Chapter 365

But right now was an opportunity! That entire desert of mantises was an easy way to accumulate magic power!

She didn’t have any qualms about killing these things!

The beasties were also excited by this. As Lu Shiqian’s contracted beasts, the mantises they killed also helped Lu Shiqian!

Without a second word, they began to move!

The main force was still Xiaoyue and the Thousand Year King. Xiaoyue would cast Ice Seals a Thousand Miles to freeze a patch of mantises and then the Thousand Year King would stretch out a tentacle and shatter them!

“Your fighting power really shocked me,” the strange voice echoed again, except it was only to Lu Shiqian this time.

“Just so-so. Since this is one of your games, of course I have to get the most out of it!” Lu Shiqian replied, “It’s not like it would effect you anyways.”

“What a sensible child.” The voice sighed and then disappeared.

With Lu Shiqian’s abnormal opening of the path, the pressure on the others was reduced. With limited resources, people could only work harder. Fortunately, dealing with one mantis with multiple people increased their efficiency.

Her nimble feet took her through the mantises quickly, leaving just enough for the others to split.

There were also some that were greedy and weren’t grateful when Lu Shiqian saved them, instead accusing her of stealing their prey. Thus, she didn’t bother about the others anymore. In three days, she eliminated millions of mantises and gained a lot of magic power. She also contracted with a couple stray high-level magic beasts! The harvest was good!

Lu Shiqian was the first to arrive at the edge of the desert.

Soon after, the others also arrived. However, only 500 reached the end while the rest was probably lost to the mantises.

There were some familiar faces among the 500 people. The disgusting Kelin Liangda was also there. It could be seen that the Kelin family was quite exceptional, managing to keep 70 people!

Kelin Liangda’s heart felt scratched by a cat when he saw Lu Shiqian, “Little beauty, why don’t you follow this young master? You have to know that you won’t be as lucky next time! What’s the point of relying on that filthy bastard?”

The Kelin family hadn’t met Lu Shiqian before and naturally didn’t know the things she did.

However, those that had seen her strength before couldn’t hold back their disdainful glances.

Feng Luan couldn’t stand this idiot and directly kicked him away!

Pei, what thing was he?! He better stand at least 10 meters away from Master!

This kick provoked the Kelin family. They didn’t even think deeply about why a lower god was able to kick away a middle god and surrounded him.

Although Kelin Yuyang hated his son for not working hard and embarrassing the family, he was still his flesh and blood after all. Being kicked flying in front of all these eyes naturally sent his face flying away too. The Kelin family was a proud family and couldn’t stand any tarnish to their name, so how could they endure this provocation? However, they never imagined that they were facing a fierce beast! How could they ever beat a fierce beast in terms of toughness, cruelness, or ferocity? They wanted to destroy Lu Shiqian and the others, but Feng Luan wanted to annihilate them even more so!

Seeing that a fight was about to erupt, the androgynous voice sounded from the sky once more: “Nice job, 500 people have passed the desert. Let me check how many of you collected enough wings. Oh, 456 people. These 456 people may enter the next stage, as for the others… No need for them to exist!” The portent’s icy voice sounded, “My requirements for a master is quite high!”

As soon as the portent’s voice fell, the poor fellows that didn’t collect enough wings were turned into powder before even being able to scream. When the wind blew, they dispersed…

Everyone felt a chill. No one expected the portent to be so bloodthirsty!

“The unhappy things have been dealt with. Next, I’ll pass out the rewards. First place can receive exemption from the next round, second to tenth place will receive a hint from me. Alright, let’s enter the next stage!”

At this time, a voice came from Lu Shiqian’s voice, “You have received exemption.”

Although their battle with the Kelin family was interrupted, their enmity was set in stone!

The scene changed drastically and the second stage was naturally… a maze!

That’s right, a maze!

A vast maze that covered several million square meters!

“The first stage was just a warm-up, now is the true starting line! Everyone has to play well! It’s very easy to pass this time, as long as you find the exit within one week. A friendly reminder: you may meet some slight obstructions,” the deliberate and androgynous voice stated with a slightly high tone.

Immediately afterwards, the entire maze was displayed in front of everyone. It really was complicated and challenged their wisdom!

The map was displayed for only three minutes, disappearing afterwards.

People must rely on their memory for the correct route!

This was a difficult and perverted challenge!

The people who had just received qualification to enter were depressed. This wasn’t something they could attempt! They finally realized that coming here was simply suicidal!

Greed was the bane of humanity. They had no way to retreat—they either die or die trying!

Lu Shiqian took the lead since she remembered the entirety of the map. She was already good at memorization, and coupled with her mental power, her memory had reached a frightening level!

When she moved, Yan Fei and the others followed closely. Several others also followed her. Due to her abnormal performance in the previous stage, they had almost blind faith in her.

Others believed in the strong and populated Kelin family.

Within the Kelin family, there was a genius that specialized in memory. He was a ticket to safety.

Lu Shiqian’s team and the Kelin family’s team were simply two opposite ends of the spectrum. One team had a large number of people while the other team had only a few!

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