Chapter 364

What an arrogant and sardonic tone! This portent was somewhat of a pervert!

However, this voice also excited the others. Think about it, the voice that could traverse throughout the desert proved the portent’s might! That was enough to rouse the people’s ambition!

“Go!” Someone shouted.

People were full of energy, ready to cross the desert!

Since there were no restrictions on tools or magic beasts, some people took out a mode to ride.

There were also some that rode their magic beasts.

What was a little sand to them? The people here were all God Rank powerhouses. What was the scorching heat worth? This was nothing to them!

Many people felt that this test was too easy!

Lu Shiqian’s three man and four beast party also mixed into the crowd, keeping a neither short nor far distance.

What were mantis wings?

“Master, this is a foreign land. We must be careful,” Lan Yingyan warned.

“En.” Lu Shiqian agreed. She also felt this way. The voice was quite strange, so there may be something strange waiting for them.

However, careless people were abound.

For example, the team that quickly passed by Lu Shiqian was particularly confident.

“What mantis wings? To us, isn’t it as easy as stretching out a hand?”

“Exactly! There’s nothing we can’t overcome here! The portent it ours!”

This group was all third stage middle gods, intermediate amongst the competitors.

At this time, they were already tens of thousands of meters from the starting point, but other than sand, there was only sand.

However, those words were like a catalyst and the entire desert began boiling, sand bubbles appearing one after another. It was an abrupt change!

Soon after, the sand bubbles popped dirt-brown mantises with ugly faces crawled out!

If mantises were really that big, if mantises really had such hard shells–!

Though it looked like a praying mantis, it had three wings!

It also had two genuine blades at its joints!

The mantises that were around three meters tall were somewhat imposing!

What was even more shocking was that the mantises just happened to encounter the extremely confident team. They swung their blades fast as lightning and one person was split in half before even being able to react! Instant kill!

The fighting power of these mantises was shocking!

The people who reacted were attacked back, but they couldn’t even scratch the mantis. The mantis swiped and another person was cleaved!

Which damn bastard said these were “gentle little” mantises?!

These were simply killing machines!

This was just the start. More bubbles popped and giant mantises emerged, densely covering the entire desert! It was terrifying!

Those who rode modes and magic beasts were surrounded. Blades rose and fell as countless fell!

If you wanted to leave alive, there was no other way but teamwork!

Soon, a five-man team and ten-man team combined, forming twenty-man, thirty-man, and even forty-man teams.

Practitioners attacked close-up while mages assisted from afar, the most traditional strategy.

Six praying mantises appeared next to Lu Shiqian. These monsters didn’t have any life fluctuations and were rather strange.

Fortunately, they had weaknesses!

One Heavenly Swinging Sword sent down a torrent of sword essence!

Lu Shiqian had already learned the Heavenly Swinging Sword to the 40th move. The more she learned, the more profound she felt the style was. There was a connection between the techniques, and the further you learned, the more powerful the previous moves! The Heavenly Swinging Sword was originally meant to use the essence of nature to cleanse the body. The more you trained, the more practical it was. The body would be cleansed again and again, bringing it closer to one with nature and the five attributes. Lu Shiqian’s body had reached a terrifying perfection by the 40th move. The Heavenly Swinging Sword relied on drawing the natural elements wind, fire, water, thunder, wood, earth, etc. and transformed them. The deeper you delved, the broader and richer your moves!

Thus, when Lu Shiqian struck out with her sword, her sword intent actually ignored the mantises’ defense and slashed them to pieces!

“You have received 36 wings!” A clear voice suddenly sounded in her ears.

Lu Shiqian’s attack was amazing and quite a few looked over. However, there was no room for distraction on the battlefield and those people were insta-killed by the mantises.

Thus, no one was distracted again!

As for Yan Fei and Meng Long, they were already used to Lu Shiqian’s abnormality while the beasties were overjoyed.

“I’m going to play too!” Xiaoyue declared.

Xiaoyue darted forward like a silver-blue arrow. Where he went, mantises would freeze into ice and shatter after a light touch.

Xiaoyue got 40 wings.

How could the Thousand Year King that feared the world was not chaotic enough endure? He stretched out a tentacle and enlarged it, whipping it freely and annihilating a group of enemies.

The Thousand Year King collected 500 wings!

Meng Long shuttled through the mantises like a specter. His sword was like electricity, incapable of being blocked. He was worthy of the title as ace. Every sword stabbed into a mantis, and every retrieve would destroy them.

He earned 100 wings.

Yan Fei also responded calmly, fighting hard with a mantis. He was flexible and had high potential, and even if he wasn’t as abnormal as Lu Shiqian, he still managed to get a mantis wing on his own!

The Thousand Year King accomplished the most this time while Lan Yingyan and Feng Luan didn’t make a move this time.

The team moved forward with little resistance, shocking quite a few!

No one could figure out how this feeble-looking team could pass so smoothly!

After killing a few more mantises and feeling a warm current enter her body, Lu Shiqian discovered that these lifeless monsters actually gave more magic power than killing a 300 Star beast! After contracting so many cute beasties, her feelings for magic beasts were even stronger than for humans, so she would generally not kill them. Also, she was principled and wouldn’t go around killing people. Thus, even though killing was a good way to gain magic power, she wouldn’t do it lightly. Every time she killed was because the other party needed to die!

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