Chapter 372

They turned around a totem and heard someone’s loud laughter.

What a bold guy! Was he not scared of getting stabbed? He was either extremely strong or extremely stupid. However, an idiot wouldn’t be able to survive for seven days, so he must be extremely strong.

“The girl you’re talking about is really that interesting?” The tone was a bit cold, but it was quite magnetic. Walking over, it was a young man with silver vertical pupils and silver hair as well as a silver tail. He was currently denying, “No matter how interesting she is, she can’t be more interesting than her!”

The ‘her’ was spoken especially gently when the man with red hair and red robes exclaimed, “The girl I’m talking about is here!”

Though it was a bit far, but… Alright, anyone strolling around with thousands of magic beasts was definitely striking, striking, striking!

The young man’s silver pupils lightly drifted over before shrinking, rapidly rushing over and hugging Lu Shiqian.

“You didn’t die?”

Pei! What kind of greeting was this? Lu Shiqian cringed.

That young man was naturally Zi Ji. His silver hair and pupils making him like a mysterious and proud lion!

He hadn’t relented in his search for her ever since the day they separated until the portent appeared, temporarily setting it down to come to West City.

He glanced at the thousands of magic beasts behind Lu Shiqian, his expression somewhat strange. He then looked at Mr. Octopus on Lu Shiqian’s waist, frowning.

There was a restriction on her magic beast space so Lu Shiqian was also helpless. These magic beasts temporarily couldn’t enter the magic beast space, nor could they exit from it, so she could only take them around… creating this spectacular scene.

Zi Ji then looked at Lan Yingyan, then silently exchanged gazes with Xiu. It was obvious he saw through something!

“You’ve surprised me again!” She was always giving him surprises, and such a big one this time!

This excitement was even greater than about the portent!

He was shocked, but Lu Shiqian also found it strange. He seemed to have a close relationship with Xiu, and if she guessed right, Xiu was a high-ranking Thorn! Then, was Zi Ji also a Thorn member? There was that possibility, but he acted more like a rich and noble young master. Besides, though high-ranking Thorns were rare, what was so strange about them having a few friends?

Her mind was spinning quickly, but there was too little information, so she stopped her analysis of Zi Ji for now.

On the contrary, surprise actually flashed through Xiu’s thousand-year immovable face. However, he quickly recovered his calm, so fast it seemed that it was an illusion, “Young Master, are you happy? However, if you keep holding her, the child’s going to get angry.” He unexpectedly called Zi Ji ‘Young Master’! Sure enough, Dayu had too many hidden dragons and was a lot more complicated than expected!

The ‘child’ Xiu spoke of must be Yan Fei.

Yan Fei saw a strange young man suddenly rush up and hug Lu Shiqian and couldn’t help but feel stifled. He guessed if they knew each other. They definitely did. How could such a dazzling woman be single? He originally thought that the peaceful life in their small house could continue a little longer… Throwing away the crazy thoughts in his head, he coldly greeted, “Master Xiu.”

Zi Ji glanced at Yan Fei. How strange, it was obviously just a normal glance, but it made others experience the ups and downs of life. However, he also knew that he was a little too excited. To think that his calm as a lake self would one day excitedly hug someone, how incredible. Whatever, he was originally an impulsive person anyways. So what if he embraced someone, so what if it was for a long time?

Lu Shiqian naturally didn’t know the back and forths in Zi Ji’s heart. To her, hugging was just a way to express goodwill. Besides, this guy always cared about her safety and could now be considered a friend. She had few friends, so she naturally cherished them greatly!

“Why are you here?” Lu Shiqian asked.

“Just a bit bored, wanted to know what this portent is.” Zi Ji crossed his arms and said, “Oh, right. Do you have a lot of points? If not, I’ll give you some! I have 500!”

“No need, I already have 300,000!”


Zi Ji and Xiu also joined Lu Shiqian’s party, adding an additional two to her party of 1,000.

Lu Shiqian admired this young man slightly seeing that he remained unperturbed at the sight of so many magic beasts following her. Though he looked doubtful for a moment, he didn’t ask anything, making her much relieved. Otherwise, it would really be quite difficult to answer…

She may have just told the truth, but in that case, she would be a bit uncomfortable. It was better like this. For some things, it was best to leave it open-ended.

Zi Ji was extremely enthusiastic in helping Lu Shiqian catch magic beasts to contract. Often, he was the one that ran up to fight, and after having his fill of fun, he would bring them over to contract. The team slowly grew larger!

Fortunately, after following Lu Shiqian, the beasties were all interested in playing a pig to eat the tiger and all turned their giant bodies into cute, docile ones, shrinking the large team by quite a bit. It almost looked like Lu Shiqian brought out a large group of pets for a stroll. It really had to be said: what kind of owner will lead to what kind of pets they had.

The Thousand Year King, Feng Luan, and Lan Yingyan led some parts of the team. The beasties were all very orderly.

No one found trouble with this extreme team during the next few days, but some things that were impossible normally would always happen as long as the conditions were met.

This map was neither big nor small, but it was definitely enough for you to meet a good half within fourteen days.

In addition, Lu Shiqian’s magic beasts were too striking, making it hard to not notice!

“What an arrogant team, this great one will go greet them.” There was a heroic shout and the beautiful woman next to him couldn’t restrain him in time.

Before his voice fell, the man arrived!

An axe slashed downwards, and a terrifying wave swept over!

This person was a top powerhouse! Lu Shiqian instantly recognized.

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