Chapter 367

Thus, foxes were the most annoying!

Yan Fei finally realized something wrong and hurriedly let go of Lu Shiqian with a flushed face. He kept repeating in his heart that he was just worried since he saw her get hurt, not because he cared about her!

After this little episode, the beasties seemed to enter a strange state. That was… Before the bulls could even charge them, the beasties would show off their strong skills one after another, creating one instakill after another…

Did you think 6,000 to 7,000 Star magic beasts were just for show?!

Fortunately, these bulls gave more magic power than the mantis monsters.

The rhythm seemed settled. The beasties would fiercely smash the monsters while Lu Shiqian received magic power and pointed out the way. Occasionally, she would contract a few stray magic beasts. Behind her followed five leisurely people.

This continued for four days!

During a break, Lu Shiqian took out a magic power stove and stir-fried and grilled some food, filling the maze with a delicious fragrance and attracting a lot of monsters, receiving another big reward!

Lan Yingyan and Feng Luan had never tasted this kind of food. They were instantly addicted to these Chinese-style dishes.

To grasp their heart, you must first conquer their stomach! Both human and beast was the same!

In any case, Lu Shiqian was the most relaxed group. You must know that the other groups were being chased like headless flies by the bulls.

They would walk some and rest some, as well as instakill the bulls. Lu Shiqian’s progress wasn’t too fast, and on the sixth day, they happened upon the Kelin family!

The road ahead was important, and the Kelin family was blocking it, so even if Lu Shiqian didn’t want to provoke them, the Kelin family wasn’t letting her go!

Kelin Liangda attacked first, aiming for Yan Fei!

Kelin Liangda was fast, ruthless, and accurate. Even though his talent was average and hollowed out his body with alcohol, he was still a middle god. The difference in level was laid in plain sight, and though Yan Fei had high potential, he wasn’t abnormal like Lu Shiqian and was successfully sneak attacked. A punch to his chest sent him flying away!

The Kelin family’s punching technique was exactly the same as the rumors: vicious, venomous, aiming for people’s meridians and fatal spots!

Fortunately, Yan Fei instinctively tilted his body, and though it was a serious injury, it wasn’t fatal.

Kelin Liangda was continuing his attack, but before his punch could land, a foot wearing animal leather boots arrived. It kicked him securely in the stomach, sending him flying away!

Lu Shiqian lifted up Yan Fei, took out a super gold medicine and fed it to him.

The Kelin family also supported Kelin Liangda and gave him medicine.

However, the quality between the two medicines was completely different. How could Lu Shiqian’s super gold medicine be compared to ordinary medicine? Yan Fei’s face changed visibly from pale to ruddy while Kelin Liangda was still coughing up blood!

Naturally, that kick used a lot of force, to the point he slammed into the ground and vomited blood!

“Damn b*tch, you’re seeking death!” Kelin Liangda’s uncle Kelin Gang roared, hooking out his hand like claws!

This person was a God King powerhouse, and his attacks were thousands of times more perfected than Kelin Liangda’s. His hand created afterimages, clawing forth one by one, vowing to bury Lu Shiqian and Yan Fei here!

“Uncle, just cripple that b*tch, don’t kill her!” Kelin Liangda didn’t forget his lecherous thoughts even at this moment.

Kelin Gang usually spoiled his nephew, so how could he refuse? He shifted his attacks towards Yan Fei more.

“Tch, acting like I don’t exist?” Feng Luan’s orange hair swayed and easily caught Kelin Gang’s attack with one hand.

“That damn old man, both blind and deaf, naturally cannot see my glorious self!” The Thousand Year King plopped himself on Lu Shiqian’s shoulder and coldly stated.

That Kelin Gang was also a tyrant ordinarily, otherwise, he wouldn’t have provoked the mercenary guild the other day. Ever since he became a God King, even city lords would have to give him some face let alone some average junior. However, when he came to West City, he first hammered the hard nail called Master Xiu, and now he was ridiculed by a lower god. How could he endure this? His face turned green in anger, “Seeking death!”

Kelin Gang slapped his palms together and muttered a mantra. Soon, hundreds of snake shadows gathered behind his back, forming a giant snake shadow over 10 meters tall. The snake spat venom and had two fangs exposed, its eyes shining poisonously!

This move was a secret skill of the Kelin family. Its attack was like a snake, but it also contained poison and mental attacks—a very powerful move!

Quite a few powerhouses fell to this attack!

The snake shadow attacked fast as lightning, darting towards Feng Luan!

The reason why it was termed as a snake ‘shadow’ was because it had no physical body, yet its attacks were real!

This was the essence of this move. Ordinary Kelin members could only condense a 20 centimeters long and thumb-thick snake, and only by reaching God King could you create such a large snake!

Thus, many Kelin family members couldn’t help but gasp at this!

After fighting the whole way, there were about 15 Kelin family members left, taking up a large majority of the remaining humans.

However, there were some magic beasts watching on the side. To them, Feng Luan was closer to them and they secretly cheered for him!

The five people following Lu Shiqian were cheering even harder for Feng Luan!

Feng Luan arrogantly swayed his hair. 6,900 Stars was equivalent to peak second stage God Overlord, to abuse a puny little God King wasn’t even fun!

They only saw him lightly stretch out a hand and a huge bird sprang out, accurately catching the snake’s neck. It tugged gently and pulled down that arrogant snake!

Kelin Gang failed to execute the skill and instead received a backlash!

He glared at Feng Luan, not daring to imagine that a little lower god could break his attack!

“Watch him for me.” Kelin Yuyang threw his son to a woman he was hooked on a week ago.

That woman dared not refuse and quickly hugged Kelin Liangda.

Kelin Yuyang was at the pinnacle of God King and was naturally a bit stronger than Kelin Gang. Ever since Feng Luan attacked, he realized that the orange-haired youth may have hidden his strength, and even more deeply felt that Lu Shiqian’s group was a threat!

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