the mountain returned to silence. The fog dissipated, and no one was left on the mountain.

At the foot of Xuyu Mountain, millions of magic beasts lurked, all of them high star ranking!

These beasts weren’t willing to squeeze with the people in the city and were more willing to act alone. Magic beasts were also a strong competitor for the portent!

“Fool, seeking death one after another!” A 900 Star leopard snorted. It was already used to such events.

Different from humans, magic beasts were born with the ability to detect danger so they were able to avoid it in time. Thus, none of the magic beasts ran into Xuyu Mountain to die, all of them patiently waiting for the moment the door opened!

However, other than the earlier fiasco, it really was quiet. Not a single bloody battle happened in West City today either.

Now, let’s direct our attention to a warm building inside the city.

“What? You want to go too?!” Yan Fei said, “I don’t agree! It’s too dangerous!”

“Why can’t I? This is an opportunity that can be won!” Lu Shiqian countered.

“The strong are plenty like clouds, with what do you say you can win over them?” Yan Fei angrily retorted.

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