Chapter 369

If his expression before could be said to be as innocent as a newborn chick, then the expression on his face now was unpredictable. It was elusive like a cloud, like fog, like the dark night when ghosts would come out to play.

With him as a center, a violent hurricane started. Where the hurricane passed, the walls of the maze collapsed!

Through the hurricane, you seemed to be able to see a pair of bloodthirsty eyes!

Like that of an ancient demon!

The aura he emitted was erratic, but it was surely real. Even a fierce beast like Lan Yingyan was suppressed, that was how terrifying and amazing it was!

Who was he? Was he a God King? God Overlord? Or God Monarch?


Coercion naturally flowed out of him, as if a flood discharge switch was flipped on and the pouring water surged out, drowning everyone!

Lu Shiqian bitingly withstood the pressure. She had Bai and the Death God’s magic beast spaces in her body, so she was primed to withstand coercion. Her beasties were also the same!

As for the others, they all shook violently under this pressure, especially the Kelin family, shaking even harder. The people that could make it to this point were all higher gods and powerhouses that had experienced many battles. However, under this huge coercion, their orifices were all bleeding and their bodies all shattered after a while!

So powerful!

Kelin Liangda was so scared his soul was going to fly away. He glanced at his uncle and father; they were already suppressed to the point their faces paled, their veins bulging. He hurriedly shrank his body and prepared to run. After all, his father and uncle’s lives weren’t as important as his own!

Speaking of it, it was rather strange. He was the only one unaffected at the scene.

“Ouch, ouch, ouch!” The youth laughed wildly, “You made me hurt, so I should pay back in kind, right?”

At this moment, the disgusting monster had fallen from his head, a little dazed.

“This thing bit so hard.” The young man grabbed the black-hearted beast and it seemed to recognize the imminent danger and began struggling.

Kelin Yuyang saw this and paled even more. Black-hearted beasts were essentially monsters hidden inside their hearts, drawn out by their heart blood. This was their Kelin family’s secret, their ultimate weapon. That thing was intangible and had no shape or form. It was almost impossible to touch it, much less grab it! However, the young man in front of them actually caught it and even mocked, “A disgusting bug?”

And that ‘disgusting bug’ began struggling even harder. It was quite strange that this thing had a sense of fear.

He just happened to meet glances with the young man and saw that Kelin Liangda had almost ran out of their field of vision. The young man stretched out a hand and hooked, an extremely strong attraction rushed forward and dragged the panicked man back, smacking him on the ground!

“Where are you going?” The young man’s voice was innocent, but paired with his expression, it caused a strange hair-rising feeling, “I remember you… kicked me twice?”

Kelin Liangda was terrified, but he still wanted a chance, “This young master… I-I am the young master of the Kelin family! It’s not good to offend me!” These words were full of trembles, but after saying this, he suddenly gained a burst of confidence. He had spoken these words again and again over the past two thousand years, and it was the basis of his confidence for bullying men and women, the source of his confidence. These sentences were truly useful; his identity was also useful, practically no one dared to resist! This time, it would surely work too!

The young man raised a brow.

Kelin Liangda saw hope. This idiot didn’t notice at all that even his father, the patriarch of the Kelin family, was suppressed so hard he couldn’t even speak. However, he suddenly felt that this young man was easy to bully. As the young master of the Kelin family, the young man had to give face to him: “I can forgive you for your offences, you…” His eyes suddenly widened in horror because he saw…

He saw the young man expressionlessly place the black-hearted beast onto his chest!

“So noisy!” the young man complained.

The black-hearted beast was extremely scared of the young man, so now that it had a place to burrow into and hide, how could it not?

It dug into the heart and marrows. Ahh, that youth was terrifying!

Kelin Liangda’s screams of pain ringed out, his body opened with thousands of holes. Blood flowed out and his body was completely deformed. That pain was worse than death by a thousand cuts, that unspeakable pain rendered him only able to scream!

The young man seemed to like the screams, applauding fervently, “Wah, nice, nice. Pain is a wonderful thing worth savoring!”

The young man’s actions made the others inhale a sharp breath, afraid that he would use vicious methods to deal with them too.

It was a pity that Kelin Liangda couldn’t savor it because he had already died from the pain and bleeding. He was completely unrecognizable—you absolutely couldn’t tell that lump of meat was once a human!

“Da’er…” Kelin Yuyang shouted grieviously, crawling towards his son. Even though he was cruel, he was also a father. It didn’t matter how many others died, but he only had one son!

Kelin Gang yelled loudly, “We have no grievances with you! Why are you so cruel?!”

The youth was puzzled, “He kicked me twice, how is this no grievances? Oh, you guys want to kill me too, right?” As if he affirmed his suspicions, he lifted his head and gave a devilish smile, “Do you know how I deal with people that beat and kick me?”

This smile was too terrifying, and Kelin Gang couldn’t help but retreat a large step.

The young man searched his pockets and saw the black-hearted beast sneak out of Kelin Liangda’s corpse, attempting to escape. He frowned, stepped on it, and crushed it. Since it was a bug, it should be treated like this! The bug couldn’t stand it and writhed in pain, blood splattering out. Before it could truly process it, it was stamped to death!

After digging for a while through his pockets, he pulled out a doll full of needles and a painful expression. When the young man lifted it up, it wriggled in pain.

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