Chapter 368

If they didn’t get rid of her, their troubles would be endless!

“Gang, don’t stay your hand! Kill them with all your strength!” Kelin Yuyang coldly shouted.

Kelin Gang nodded slightly and smacked his chest, spitting out a mouthful of black blood!

Kelin Yuyang also smacked his chest and spat out some black blood!

“Huh, are these old fogeys killing themselves since they can’t beat us?” Feng Luan asked in surprise.

He didn’t know that this was the Kelin family’s greatest move, killing three thousand and harming one hundred of their own. They exactly wanted to use this kind of self-harming method to harm the three thousand!

The Kelin family was known for being vicious in Motian, not only to others but also to themselves!

After spitting out black blood, the two of them began chanting at the same time.

The stench in the maze suddenly increased and a gloomy wind blew by.

The black blood on the ground gradually grew larger, bubbling, and rotated into a circle. The bubble grew bigger and the fishy stench grew even worse. What was coming out of that bubble?

It became more and more clear—it was a thing with a human head and snake body, an extremely disgusting thing.

This thing was made by combining heart blood, condensed toxins and evil spirits. It wasn’t a living thing, but because it was formed through resentment, it was a disgusting thing that would rise up and gnaw off the flesh and bones of its target. This time, it appeared to tear Lu Shiqian to shreds!

Once this thing attacked a person or magic beast, it would drill into the opponent’s body and eat their internal organs before breaking out from inside!

Furthermore, general methods couldn’t deal with it. It couldn’t be harmed with a sword, fire couldn’t burn it, and water wouldn’t disperse it.

It quickly attacked Feng Luan. Feng Luan dodged and the thing dove into the several meters thick wall, smashing it into pieces!

What great power!

After missing, the disgusting thing released a screech and attacked Feng Luan again.

This time, it latched onto Feng Luan’s leg and opened wide its giant maw packed densely with teeth. As it was about to bite in, Feng Luan hit the thing hard in disgust, sending it a few steps back. It stretched its body and wrapped around Feng Luan’s arm, biting down.

“Damn it!” Feng Luan endured the pain bitterly and smacked it to the ground. Energy waves rolled out and continuously hit the monster!

Bang, bang, bang! A 6,000 fierce beast was not to be underestimated! The ground was only left with a bottomless pit with a five meter radius!

He then looked at his arm—a whole piece had been torn off!

Lu Shiqian pulled over Feng Luan’s arm and poured gold medicine on it like it didn’t cost money!

Kelin Gang and Kelin Yuyang gloated, “How about it? Got injured, heh? How could you be the match of the black-hearted beast? Just wait to be eaten!”

As soon as they finished speaking, that disgusting thing leaped up and swallowed the meat from Feng Luan’s arm!

It seemed to find it delicious and once again attacked. Feng Luan lightly dodged and saw it lunge onto a person from the Kelin family, cruelly burrowing into his body regardless of his pleads for help. The person’s body bulged in weird angles as he screamed horrifyingly before the thing burst out from within.

That thing was really insidious!

Insidious and disgusting!

Lan Yingyan’s eyes were cold and was about to make a move when he saw a young man scrambling and bumping over, happening to hit the ground and blocking the thing’s path.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry.” The wave of apologies revealed the youth’s panic.

The youth lifted his head and they saw that he was handsome with a pair of misty eyes. He exuded innocence and had a small white face, perky nose, and ruddy cheeks. His hair was also a misty black; he appeared very weak, and no matter how you looked, he seemed harmless!

This young man was the pitiful person kicked by Kelin Liangda the other day!

Didn’t expect him to also come and even pass all the previous challenges!

However, unfortunately, he was blocking that disgusting thing’s path.

“Sorry, someone pushed me. I’ll get out of the way now, don’t hit me!” The young man cried anxiously, both afraid and sad.

However, Kelin Yuyang’s good mood was disrupted, so how could he let the youth go? He coldly ordered, “Kill him!”

The youth’s eyes widened!

Pa! Lu Shiqian accurately threw out a stone, her other hand holding a vine and pulling the youth over.

There were only a few milliseconds left! If she was any later, the youth would’ve died!

“Leave now.” Lu Shiqian pushed the dazed youth out of the battle.

The youth remained in a daze rather sillily.

Since Lu Shiqian acted, the disgusting thing began targeting her, but fortunately, she was very fast and it temporarily couldn’t catch her. However, this wasn’t a long-term solution. Lan Yingyan watched closely. As long as this thing got a little farther from Master, he would kill it!

Kelin Liangda finally woke up after taking some medicine and sneaked to Lu Shiqian’s side, preparing to ambush Yan Fei! However, he only saw the innocent youth blinking his big eyes at him. Anger surged in his heart, and he once again harshly kicked the youth into the sky, right into the center of the battle.

Compared to someone that was too slippery to catch, prey that laid prone on the ground without moving was more tasteful!

The black, disgusting monster darted towards the youth!

No matter how fast Lu Shiqian was, she could not rescue the youth again.

The monster bit on the youth’s head!

“OUCH!” The boy screamed. Then, he began laughing.

Lu Shiqian came to an abrupt stop. Kelin Yuyang and Kelin Gang also paused!

Because this youth, this laugh, was extremely strange!

Yes, the youth himself wasn’t strange and neither was the laugh by itself. However, right now, a youth with a monster biting on his head was laughing, which made everything infinitely weird!

The atmosphere turned strange.

The youth’s appearance didn’t change, but his expression changed earth-shakenly. Indeed, earth shakingly!

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