Chapter 370

The young man pursed his red lips, “Oops, wrong one!”

He dug through his sleeves for another while and took out a string of dolls. There were men and women, old and young. They all either had knives or needles jabbed into their bodies, or their necks were twisted broken but they could still move… There were hundreds of them, all with painful expressions.

What was even more surprising was that these dolls all gave off vitality!

Everyone stepped back, trying to maintain a safe distance from the young man. However, in this maze, there probably wasn’t such a thing as ‘safe’.

The young man stuffed all the dolls into his chest pocket and took out a piece of mud, pouting, “I have no choice. I have to do this now.” They only saw his dexterous hands flying and quickly forming two mud people. Looking at its appearance, it was Kelin Yuyang and Kelin Gang!

Kelin Yuyang and Kelin Gang were terrified. They already knew what the young man was going to do to them and no longer hesitated, running away at their fastest speed.

“What’s a good punishment?” The young man seemed to not realize the two had run away, muttering, “Break their hands and legs? Did that already. Cut them with knives and axes? Nah, nothing new. Oh, make that disgusting bug from earlier crawl inside their bodies?” The young man smiled brilliantly, “Not bad, not bad.” He quickly rolled out two black bugs and stuffed them into the dolls.

He reached out a grabbed, hooking back the two that had run away: “This is a good thing. All of your power and pain will become my power, isn’t that great?”

Not bad your mom! Kelin Yuyang and Kelin Gang cursed the youth to the sky. They were both shocked and scared, almost on the verge of collapse.

This young man didn’t care how they struggled and placed the doll onto their foreheads. After a white light flash, their souls entered the dolls and entered the sea of pain as the bug gnawed through them!

Death is better than living!

The others were horrified. This was… This was a God King powerhouse!

How terrible was a person that could play around with God Kings?!

After killing off the entire Kelin group, the young man’s big eyes blinked and turned misty again, his suppression disappearing too.

“Oh, I’m okay, haha!” The youth smiled honestly and sauntered over to Lu Shiqian.

All people standing near Lu Shiqian immediately ran three meters away!

Lan Yingyan stared seriously at the youth, secretly accumulating his energy.

Lu Shiqian motioned him to stop and not act rashly. Though this young man was like a demon, thankfully, he was only sometimes a demon. He needed someone to activate the conditions such as hurting him before he “transformed”.

The youth walked to Lu Shiqian’s side and grabbed her hand.

Everyone’s eyes focused on the held hand.

The youth obediently and shyly said, “Big Sister, thank you!”

Everyone was shocked and acted like they saw a devil! After seeing the youth’s cruelness, they really weren’t used to his current self. They then looked at Lu Shiqian, wanting to know how she would react to the youth. Would she be scared? Fearful? Or flatter him?

Lu Shiqian said with a dissatisfied face, “Did you get something wrong? Are you younger than me? ‘Big’ Sister, I don’t want to take such a loss!”

These words struck everyone thunderously!

The boy’s misty eyes widened, timidly saying as if he was wrong, “Sister… how old are you?”

Lu Shiqian was instantly proud, “I am in the invincible period of youth: 17 years old!” Actually, almost 18, cough, cough. Counting her time on Earth, she would be 24. Ahh, whatever, Yan Hui was still a baby when he was 24, no one would care that much.

As soon as she finished speaking, someone cast over an extremely contemptuous look. Keep pretending, she must be at least 7,000 to 8,000! Otherwise, she wouldn’t be so ostentatious as to say she was only 17! Too shameful!

However, wasn’t she afraid that the youth would be mad at her for tricking him?

They couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat for her!

“Hm, that’s really a lot younger than me, haha.” The youth chuckled.

People were speechless. This youth was so obedient?!

“I’ll be going first.” The youth’s big misty eyes blinked, “I’m also curious about the portent. Don’t fight with me, or I’ll kill you oh~” The angelic youth abruptly changed into a devil again!

Lu Shiqian looked at the youth and threw over a gold medicine, “Why don’t you heal your wounds first?”

The youth’s mouth flattened, “I already said that I’m not hurt!” However, he still took the medicine and hid it in his chest pocket. He walked forward recklessly while muttering, “Hmph, I’ll definitely kill you if you dare snatch from me, but I can let you go once on account of this gift.”

No one dared block the way of the youth, allowing him to advance unimpeded.

Now, everyone could move forward once again.

However, only 30 people made it out of the maze.

“You are all brave heroes, reaching this place within the prescribed time. This is too great! As the group with the largest number of people, I will give you a tip: everyone will be gathered together again in the next map, probably around 100,000 people and 120,000 magic beasts. The only thing you have to do is… survive. Every person you defeat will be added to your record, and if you defeat someone that has a record, their number will be added to yours. Only those that have over 1,000 can safely enter the next map, or choose to leave. Note that you must first survive. If the fight is intense and less than 1,000 people, you can enter the next map even if you don’t have a record.” The portent’s voice was both excited and cruel. Since they had entered its territory, they must follow its rules!

These cruel rules were full of slaughter. At this moment, Lu Shiqian realized that over 30 million people had perished here. Many magic beasts had also died here.

However, the next map’s magic beasts were definitely all elites! If she contracted them, that would be a big harvest!

The map slowly opened and the maze drew far away. The scenes changed quickly, and by the time everyone reacted, they were already at the center of a ring of totem poles!

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