Chapter 363

Kelin Liangda stood by his side, his eyes drifting. This lecherous man never forgot to ogle beauties no matter the time or place. At this time, he was exchanging glances with a hot, revealing, and sexy beauty. Seeing that his father was only paying attention to the portent, he courageously walked over and felt the woman’s a**.

The woman must’ve known the Kelin family and leaned her body into Kelin Liangda’s embrace.

“Young Master, this one is scared to go in alone. Can I go in with you?” The woman was beautiful and also had a nice voice. Kelin Liangda’s bones softened.

“Sure, beauty, but…” He obscenely groped the woman’s breasts.

The woman not only did not stop him but also puffed out her chest.

The two were so flagrant that the other people in the woman’s team was dissatisfied, “You sl*t, weren’t you on the same team as me?” Saying that, he moved to pull the woman.

Kelin Liangda was pumped, “You dare fight with me? Do you know who I am?”

That person was also a young master of a small family and generally not good-tempered. Hearing Kelin Liangda’s words, he roared, “Like I fcking give a sht!”

Before he finished, a powerhouse from the Kelin family hit him and he instantly flew out like a broken kite, his status unknown.

The atmosphere suddenly stiffened. They were slightly unsatisfied that the Kelin family would so easily kill another, but since they were a big family, no one said anything.

Kelin Liangda snorted in the direction the person fell. Suddenly, his eyes couldn’t move anymore.

There was a simple yet extremely beautiful woman in front of him. She faced the mountain, her long hair fluttering with the breeze.

On second glance, there were four distinct men around her. One of them was the bastard he hated most! His face sank.

However, this was a God-given opportunity, wasn’t it?

“Young Master, what are you looking at?” The sexy lady tried to grab the attention of the lewd man, drawling in her soft voice. She was also a competitor for the portent, but before she found a stronger team, she had to grab onto the fat fish in front of her.

Kelin Liangda finally returned to his senses after a long time. He glanced at the sexy lady. This woman and that woman was really like comparing sparrows and phoenixes! If you didn’t compare, you didn’t know; if you compared, it was glaringly obvious!

But he, Kelin Liangda, wanted both the sparrow and the phoenix! Which man wasn’t half-hearted ah?

“Beauty, let’s go, come home with me. I’ll love you well.” As he said that, he stuck his hand into the woman’s clothes, groping the woman’s breasts obscenely.

When everyone saw this, they felt that it was very indecent but also didn’t say anything, simply staying far away from them!

There were only five minutes left before the portent’s arrival!

Subtle tension filled the air!

It took 30 minutes for the portent to open, but it only took them 5 minutes to burst up the mountain. Time was extremely abundant!

However, with the desire to be ahead, most people would still try to reach there first.

Two minutes passed quickly. Xuyu Mountain began to shake violently and another beam of light shot into the sky, even more dazzling and magnificent than the first time!

The sound and visual effects were even more astounding up close. People were stunned, forgetting who they were and what they were here for.

A whole mountain peak was occupied by the beam of light, and soon after, 143 mountain peaks blazed with light. The huge and unparalleled power was surrounded by the pillars of light, enthralling everyone’s hearts.

This incredible scene! This unbelievable power!

There seemed to be some kind of communication between the lights. They rushed into the clouds, as if they were holding a convention!

Clouds rolled across the sky fast and fiercely, as if they were preparing to await the arrival of something!

Every person was stunned by the sight in front of them. This magnificent power of nature was like a sledgehammer hammering on their hearts until the rhythm of their heartbeats synced.

No one dared move forward. If they could be said to be stunned still earlier, now they were scared still!

Acting rashly was simply gifting their lives away!

Fortunately, the portent wasn’t arriving to scare people, so after a heaven-shaking sound, a giant screen shining with the brilliance of jewels unfolded in front of everyone. The beams of light faded and the clouds also thinned.

Soon, someone realized that the portent was opening!

At this time, people finally rushed upwards, afraid of falling behind by a step.

The giant screen was like a huge lake, submerging all who jumped in, leaving no ripples behind.

Lu Shiqian was the last to enter. After she entered, the giant screen that was supposed to be open for 30 minutes closed ahead of time.

Xuyu Mountain was devoid of people. The wind blew by and the trees rustled.

Where did everyone go?

“Where… is this?” After passing through the screen, Lu Shiqian found herself in an unfamiliar place that reeked of danger.

“Ah…” Suddenly, there was a scream!

Yellow sands stretched as far as the eye could see. It was actually an endless desert!

Sharp stones, scorching temperatures, no sun or moon. There was no day or night here, only one eternal tone!

No one expected the portent’s inside to be like this!

Or put another way, this was the illusion it created.

Also, which direction were they supposed to head in?

Only around 3,000 people were standing near Lu Shiqian. As such, there were probably tens of thousands of similar scenes playing out in different locations!

What a big hand!

But, where should they head towards and what were they supposed to do?

Also, what was with the scream earlier?

“Everyone, please collect one hundred mantis wings in order to go to the next venue. The time limit is three days. The first ten will also receive rewards. There are some gentle little mantises in the desert, and as long as you get the required items from them, you may enter the second stage. Work hard!” A slightly excited androgynous voice suddenly transmitted over the vast desert, “Of course, warriors, if you happen to die, I’m not going to be responsible, okay? If you really do kick the bucket, I’ll even celebrate a bit. Okay, you can go ahead.”

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