Chapter 362

“But why can’t I beat them?” Lu Shiqian was clean and light.

“You’re only Rank 8 and also haven’t recovered yet!” Yan Fei warned.

“Sometimes, you don’t have to use force to snatch things, you can also use intelligence. Of course, luck is also indispensable! My luck has always been good!” She lied. Ever since she came to Dayu, her luck was really bad. However, sometimes extreme misfortune was an opportunity in the making!

Yan Fei was suddenly speechless.

“Alright, since you’ve decided to go, I’ll go too!” Yan Fei would never admit that he was worried about her and wanted to help.

“Sure, then we’re a team!” Lu Shiqian said.

Meng Long’s coffin face tightened, “I’m going too!”

The Thousand Year King and Xiaoyue both said, “We’re going to follow Master!”

Yan Hui was worried but he could only cheer for his brother and sister, “Good luck! I will wait for you!”

The moon shone overhead especially brightly this night. It was so bright… that it was eerie!

Xuyu Mountain to the northeast of West City used to be an unknown mountain!

No magic beasts or precious herbs inhabited it, and the only thing that could be said about it was its beautiful scenery. However, the magic power there was very thin, so even though it existed for thousands of years, no one cared about it!

Until Month 10, Day 1 when it suddenly exploded, becoming famous overnight!

Today was Month 10, Day 16. Thousands of people gathered at the foot of the mountain.

Tens of thousands of people would enter at ten in the morning and face all kinds of dangers, robbing and stealing from each other!

Perhaps those that were friends at the moment would be enemies in the next second!

Their blood would be sprinkled on the mountain as homage to the portent!

It was crazy. So many people moved for a single thing; some didn’t even know what the portent was!

However, even if they didn’t know, after witnessing that earth-shaking pillar of light, no one could still their trembling hearts.

This thing could definitely take them to the top, a sacred object that would turn them into a peerless powerhouse. It may be even more powerful than that! Otherwise, how could it live up to that pillar of light it released? However, even without those conditions, as long as it could make someone a top powerhouse, many would go fight for it, not hesitating to bloody themselves and put their lives on the line!

The hail of the portent!

A sea of people surrounded Xuyu Mountain!

Xuyu Mountain Range was extremely big with a total of 143 peaks, the tallest of the mountains the entrance to the portent. However, because of the pillar of light, it was now another few thousands of meters higher. The mountain shot straight up into the heavens, creating a majestic sight!

This mountain seemed to sprout from an unknown hill without any spirituality, growing into a towering mountain overnight full of secrets and treasures. It was so large that it could even be called a mountain range!

This change was truly amazing!

Was this indicating something? No one knew.

It was nine in the morning, and people awaited eagerly and anxiously, forming groups or teams at the bottom of the mountain.

Grouping up could greatly increase their chances of survival, and living was the prerequisite to compete, even if everyone was going to fight each other later on.

Lu Shiqian stood in an inconspicuous corner. Beside her was Meng Long, Yan Fei, Xiaoyue who turned into a little fox, and the Thousand Year King who was glued onto her waist.

Soon, a man with orange hair and devilish beauty found her, happily running over. Behind the orange-haired young man was a misty blue-haired young man. These two were both unforgettable at first sight, but the power they exuded was weak—around first stage lower god.

With the arrival of these two, Lu Shiqian’s five-man party was officially established. To an outsider, it was definitely an… extremely weak team!

The entire team only had one second stage middle god, three first stage lower gods, and even a Rank 8 mage! It was too shocking! Were they seeking death?

Someone immediately expressed their contempt for Lu Shiqian’s team.

As long as they were weak, anyone could despise them!

Someone even said, “Compared to others, I might be weak, but when compared to them, I suddenly feel a sense of pride!” The one who spoke was sickening, but his words gained the other’s approval!

Someone even mocked, “You don’t say. Maybe their luck is so good they’ll just ‘happen’ to get the portent!” The speaker was ordinary with a pair of pig ears.

Loud laughter ensued!

Lu Shiqian remained calm. She had seen and heard too much mockery and disdain and no longer cared.

Feng Luan was displeased. As a lofty ferocious beast that would make others tremble in fear, when had anyone ever laughed at him? He glanced over and those people immediately shut up. The death glare of a 6,000 Star magic beast was chilling even if he was pretending to be a lower god.

The mocking crowd immediately stopped and couldn’t help but be surprised, checking out Feng Luan. He was obviously just a lower god; how could he make them shake like this? However, no one dared laugh at them anymore!

“Your temper is terrible! It’s okay as long as you get used to it!” the Thousand Year King said. Back then, it was such a proud and gallant fierce beast. Now, it was just a pure and little 11 Star octopus!

Xiaoyue’s eyes narrowed, silently agreeing with the Thousand Year King. It was now a 50 Star magic beast and couldn’t be considered strong.

In short, this really was a squad that was full of trash inside-out!

However, it’s fine as long as you’re used to it!

Not far from Lu Shiqian’s team was the Kelin family with around 300 people—the largest team present.

The leader was Kelin Yuyang, the current patriarch of the Kelin family and a God King powerhouse. He looked like a middle-aged person in his forties and had scales on his forehead and the back of his hands. At this moment, he was entirely focused on Xuyu Mountain.

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