Chapter 366

Two entrances, two choices!

This was the choice of humans. As for magic beasts, they preferred to act alone. They could find their way through their keen sense of smell, hearing, and intuition for danger. Some magic beasts were also more intelligent than humans and could find the correct path through the map.

The wall of the maze was about a hundred meters high. The walls were covered with a dark black, spinning liquid. If anyone dared to violate the rules and climb the walls, only one outcome awaited them—to not even have their bones left!

Lu Shiqian walked along the route she remembered, smoothly navigating through the twists and turns.

The five following behind grew more and more surprised as they watched. In their eyes, Lu Shiqian seemed to be taking a walk through her backyard, very at ease.

They let out a sigh of relief.

At this moment, their thoughts about the portent had flown away, and they only deeply felt that it was impossible to get the portent in the first place, and impossible to control if they did!

Now, they only wanted to save their lives!

They didn’t expect their enthusiasm to be rewarded like this. They originally thought that no matter what obstacles they met, they wouldn’t give up. However, the portent was terrible beyond their imaginations, to the point that they felt like ants in front of a dragon.

They believed that following Lu Shiqian was their way to safety. The portent was abnormal, but the woman in front of them was also highly abnormal! Since ancient times, only abnormality could counter abnormality!

Of those five people, four were men and one was a woman. Two of the men were middle-aged, and the others were a young man and a teenager. The woman was a thirty-some beauty. The forty-some middle-aged man wearing elegant clothes was the strongest of the group, a second stage higher god. The handsome teenager was the weakest, a first stage middle god. Yet, they were now being led by a Rank 8 mage. In normal times, they would never even imagine it! But now, they believed!

A Rank 8 mage!

A Rank 8 mage that could instakill a mantis! This world was too crazy!

“Thank you for letting us follow.” The gentle and mature beauty said. Her name was Lin Fang, and speaking of it, she was here to fight for the portent not for her own wild ambitions, but to revive her husband.

Though most people came here for their ambitions, there were some that came for their loved ones.

“No need for thanks, you just happen to be on the same road as me. I can walk this way, so why can’t you?” Lu Shiqian lightly replied.

Lin Fang was taken aback. This girl was really surprising!

The Thousand Year King, Lan Yingyan, Feng Luan, and Moonlight Fox was also startled, feeling inexplicably touched. Even though their master always spoke coldly, her heart burned more warmly than everyone else! That warmth could directly heat up their indifferent hearts.

The longer they stayed with her, the harder it was for them to leave!

Meng Long’s heart was also moved. He had been trained in assassination since he was a child and passed through one after another cruel test. He had no relatives or friends, and knew even less about kindness. Following Lu Shiqian was just because there was something special attracting his notice… He was a killer and didn’t need emotional fetters, simply reaping lives was enough. However… He lifted his sword horizontally, his coffin face expressionless as usual, “Dodge!”

A cold sound swept by, and without warning, broke through a huge wall. The sharp horns were revealed and rushed towards them. Lu Shiqian took the brunt of the attack, getting hit by the two red horns. She was charged, stabbed, and thrown far away.

“!” This was really unexpected!

Meng Long felt his heart shake and his blade lifted and fell, slashing the giant bull-like monster in two!

However, there was not only one bull. There were over a thousand behind it!

These big guys were all over ten meters tall, its whole body red with four sharp horns on both sides. It had a mouthful of fangs and blood-red eyes. There were also claws on its feet! They were armed to the teeth!

This… may be the “small” obstacles!

“Damn it, you dare attack Master!” The Thousand Year King roared and its three tentacles turned into thousands as it flogged away.

Lan Yingyan’s figure flashed, blue hair fluttering, hitting five at once and exerting great pressure!

Feng Luan directly made a giant orange ball, firing away!

Xiaoyue danced through with his claws, casting its strong ice skills!

The four beasts moved almost at the same time and the result was… instakill!

Not a single one of the thousands was left!

The five people’s eyes bulged out!

Damn it! This damn trash dared touch their master?! Damn it to hell!

Yan Fei’s heart felt an uncontrollable pang. He prayed that Lu Shiqian was fine while running towards her at his fastest speed. He didn’t even realize that he was doing this!

Killing the bulls made a portion of the warm current go to Lu Shiqian. This happened in only one or two seconds, and she didn’t even have time to get up and check her injuries when she was held by a young man!

In fact, her body was extremely sturdy after practicing to the 44th move of the Heavenly Swinging Sword. The giant bull’s charge didn’t really hurt her.

However, the feelings of her beasties really surprised her! She didn’t do anything much, so being able to receive their heartfelt care really made her feel warm. She couldn’t help but smile gently, “Thank you all!”

Repay a plum with a forest of plum trees! Love and help each other, that was a family!

The Thousand Year King was the first to change tunes and twist his head away, “Hmph, who wants your thanks? My tentacles were just itchy!”

Feng Luan’s devilish eyes glared, “Ugly woman, you contracted this great one! This great one despises you to death!”

Lan Yingyan coldly harrumphed, “Stupid!”

Lu Shiqian: 囧. Usually, they kept going ‘Master’ this and ‘Master’ that, so well-behaved, so why did they all begin sneering when she thanked them?

Xiaoyue squinted his eyes and smiled, “Master, you’re really not suited for the gentle route!”

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