Chapter 373

The newcomer was around 30 years old, but in his eyes, you could see the ups and downs he had gone through. He had a large body, around 230 cm tall and had a body full of explosive muscles. However, he didn’t seem cumbersome at all and was instead very light-weighted. The axe blow he sent down was blocked by Xiu.

And Xiu… also used a weapon! A dark green ruler!

Even against God Kings, Xiu could use just two fingers to deal with them. This time, he actually pulled out a weapon. Furthermore, his expression also turned serious, but the feeling he gave others was stable, as stable as Mount Tai!

So this was what Xiu looked like when he actually fought!

However, the newcomer was also extremely powerful, seeing that he was able to force Xiu into taking out his weapon!

The newcomer was probably more powerful than anyone expected!

“You really did come. However, don’t you dare about stealing from me. I’m going to gift the portent to my wife!” the big man loudly declared.

The big man’s wife couldn’t help but laugh when she heard this. That smile was like a clear mountain spring, bright and pure, making others feel goodwill towards the person.

They followed the sound of the laughter and looked towards the madam. At first sight, their eyes brightened. What a peerless beauty!

Cheeks tinged red like rouge, lips like petals, body slender and tall. Her face was both innocent and carried the feminine charms of a woman. Every move and action would draw attention!

This woman was not young, but because her talent was high, she became a God early on, retaining her youthful appearance.

“My husband is a little too anxious. Mister Xiu doesn’t need to hold back and can just give him a beating!” the madam smiled and spoke.

“Then I won’t stand on courtesy!” Xiu raised his sleeves and the ruler glowed brightly, turning into thousands of shadows and attacking the big man!

The big man cried, “Little Lan, Little Lan, you’re actually helping outsiders instead of me?! Ahh, I’m so jealous, so jealous!”

While screaming about being jealous, the big man’s axe sliced horizontally. There was a low cry and thousands of wolf souls came out, fighting with the afterimages of the ruler!

When they collided, totems collapsed one after another as waves of energy rippled out. Lu Shiqian led the beasts away and gave the two a large space to fight.

This, was strong meeting strong!

The two moved extremely fast, only afterimages were left in the air. From time to time, there would be the sound of weapons colliding, the roar of beasts, and fists meeting.

Their powerful collisions sparked brilliant lights and shadows, totems turning into ash and scattering. Huge pits formed one by one on the ground.

This was an exciting duel between two top powerhouses!

Though the two’s styles were different–one bold and unrestrained, the other nimble and meticulous–neither could gain the upper hand.

“What rank are these two? I almost feel that it’s hard to breathe!” a higher god exclaimed.

“You feel it’s hard to breathe? I feel like my whole body is standing on needles!” a God King retorted.

The rarely-seen high-level battle attracted countless people over to watch, and those that were embroiled deep in battle forgot about fighting, pausing to gaze over!

A battle between experts was highly likely to give a flash of enlightenment!

“So exciting! I haven’t had such an unbridled fight in a long time!” the big man said as they fought.

“You battle maniac! Your hands itch from not fighting for a day!” Xiu was as sharp as ever.

“Don’t say that. I can see that you’re also excited. Besides, who can beat your family’s young master in terms of craziness?” the big man said back.

The two bantered back and forth in a familiar manner, but their fighting left no room for friendship.

Another flash. Countless totems had fallen and bottomless pits littered the ground. The two ended their fight with Xiu’s ruler against the big man’s neck and the big man’s axe against Xiu’s neck.

Neither above the other!

After their fight, the big man was going to give Xiu a fervent hug, but he was gently blocked: “If you dare hug me, I’ll go to Lan Can!”

This threat was really poisonous. The big man hurried back to his wife’s side to hug her tightly.

Lu Shiqian looked at the two silently. They battled each other seriously just now, but their true strength was far more than that! The two both used opposing moves and controlled their magic power. Otherwise, the destruction would be far more than this!

She couldn’t help but recall the list of powerhouses in the city. There were three major hidden forces, and this big man was probably one of them!

His wife’s name was Lan Can and his identity could thus be guessed… Motian’s Master Mo Yi!

(TL: Okay, I’ve realized I made a mistake. So, Dayu is divided into ten regions, and each region has a master/governor. Mo Yi is the master/governor of Motian (Region). The mistake I made is that I mistakenly called the top ten powers ‘houses’ since I didn’t realize they were referring to the ten regions, but now it’s been changed to ‘seats’.)

Mo Yi smiled heroically. Other than being narrow-minded about his wife, he was a broad-minded person, “I haven’t been introduced yet. Who are these children?”

Indeed, with his status and age, it would be appropriate for him to call Lu Shiqian and the others ‘children’.

As he asked, his gaze traveled to the magic beasts behind Lu Shiqian, stopping on Lan Yingyan, the Thousand Year King, and Feng Luan, his pupils widening and eyes flashing.

He naturally didn’t know how Lu Shiqian managed to get these three fierce beasts to follow her. You must know, Lan Yingyan’s reputation was not inferior to his. The top ten fierce beasts were all famous in Dayu, and compared to Mo Yi, Lan Yingyan’s name may be more famous!

“What are you looking at?! Keep looking and this great one will start looking down at you!” Feng Luan angrily snorted. He was a great fierce beast, not some kind of monkey! It was embarrassing enough for people to keep stealing glances at them this whole way, okay?! Now that there was another zoo-looker, he was about to explode!

Mo Yi was also a straightforward person, “I don’t like you either, I love my wifey the most!” Saying that, he wrapped his arms around his wife and kissed her enthusiastically.

One person and one beast immediately got off on the wrong foot, mutually glaring at each other.

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