Chapter 371

The hundreds of meters long totem had many lifelike monsters carved onto it. Just looking at it would make one apprehensive. This would be their bloody battlefield! They would either kill or be killed! In any case, they must squeeze into the top thousand in order to leave this terrible place!

This battle would most likely take place within this thirty-mile circle surrounded by totems.

At this moment, there was no longer any trust between people as they stared at each other cautiously, ready to strike out with a fatal blow at any time!

This was truly cruel!

The people who came with Lu Shiqian all instantly ran far away. Her team’s strength was something they would never forget; they didn’t want to die in vain! However, they were unaware that she didn’t want to harm anyone. She only ever acted in self-defense and would never initiate an attack!

Of the five who followed her before, only the teenager and woman stayed behind. The two middle-aged people and young man left. The woman and teenager trusted their intuition more while the others trusted their judgement more.

However, most of the magic beasts all stayed behind. Compared to women and children, beastly instincts were far more accurate!

Lu Shiqian seized the opportunity and contracted them all after asking.

At this time, if Lu Shiqian wanted to contract with magic beasts, as long as she was within a thousand meters, all the magic beasts would automatically gather around her. How convenient… Many magic beasts willingly bowed their heads, especially if they could weigh the pros and cons!

“The time limit is two weeks, work hard oh~!” The neither male nor female voice spoke.

Lu Shiqian sank into thought. The voice calling her was becoming clearer and clearer. In addition, there was also a familiar magic power fluctuation. She was already very familiar with that fluctuation… No matter how slight it was, she would be able to catch it, much less when it was so strong!

They must pass this level!

In Lu Shiqian’s group, her four beasties’ share was counted to her. Meng Long had extraordinary strength, and while Yan Fei was a bit weaker, getting into the top thousand wasn’t a problem.

Looking back at Lin Fang and the teenager, these two… If they could keep their lives, then there should be hope. If she had some extra points, she could give some to them.

The teenager saw Lu Shiqian turn her head and couldn’t help but step back in panic, but he was held by Lin Fang.

This teenager was around 15 or 16 years old in appearance and could also be considered a genius. However, he grew up too well and impulsively entered the fight for the portent. In the first stage, he was almost scared silly by the bloody and frightening scenes. In the second stage, he also witnessed the beautiful youth’s terrifying massacre. He was already on the verge of a breakdown. He deeply felt the viciousness of the world, and everyone was out to get him. Now that they were asking them to fight and kill each other, he was about to treat every bush and tree as an enemy!

Lu Shiqian’s eyes sank as she said, “Some might sneak attack us later. Be careful.”

Lin Fang nodded and pulled the teenager forward.

The totem field was already filled with all kinds of dangers. No one knew who would attack and where they would attack from.

Those various totems were also great places for an ambush!

The clear surface hid many dangers underneath!

A middle god just sneak attacked a lower god, but turned around and got killed by a higher god. Two people teamed up to kill another two, but before he could even gloat, he was stabbed in the back by his partner. Sneak attacks, assassination, magic, and martial arts—no one knew where the next attack would arrive from.

Lu Shiqian was very low level. She was simply a soft persimmon that everyone wanted to squeeze!

From the totem to the side, an assassin-like mage threw a thorn, hoping to nail down Lu Shiqian before killing her.

“Tch, sneaking around is the most annoying thing!” the Thousand Year King thrashed a tentacle quick as lightning, and before the person could even react, he was killed.

Though the beasties didn’t go out provoking others under Lu Shiqian’s leadership, they would absolutely strike back if others came to them.

“Congratulations on receiving two points.” A voice sounded in Lu Shiqian’s ears.

There was no expression on Meng Long’s pale face. He drew his sword and sheathed it, another unlucky soul stabbed to death!

Yan Fei had some hesitation in his heart. He didn’t like to kill others, but when others were coming to kill him, he would have to receive it. If he hesitated, he would be the one killed. Slowly, his heart hardened.

Those that were hiding in the dark trying to attack saw how strong Lu Shiqian’s team was and didn’t dare act rashly, quickly running away. Lu Shiqian and the others naturally didn’t give chase.

In addition to humans, magic beasts also attacked. For example, this 1,000 Star camel. The three peaks on its back opened up and knives flew out, the yellow hair on its body turning into poisonous needles!

Its attacks were sharp!

It was just a pity that Feng Luan merely waved his hand and rendered it all useless.

Seeing that the situation wasn’t good, the camel began running away. Feng Luang jumped and stepped on its back.

The poor camel burst into tears, believing its life to be over.

Lu Shiqian took the opportunity to threaten and unleash her unscrupulous techniques, gaining another high-level magic beast.

“Congratulations on receiving 15 points.” Wow, this camel was quite an expert.

During the next five days, Lu Shiqian’s team maintained the same rhythm: kill people when they came, contract magic beasts when they came. Along the way, their team grew increasingly strong.

From far away, a large team of magic beasts could be seen. No one with eyes would come bother them. When they met other magic beasts, they would either 1v1 or gank them, dragging over one after another magic beast. Lu Shiqian’s points had already accumulated to a shocking 200,000! She had also contracted 10,000 magic beasts, more than a hundred of them over 1,000 Stars, the rest between 400 Stars to 1,000 Stars. What a good one! These magic beasts generally had some direct or indirect relationship with the top five beast houses and were a huge resource. However, this was to be seen at a later date.

The number of points she had was enough to share with everyone around her!

On the seventh day, a good half had encountered Lu Shiqian at least once. However, none of them dared do anything and Lu Shiqian didn’t do anything to them either.

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