Chapter 375

Zi Ji couldn’t believe it either. He… looked so hard for her, couldn’t forget about her, became interested in her… Region Master… Hmph! Whatever, he’ll just find a chance to leave.

Huo Yan’s handsome face carried a slight smile, but she agreed so quickly that he was somewhat disappointed. It was like if you thought you were looking at a fabulous pearl, but it was actually just a polished stone, that feeling of deception.

“However… only if you defeat me!” Lu Shiqian’s cold voice sounded in everyone’s ears.

Light and crisp, it was indeed her voice, but… what did she say?!

The few that were still disappointed revived with a burst of enthusiasm, but they were also in disbelief.

S-S-She actually challenged a Region Master!

Oh my god, did she have to play with people’s hearts like this?!

One second they were disappointed, the next second they were, were… They had no words to describe anymore. Their understanding of her once again advanced. Yes, how could a woman like her be tempted by a region master? She was destined to be loved and sought after by outstanding men!

Huo Yan obviously didn’t expect this either, “Beat you?” He looked up and down Lu Shiqian, “A… Rank 8 mage?”

A Rank 8 mage versus a Region Master? This was definitely the funniest joke of the year! Maybe even of the century! This definitely made the top of the list of wishful thinking!

But for some reason, Zi Ji, Meng Long, and Yan Fei felt she had this ability. Could it be that they stayed with her for too long and their brains also turned abnormal?

Only Mo Yi shouted, “Girly, you’re crazy!”

The Thousand Year King didn’t like others talking smack about his master, “You’re crazy! Your whole family’s crazy!”

Mo Yi choked. He had been a region master for so long, and no one had ever dared speak to him like this. However, the other was a 6,500 Star fierce beast… If you don’t look at the monk, you look at Buddha. Endure, endure…

However, with the Thousand Year King’s shout, he successfully drew Huo Yan’s gaze to him. A creature glued onto the woman’s waist… 6,500 Stars?!

Huo Yan stared at the Thousand Year King, and Mr. Octopus impatiently glared at him.

Lan Yingyan stepped forward, “Master said that your opponent isn’t Thousand Year, it’s me!”

Misty-blue hair hung down to his feet, floating in the air, his feet hung five centimeters from the ground. He had misty blue eyes, slender figure, and beautiful light-blue robes and crystal-clear skin. This man normally stood silently and had a faint presence, but when he appeared in full splendor, he was so outrageously perfect!

Lan Yingyan was smart, wise, and good at planning. He understood immediately when Lu Shiqian said those words.

“Master?” Huo Yan glanced at Lan Yingyan. It was alright if he didn’t see, but now… he was actually the number 8 fierce beast, the owner of the Forbidden Land of Death!

If a fierce beast’s master could be his woman… That seemed even more exciting! His heart thumped fast, having not beaten so happily for hundreds of thousands of years. However, at this time, he couldn’t let things turn sour and needed to leave a good impression on the beauty, “Misunderstanding, misunderstanding, I’ve been inadvertently rude. Let’s not fight.”

Lu Shiqian stated, “Don’t back down. Since you’ve provoked me, you should accept my torrent of anger. That’s what a man should do.” She then quickly added, “Lan, go fight happily. Thousand Year King and Feng Luan, give him a buff! All other beasties bless him every two seconds!” Lu Shiqian’s eyes squinted, “I’m very considerate. I won’t do something as lowly as ganging up all at once.”

Everyone broke out in cold sweat and silently moved farther away from Lu Shiqian. If this was not gang fighting, then what was?!

However, this anger really was a torrent, tsk, tsk.

Lan Yingyan heard the order and attacked like a ghost; Huo Yan met his attack.

The powerful force caused countless totems to fall.

Their fight would have no holds barred unlike Mo Yi and Xiu’s fight. Their fight was a true fight with guns out and live ammunition! The destructive power was shocking!

A simple move would cause the surrounding environment to collapse!

At this moment, Feng Luan and Thousand Year King buffed him!

A 1000+ Star beast’s buff was naturally astounding, Lan Yingyan’s attributes madly rising!

However, Huo Yan also wasn’t a fuel-efficient lamp (easy to deal with). He retracted his hands and waved his fan, steel waves of air shooting forth along with thousands of thin needles!

This was one of Huo Yan’s unique weapons: Lonely Needle. It could pierce through the flesh and disturb the flow of magic power.

One of the reasons Huo Yan was scary was because he was good at making various hidden weapons. For example, that fan. On the outside, it was just a spirit weapon, but no one knew how many mechanisms were hidden inside. One was unable to defend against it.

Lan Yingyan’s body faded and the needles stabbed into the ground, creating a 100 meter deep pit. His fingers flew and ten pixiu figures charged forward, spitting out different attacks, blocking Huo Yan’s path.

Huo Yan’s fan danced, transforming into a huge shield. The next second, he attacked with his other hand.

This fight had long surpassed common sense. Wherever they passed, within the lights and shadows, totems would disintegrate. People stood far on the periphery, being swayed to and fro by the shockwaves, and sometimes a stray move would kill a higher god! All totems were destroyed within a 60-mile radius and the ground was littered with craters.

A battle between a fierce beast and region master could continue on for several days, several years, or even hundreds of years! However, Lu Shiqian had countless beasties buffing Lan Yingyan, giving him an overwhelming advantage!

This small space wasn’t big enough for the two to have their fill of fun. Seeing that the totems were practically all erased and the surroundings desolated, the spectators were shocked. Mo Yi and Xiu looked at each other before shooting out, stopping the two’s battle.

“Little beauty, you’re quite cruel!” Huo Yan covered his heart with a hand, speaking neither truth nor lie.

Lu Shiqian glanced at him and coolly ignored him.

Huo Yan had never seen such a tasteful woman and laughed, bringing his entourage of beauties and following behind her. Such a woman was worth spending time to conquer.

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