Chapter 376

Time flew by and two weeks quickly ended. After Lu Shiqian made such a ruckus, there were still a couple thousand people and 100,000 magic beasts that didn’t get enough points. Speaking of it, this situation was quite special. There were very few magic beast deaths and they were generally contracted by Lu Shiqian, which had surpassed 80,000 by now. Also, the people that didn’t know when the portent would arrive had long begun killing each other. Lu Shiqian also took advantage of this fighting to close the net on them. Though she took advantage sometimes, it would be a waste not to. If they didn’t reach within the top thousand, the beasties would all be killed off, so they may as well struggle.

“Either live or die. Do you want to contract with me or be killed? Are you willing to see your loved ones shed tears or go back safely?” Lu Shiqian waved her hand and projected her voice, “Think about it. I’m a kind and generous person. The totems were collapsing and there were still around 2,000 people. The secret that she could infinitely contract with magic beasts was long exposed with so many following behind her. She simply announced it to the world, maximizing the benefits. Besides, at this time, she really did need to spread this around to the entire plane! This was an opportunity; she had long thought of this. It may put her in a risky position, but the benefits were enormous. This… will be a declaration, a declaration that would sway all of Dayu! “Of course, you can also choose to fight. I will use my strength to speak in that case.”

The magic beasts looked at each other. Did they want to be killed or saved? The vast majority chose the latter while some chose to fight. They were taught a lesson by Feng Luan and Xiaoyue. Soon, the contract was concluded and a large halo of advancement patterns flashed. Everyone who saw the sight gaped, wishing that they could also turn into a magic beast and be contracted.

The magic beasts all realized that their star rank leaped up and became excited. Even the magic beasts that were hesitant at first were secretly overjoyed.

Their master was godly!

After communicating through the mental platform and finding out just who Lu Shiqian was, all of them shouted in joy. They’ve picked up a treasure this time!

However, this group were all experts from various powerhouses. When they went back and spread the word… what kind of power would that bring? Think about it, if someone saw their friend gain hundreds to thousands of stars after contracting, what would happen? Lu Shiqian’s eyes narrowed. This was a very cost-effective exchange.

Facts proved that this was indeed a good move. Although she would meet countless troubles because of this, but the magic beasts she contracted in the past, the ones she contracted this time, and the ones in the future formed a terrifying army. It would slowly control Dayu’s progress, and Lu Shiqian’s name would create a huge ripple amongst magic beasts, allowing them to obtain all sorts of benefits… This was something that would happen in the future.

Of course, Lu Shiqian’s abnormality shocked everyone. However, Meng Long and Yan Fei’s ability to counter abnormality had increased several folds.

The mental platform was harmonious, but everyone outside was shocked still.

Zi Ji, Mo Yi, and Huo Yan also deeply understood one point: Lu Shiqian’s name didn’t represent just one person. Just the amount of magic beasts she contracted here at the portent represented a new force… a terrifying magic beast army!

However, they couldn’t sigh for long because the portent’s voice sounded: “Have you collected enough points? If you haven’t, I can give you five more minutes!”

Was the portent changing from its evil ways and starting to care? Of course not! It just wanted the killing to be fiercer!

As soon as it finished, people launched a wave of attacks. Humans were sometimes just like this. In order to let themselves live, they wouldn’t hesitate to kill another.

However, the magic beasts were completely carefree. Their master had already accumulated over 1,000,000 points!

Lu Shiqian hurriedly gave Meng Long and Yan Fei another 10,000 points.

She came to Ling Fang and the nervous teenager’s side, about to give them some too.

The two had been following her this whole time. Even though they were trying to save their own lives, it could still be considered that they trusted her, so it wasn’t a big deal to lend a helping hand.

“Go die!” The teenager tremblingly raised his dagger and pierced at Lu Shiqian’s heart.

Things happened suddenly and Lu Shiqian was also taken aback. The dagger pierced her skin, but because she was practicing the Heavenly Swinging Sword, her body was honed to perfection. Though this fatal strike didn’t harm her much, her heart chilled.

If she was an ordinary person, this surprise attack may have killed her!

She stood and looked at the teenager calmly. The teenager had already turned into a pale and shivering mess from fear.

The Thousand Year King and Feng Luan shouted and wanted to wring the teen’s neck. The rest of the beasties were all enraged, and being glared at by over 100,000 pairs of eyes, the teen couldn’t help screaming.

Lu Shiqian only asked a single question as she pulled out the dagger: “Why?”

The teenager already collapsed, “As long as I kill you, all of your points would belong to me, and I would be able to live! I want to live! I’m still so young!”

So it turned out… to be like this…

Lu Shiqian didn’t speak and stretched out a hand to the teen. The teenager screamed and wanted to retreat when he heard a ding, “You’ve received 100,000 points.”

The teen was stunned…

Lan Can gently took Lu Shiqian’s hand, comforting, “Little Sister, don’t be sad.” Even though this kind of thing was really sad.

Lu Shiqian suddenly smiled and threw away the dagger, “Sad? No, I was just thinking that only few would treat me unconditionally well in this world. Others can insult me, scold me, or even kill me, it doesn’t matter.” As long as Bai, the Death God, and Wei Mo loved and pampered her wholeheartedly, whether the world was hell on earth or wicked and cruel, her heart would feel sweet. In fact, it was true, so she lived every day happily, full of a sense of meaning. She wouldn’t resent others for harming her, nor would she punish herself for other’s actions. Of course, that could also include all of her beasties… Though the contract had restrictions and didn’t allow contracted magic beasts to harm their master, her beasties were all so cute, and that wasn’t something that could be formed through just a contract.

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