Chapter 374

“If you’re not happy, we can fight!” Mo Yi provoked. He was a battle maniac–fighting more was forever than fighting less.

“Then fight! Who’s afraid of who?” Feng Luan wasn’t a vegetarian either.

“Feng Luan, don’t, you can’t beat him.” Lan Yingyan didn’t fall for it and stopped Feng Luan.

Sure enough, things have a priority in the world. Once Lan Yingyan spoke, Feng Luan halted.

Mo Yi felt that it was unclimactic but had to give up. However, his eyes flashed brightly from time to time, not really matching with his bulky body.

“They’re my people, don’t have ideas about them!” Xiu warned.

“Haha, don’t be so serious. I think that girly is a good sapling…” Mo Yi’s eyes flashed. Why could this damn man always tell whenever he was thinking something bad?

“I’ve decided to live in your house for two weeks this year!” Xiu slowly threatened.

“Okay, okay, I’m not thinking anything! Don’t come!” Lan’er would be in danger if Xiu comes—no, it should be he that was in danger!

The atmosphere was harmonious when an arrogant voice sounded, “I was wondering who was fighting so happily here, turns out one was an all-brawns-no-brains and the other a cunning fox!”

Woah, too OP, there’s actually someone that doesn’t fear the Motian Master here!

They turned their heads and saw a handsome young man in white robes standing not far away. He was surrounded by ten stunning beauties. What a distinguished and accomplished, free and easy young man.

“I was wondering who it was, turns out it was you, this flaming coarse old fella! After so many years, you still like pretending to be young and tender!” Mo Yi wasn’t polite and fired back.

Chaofeng? Lu Shiqian recalled the list of powerhouses and the Chaofeng Master… Huo Yan!

It sure was lively now!

Huo Yan’s beautiful and lively eyes swept over Lu Shiqian, revealing a flash of interest!

It was said that Chaofeng’s Master Huo Yan was sexually promiscuous, and neither righteous nor immoral. This person could kill a lower god with a wave of his hand; he could also behead thousands of criminals whilst wearing his white robes. However, sometimes, he wouldn’t bat an eye if someone killed his household’s women and children. He only did things based on his own interest.

On the other hand, he was truly superb, making an extraordinary debut at the battle 100,000 years ago, instantly shooting to fame. After thousands of battles, he finally defeated the previous Chaofeng Master and replaced him. At that time, he was also wearing white clothes like this, surrounded by beauties.

His origin was unclear and original identity unknown, and even now, after mobiziling countless forces and resources, you would only be able to trace back to that battle 100,000 years ago.

But then again, Dayu only cared about your strength. Whether you were just or evil, as long you had strength, you would have followers. Besides, good and bad didn’t mean much in Dayu, and only some low-level scholars would constantly nag about it. Strength was respected. If you didn’t have strength, then just pack your bags and scram! Saying any more is useless!

It was precisely because Huo Yan had strength that many beauties were willing to follow him. Every woman picked by him was the best in a million.

Lu Shiqian had a beautiful face, bright as the moon, and had an extraordinary temperament, making Huo Yan unable to turn away. However, though he was a womanizer, he wasn’t obscene. His eyes were calm as he exuded a romantic aura. This person was indeed special!

The portent appeared and shook all of Dayu. This was originally going to be a feast for the top ten masters to split, but it unexpectedly released some kind of interference so only Motian and Chaofeng felt it. Also, the portent was such an abstract legend that many harbored suspicions about it. Thus, most people just took that pillar of light as a miracle and didn’t head over. Besides, even if the other region masters heard about the portent before, they were worried that there would be a major fight if the ten gathered together… Therefore, the hundreds of millions of people and ten masters were reduced to only 30 million and two masters!

Even if it was only two masters, they could still set off major waves!

At this time, most people had lost confidence in snatching the portent and decided to leave.

Huo Yan had been paying attention to Lu Shiqian’s movements and noticed that she hadn’t budged under his scrutiny. He was a little miffed and walked over carefreely, “What a beautiful woman. I like you. Do you want to go back to Chaofeng with me?”

There were quite a few different reactions.

Yan Fei glared angrily while Meng Long glared chillingly. Zi Ji raised an eyebrow at Lu Shiqian while Xiu merely smiled.

Mo Yi yelled, “You old die-hard coot! You’re so old you’ve ascended, still having ideas on young ladies?! Don’t think that just because you’re a region master, you can do whatever you like!” He turned around and shamelessly pleased his wife, “I’m still the best. I never mess with the grass and flowers.”

Lan Can unceremoniously pulled her husband’s ear.

When a region master sent an ill-intentioned invitation to a young lady, what would that lady do? If she understood the harshness of the world, if she was almost killed multiple times, if… this was a place where the weak deserve no respect, after being trampled so many times, who could refuse? If they accepted, riches and glory would come rolling in. No one would dare bully you or look down on you, and everyone would give you face. There would also be great power and an infinite number of magic jade!

If they refused, then they would instead be making a powerful enemy! This enemy with overwhelming power could massacre thousands with just a little pinky or hunt you down slowly, making you too afraid to sleep at night, terrified of every bush and tree…

Accept? Or refuse?

Everyone was fervently awaiting Lu Shiqian’s answer.

“Sure,” Lu Shiqian said expressionlessly.

Yan Fei felt his heart sink slowly. He couldn’t believe that she… was also so vain. However, he had no reason to blame her. The other party was a region master, agreeing was normal…

Meng Long stared closely at Lu Shiqian, wondering if the woman standing in front of him was sneakily changed while he wasn’t paying attention.

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